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Aras PLM Software Solutions


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Published in: Technology
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Aras PLM Software Solutions

  1. 1. BEDIFFERENT ACE GERMANYCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.
  2. 2. ACE GermanyAras CorporateCommunitySolutions Rolf Laudenbach Director Aras CommunityCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. Aras Communities Public Community  Projects  Forums  Blogs  Wikis  Public Roadmap Partner Community (Portal)  Road Map  Knowledge Base  Pre-Sales and Implementation Guidelines Subscriber Community (Portal)  Roadmap and Knowledge Base (same as Partners)  Special Interest Groups (*future)  Online Learing (pilot just started .. More to come)Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 3
  4. 4. Solution Categories  Public Community (Free)  Category:  Status:  Ideas, Active Projects, • Solutions • As-Is  Anyone can participate • Add-On-Solution • Registered • Connectors • Validated • Sample Code • Managed • Utiltities • Hot Fixes  Partner Solutions • Language Packs  Freemium / Trials  Commercial Solutions • Registered at Aras (on Price-List) • (optional) Validated by Aras  Datasheets, Presentations, Demo Videos etc. available • On Aras Home Page • On Partner’s Home PageCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 4
  5. 5. Community Projects - The Process -Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 5
  6. 6. Community Solutions Some Examples  Hot Ranking  Program Management MS Project Import/Export  Aras Send To  Item Folders: organize Files and Items in multi-level Structures More … © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 6
  7. 7. Program Management MS ProjectImport/Export  Description  Actions on Project and Project Template enable Importing from and Exporting to MS Project installed on the client.  Dates in neutral I18N format are handled, and MSProject Helper opens MS Project application using Innovator .Net Security Policy.  Benefits:  Allows offline working with Project Schedules.  Ermöglicht offline arbeiten mit ProjektenCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 7
  8. 8. Demo Video availableCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 8
  9. 9. Imported MS-Project in Aras UseCases: Make modifications in Aras then export to MS-Projects again. Make modifications in MS-Projects and import to Aras again.Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 9
  10. 10. Aras Send To Description:  Lets user check-in Files to Innovator directly from the Windows Explorer Context menue "Send To".  Simply select one or many files in Windows Explorer and right click "Send to Aras Innovator".  Open Windows Explorer, right click on a file and click on SendTo - Aras Innovator. Benefits  Simple an quick uploading of any File to a Document itemCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 10
  11. 11. Item Folders: Organize Filesand Items in multi-level Structures  Description:  Adds handling of multi-level Folder structures. On top of Aras Solutions "Product Engineering" and "Program Management"  Each Folder can list simple attachments (Files) or controlled (related) Items. like Documents or Parts (Poly Item List).  Allows creating Folder Structures from Folder Templates  Benefits  Team-orientieted Access to versioned Documents or simple File organized in Folder Structures.Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 11
  12. 12. Folder Navigator on every Node or connected to other ItemType (i.e. Project)Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 12
  13. 13. Community Solutions More Examples  Newest Additions  Item Characteristic Classifications (Sachmerkmalleiste)  Life Cycle Based Properties and Form Fields  Document Collections and HierarchiesCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 13
  14. 14. Item Characteristic Classifications(Sachmerkmalleiste)  Description:  Provides generic classification to Part items based on a hierarchical class structure. (with own ItemType)  Characteristics rows are added to the Part item according to the assigned classification. Users can then enter values for each row. This is an extension to standard item properties.  A search for items by classification and characteristic values (of type text, number, or list) is added. Wildcard “*” for text values and range conditions (>, <, >=,<=,-) for number values are supported.  The solutions adds this feature to the standard item type “Part”. It could be extended to be applied to any item type, however.  Benefits  Classification of „Items“ with technical charactersitics (parameters).  (Parametric) Search for „Items“ by combination of characteristic values.  Assignment of „multiple“ Classification schemes (trees) to one „Item“ could be configured.Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 14
  15. 15. Data Model „item_class“ property added to Part Null Relationship added to „Part“Hierarchical Definition of linked by propertyCharacteristics Part Part Item Item Class Method to „copy“ Characteristics from „tree“ to Characteristic Value linked by property relatioship rows Item Class Characteristic Item Class Item Characteristic hierarchy Characteristics Library of type Item Characteristic „Text“, „Number“, or „List“ List Value Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.
