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Beyond the Blocks Participant Handout

Presented at the 2014 Pacific Northwest Association of Church Libraries (PNACL) annual conference at Northwest University in Kirkland, Washington.

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Beyond the Blocks Participant Handout

  1. 1. Beyond the Blocks: E-Books Ann Pool PNACL 2014 Conference Kirkland, WA Why e-books?  Obvious answer: they’re the wave of the future and young people like them  Go beyond the obvious: everything can be large print  Can help mitigate losing physical library space What are churches doing today?  Talking a lot about what is and isn’t possible!  Overdrive: see audiobooks-for-a-church-library/ and links to Glenn McEowen’s reports from that page o Startup cost $4000, annual $2000 collection minimum o Libraries have formed consortia but those may no longer be encouraged  Amazon Kindle o One-time loan possible for some titles: see ebooks/ o Load books on a Kindle and loan it: the newer Kindle Fire (but not older models) can be locked to prevent purchases, see fire-update-password-protected-purchases-parental-controls  Working with public libraries o Requesting Christian books o Helping members use the library How can we get free e-books?  Review books in exchange for free copies: see get-review-copies-of-books/ o Other sources: and o Connect interested church members with services o Preview books for later purchase o Caution: putting review copies in library collections is generally considered unethical, see  Freely available books (mostly moldy oldies in the public domain) o Project Gutenberg: o LibriVox audiobooks: o Open Library:
  2. 2. Another option: connect our readers with free e-books!  Find promotions at publishers and retailers o  Only get currently running promotions, no start or end dates  Some are samples or very short books  ePub format works on a variety of devices  Primarily Baker Publishing Group, other publishers as well o Bethany House (fiction): specials-from-bethany-house  Includes future promotions and start/end dates  Links to a variety of retailers (some may not honor the promotion)  Variety of formats depending on what each retailer offers o Chosen Books (Holy Spirit focus): specials-from-chosen-books  Includes future promotions and start/end dates  Links to a variety of retailers (some may not honor the promotion)  Variety of formats depending on what each retailer offers o BookBub:  Sign up to get deals from multiple retailers in one place  Only get currently running promotions, sometimes get end dates  Curated list, can be a timesaver if you like their selections  “Necessity may be the mother of invention, but laziness is the cool aunt.” –me  How-to video at o Just Google free Christian e-books and see what’s out there!  Curate a collection for your church members o Preview and review books  If they’re free and you have time to read them, you’re set!  Amazon often lets you download the first chapter free  Online reviews  Reviews at e-commerce sites tend to be generous: my guideline is 4.5 of 5 stars to acquire a book (5 stars may mean they recruited loved ones)  Book lover sites like LibraryThing and Goodreads  Negative reviews may be the most useful to read: would you share the concerns?  Don’t forget the Lamplighter! o Provide a place for your members to find currently free e-books  Make a list on your website  Use Google Calendar to show what’s available when  How-to videos at  Whatever you do, keep it updated!  Promote, promote, promote!
  3. 3. Contacts and References  Email:  Church library website:  YouTube how-to videos:  My LinkedIn profile:  Slides from this presentation:  This handout, complete with links: handout