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Three social media f words and five companies that use them


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Three social media f words and five companies that use them

  1. Three Social Media F-Words (& Five Companies That Use Them)<br />Ann Handley<br />Chief Content OfficerMarketingProfs<br />@marketingprofs on Twitter<br />
  2. Not the same old twitter stories<br />
  3. Who’s doing this well?<br />
  4. Who’s doing this well?<br />
  5. Who’s doing this well?<br />
  6. Walt Disney Co.<br />
  7. Walt Disney Co.<br />Three weeks, 300+ tweets<br />Hashtag #disneysa<br />Short, trackable links<br />
  8. Walt Disney Co.<br />“Throughout the whole campaign, Disney trusted me and let me take the lead. They always appreciated the fact that I know how to talk to my audience and how to engage them.”<br />- Melanie Notkin<br />
  9. The Coffee Groundz<br />
  10. The Coffee Groundz<br /><ul><li>First to-go order on Twitter
  11. Lots of publicity
  12. Began hosting tweet-ups</li></li></ul><li>The Coffee Groundz<br />“My advice to businesses (using Twitter) is to just be yourself. That will take you farther than you could ever imagine.”<br />—J.R. Cohen<br />
  13. General Mills<br />
  14. General Mills<br /><ul><li>25,000 Facebook fans
  15. Unexpected volume of interaction
  16. Let the customers take control</li></li></ul><li>Intel<br />
  17. Intel<br />
  18. Intel<br /><ul><li>Two ways to participate: submit animation or vote
  19. Short and long-term incentives for winners
  20. 56k Facebook fans, 17k downloads, 101 countries
  21. Final film shown worldwide</li></li></ul><li>Forty<br />?<br />?<br />?<br />
  22. Forty<br />
  23. Forty<br />13,000 people in targeted audience<br />Staff photos better than logo ads<br />1 million+ impressions (~80/person)<br />Forty’s team more recognizable<br />Less than $400<br />
  24. Got any ideas yet?<br />
  25. 43 case studies<br />
  26. About Us<br />Founded in January 2000<br />362,000 marketing professionals<br />Articles, case studies, research reports, online seminars, and more<br />Basic (free) and Pro ($279/year) membership options<br /><br />