  16. 16. Assign Item Class andCharacteristics to a Part. ADDED TO TOC Characteristics Library Characteristics HierarchiesCharacteristics Search ADDED TO PART Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 16
  17. 17. Then Search by Characteristic ValuesCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 17
  18. 18. Life Cycle Based Propertiesand Form Fields Description:  It is common that properties defined by ItemType should also be checked as required properties based on a Life Cycle state.  It is also common that visibility and disabled status of data fields (bound to properties) on a form can be controlled by Life Cylce State and/or defined Identities (User Groups).  Rather than writing custom logic for the above behavior, a generic logic can be introduced to read additional property configurations.  For this the data model of „Property“ and „Life Cycle Transition“ was extended.  The generic „Validation“ logic can then be used on pre-Transition events on Life Cycle Maps Benefits  Drastically reduces custom logic for property validations. Validations are configured vs. Coded in custom methods.Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 18
  19. 19. Data Model (for extended Administration) Item Type Life Cycle Transition NULL Property additional Properties: pre_action_validation pre_action_post_validation ... Relationships on „Property“ Life Cycle State relationship ... F2 to get the search dialog NULL ... Multi language „error“ Property LC State messgage Check NULL Property LC State Field OptionCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 19
  20. 20. Add Validation Logic to Life Cycle„Pre-Transition Action“ LifeCycle Name: XXX State 1 State 2 State 3 Life Cycle Pre-Transition Action Method: Controlled LC PreTransitionHandler Item I. Calls „generic LC PreTrans Validations“ II. Calls custom LC PreTransition Validations if defined Additional context (configuration) III. Runs custom LC PreTransition Handler, Of all properties by ItemType ItemType if defined is read by the generic validation logic Property Defines if property must exist on transition Property LC State to defined States of defined Life Cycle Map Check Also defines other properties that must exist, with expected values (optional) at same state of its parent property Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.
  21. 21. More Configuration Options per„Item Property“Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 21
  22. 22. Completenes Check via Item ReportCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.
  23. 23. Same Checks whenPromoting a Life CycleCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.
  24. 24. Document Collectionsand Hierarchies  Description:  Adds new Item Type “Document Collection” with relationship “Document Hierarchy” to allow hierarchical grouping of “standard” documents.  Much like Bills Of Materials, Document Hierarchies are versionable and operate on a life cycle (Preliminary->Released->Obsolete).  „Dummy“ TOC Item Types can be used to publish a “Document Collection” as “Hand Book” to the TOC. (such as a „Quality Handbook“ or an „Operations Manual“ or more). The package includes the example for a „Quality Handbook“.  Owners and CO-Owners can be defined for „Document Collections“ and „Hierarchy Nodes“. Manual release of the full structure is allowed for Owners. As well as manual revisioning.  Linked Documents must still follow their own release and revisioning process.  If accessed from TOC ItemTypes, then effectivity of latest released “Document Collection” linking to latest released “Documents” is applied.  Benefits:  Extension to manage standard “Documents” in one or more groups with separate access control.  Publishing “Access” to latest released versions of “Document Collections” while maintaining newer versions by “Owners”.Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 24
  25. 25. Data ModelCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.
  26. 26. Allows Access to current releasedVersion of a Hand Book (Document Collection)Multiple Hand BooksCan be published to TOCWith access control by„Identity“Copyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 26
  27. 27. Den Community-Gedanken leben Collaborate and Contribute  All Skills, All Innovators • Ideas generators • Spec Writers • Programmers • Project Managers and more! Globally Empowered  Community Projects redesigned for you  140+ Participating Country’sCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved. Slide 27
  28. 28. ACE Germany Fragen ? Rolf Laudenbach Director Aras CommunityCopyright © 2012 Aras. All Rights Reserved.