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Sme strategy half day strategic planning workshops offsites

Dedicating time to have your team discuss about the future strategy and the direction of your organization is vital to stay aligned to your vision and be effective day to day. SME Strategy facilitates these discussions with flat fee half day sessions. These sessions include all topics relevant to a strategic plan including: Vision, mission, values, stakeholder engagement, organizational capacity, and much more. Learn more at:

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Sme strategy half day strategic planning workshops offsites

  1. 1. half day strategy sessions Having a clear strategy that informs each individual business unit and aligns their efforts will help you move your organization forward faster. Our facilitators can work with your team on specific areas of your business strategy in half-day sessions that are easy to schedule and cost effective. Each four hour session includes pre-work for all participants as well as a recap report and notes from the session. Each session is $1000.00 USD unless otherwise noted. available sessions: Vision and Values This session focuses on creating and getting alignment on the long term vision and values for your organization. Designed for upper management and the leadership team to create the foundation for long term success. Organizational Capacity and Risk Management In this session team members discuss potential challenges for future growth and the activities that need to be undertaken to address them. Issues like staffing gaps, operational challenges or resource allocation can hamper the growth of the whole organization if not addressed in a timely manner. Stakeholder Identification and Engagement In this session your core leadership team will identify key stakeholders and their impact on your organization. At the end of the session your team will have an action plan for engagement with stakeholders as well as systems to solicit and analyse feedback, ensuring that they become champions of your strategic plan. continued on next page +1.778.895.5446 | | | Intl. 1.855.895.5446
  2. 2. Building a Team Charter Building a team charter is key to outlining team objectives, boundaries and deliverables. In this session your team will create a team charter to improve their own internal focus and direction as well as acting as a guide for other external groups as to the purpose of the team. Breaking Information Silos and Getting Greater Alignment In this session we will work with upper and middle management to build greater alignment around organizational objectives and internal communication systems so that information between functional departments flows more easily and effectively. Note: This session includes one on one interviews with key leaders prior to the session and extra time should be allocated ahead of the planning session. The cost for this session is $2000.00 USD Strategy Review and Recommendations In this session we will review your existing strategic planning process and will make recommendations based on best practices that will improve your implementation. You will receive a report summarizing these recommendations and the agreed upon implementation strategy. Note: The cost for this session is $1500.00 USD Customized Sessions Also Available Whether you need a half-day to discuss some pressing issues, or one to two days off-site to plan your strategy for the next few years, our facilitators can help: engage all participants, ask critical questions, and document the process and next steps for your organization. Contact us for a consultation today. +1.778.895.5446 | | | Intl. 1.855.895.5446