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Keynote: Cyber Security in Banking by CyberQ at ArabNet Riyadh 2018

Cyber Security in Banking; are you Resilient and are you at Risk?

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Keynote: Cyber Security in Banking by CyberQ at ArabNet Riyadh 2018

  1. 1. Cyber Security: Are you Resilient or at Risk? Dr Clive Stainton CyberQ Group
  2. 2. Cyber Security Information Security Operational Risk Strategic Resilience Data: Measurement and Calibration
  3. 3. Securing Your Supply Chain
  4. 4. What is a Threat Actor? Why characterise? Theoretical: To gain understanding of and an ability to anticipate an adversary in order to build improved threat models In Practice: Improved profiling of attackers at post attack and forensic levels
  5. 5. Hacktivists Cybercriminals Nation-States Types of Threat Actors Insider Threat
  6. 6. *Mandiant Consulting, M-Trends Report, Feb 2016 the average time before an organisation figures out it has been internally compromised * 146 days Cyber Challenge
  7. 7. Complexity of existing solutions is a major barrier to critical Cyber visibility Too Expensive Requires Cyber Specialists Alert Overload Slow & Cumbersome Cryptic Logs Changing Landscape
  8. 8. Deep Web & Dark Web
  9. 9. Connecting to the Dark Web
  10. 10. • British Airways • CyberQ Group • Equifax • HMG • Insurance Industry: Captive, Non-Captive and Retained • Logistics • Not for Profit Organisations • Private Health and Wellbeing • Ticket Master • Wembley Stadium and the new generation of sports grounds Case Studies: the Good, the Bad and the Ugly
  11. 11. Digital Resilience on an International Stage Q&A Dr Clive Stainton