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AfH Design Awards Winner 2015 Best International Project - Ghana District Hospitals for the Ministry of Health by TP Bennett

Winner of the Best International Project category. New Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital – Stantec with Rogers Stirk Harbour + Partners, Laing O’Rourke and Arup

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AfH Design Awards Winner 2015 Best International Project - Ghana District Hospitals for the Ministry of Health by TP Bennett

  1. 1. a new generation of hospitals for GHANA
  2. 2. design philosophy “a bespoke design approach supporting the sustainable advancement of healthcare in Ghana”
  3. 3. “NMS INTERNATIONAL GROUP is a specialist provider within the national infrastructure security marketplace. Operating with interests in Infrastructure, Healthcare, Education, Energy, Sanitation, Technology and National Security, NMS provides customers with turnkey provision of training and equipment over a wide range of products and disciplines”
  4. 4. Project Overview – the need Healthcare need in Ghana • The population has grown from just under 5 million in 1950 to around 26.5 million today. • The introduction of a National Health Insurance Scheme • Traditionally healthcare in Ghana has been concentrated in the main urban centres • 70% of the population live in communities that are over 5km from the nearest health facility. • To combat the Brain Drain of medical staff both to the urban centres and overseas
  5. 5. holistic approach patient focus easy to use & accessible 1. a balance of clinical & therapeutic needs building in adaptability modular form robust services strategy 2. facilitating evolving healthcare Project Overview – the concept
  6. 6. 4. standardisation ensuring efficiency value for money a toolkit adaptable to local specifications economy of scale maintenance familiarity 5 sustainable approach self sufficiency robust materials low energy minimum maintenance appropriate technology highest quality test and review minimise site impact speed 3 prefabrication Project Overview – the concept
  7. 7. national healthcare infrastructure local access to national services effective delivery phase 1 – 6 new hospitals Project Overview – the programme National healthcare infrastructure
  8. 8. Detail - Film
  9. 9. Delivery – projects on site
  10. 10. Dodowa Fomena Kumawu Abetifi Garu - Tempane Takoradi European Delivery – projects on site
  11. 11. Delivery – projects on site
  12. 12. community needs range of coverage affordable National healthcare infrastructure Project Overview – next steps