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Alister webb


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Published in: Technology, News & Politics
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Alister webb

  1. 1. Designing Alister Webb Collaboration Manager 36,000 full time staff“We offer a full range of services and compete in alltelecommunications markets throughout Australia.”
  2. 2. Who am I?Some key dates:• Joined Telstra in 1995• Created an Intranet site -building tool in Cold Fusion in 1999• Intranet Site Manager tool launched early 2000s• Joined Intranet & Knowledge Services (I&KS) team mid-2000s mid- • Includes governance of the Intranet• Chaired governance group of early SharePoint Pilot 2007-8 2007-• I&KS team managed global rollout of SharePoint doc mgmt system 2010• Part of core team managing the rollout and governance of ‘Our Knowledge ’ * * Winner (out of a field of 3,000 entries globally) of the 2011 M icrosoft Partner of * Winner (out of a field of 3,000 entries globally) of the 2011 Microsoft Partner of Microsoft the Year Award in the category Portals and Collaboration the Year Award in the category Portals and Collaboration
  3. 3. Rabbit in the headlights momentYou meet the CEO in the corridor: “We have some resourcing issues.” issues.” “I need your top three governance priorities – things which will make our Intranet one of the most significant assets of the organisation .” organisation.
  4. 4. Did one of them look like this? Or this?
  5. 5. The Story of Governance – Part 1The dawn of time.9:00 am on the first day of civilisationA tribe of diverse, competitive individuals have to finda way to live together for common survival – withoutkilling one another!A debate between freedom and constraint takes place...For the sake of the common good, rules are agreedThe story of Governance begins…
  6. 6. The Story of Governance – Part 2Fast forward to the modern world.Tribes have evolved into complex societies.Diverse, competitive groups still have to find a way to livetogether for the common good.The debate between freedom and constraint rages on.Rules are agreed – and written down as documents.They are called Constitutions.
  7. 7. The Story of Governance – Part 2 Constitutions aim to: constraints strike a fine balance between freedoms and constraints provide a minimum, non -negotiable governance non- non-negotiable structure to provide for the common goodprovide detailed direction regarding ‘universal’ domains – universal’ ‘universal’e.g. citizen rights, customs and excise, taxation, who can vote, etc vote,
  8. 8. The Aspirational Constitution ON • USA constitution goes one step VE TI further. TI NCto: EC • It declares the fundamental J LE principles itFU aspires OB LAB • TheO T values of the individual. S AI TYTheOUPof the group. IE R • values AS C G UN SO •S It has a ‘vibe’! A vibe’ ES A BL NAWe the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perf ect Union, establish Justice, insure perfectdomestic Tranquility, provide for the common defence , promote the general Welfare, and secure the defence, EBlessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain a nd establish this Constitution for theUnited States of America.
  9. 9. The Constitution isn’t…• A handbook of specific, detailed procedures required to run a country (that’s what the public service does). (that’• A mechanism to flatten differences and enforce conformity.• A mechanism to constrain individual expression.
  10. 10. The Good Governance PyramidGuardians of the Constitution
  11. 11. hasEach tierspecific de rights cision Real world example 11
  12. 12. Speed ListsExamples of ‘universal’ Intranet Governance DomainsExamples of Guiding Principles for your IntranetExamples of Decision Rights for each tier of Governance
  13. 13. Black Hat SessionIdentify reasons why this model will NOT work in yourorganisation.
  14. 14. The Final WordIf there is one key message you should take away today: “Start governance from a lofty height”• Articulate a set of fundamental principles that ensure the commo n good is not undermined by common individual self-interest. self-• Those principles will determine the road rules.• Every rule must relate back to a principle.• Make sure this Intranet ‘Constitution’ is understood by everyone. Constitution’• The Guiding Principles should carry you through new Intranet models that include collaboration models and social networking . networking.
  15. 15. The Final Final Word “Like a well- written Constitution, a good Intranet well- governance structure will live on well after those who designed it have gone.” gone.”• A good Governance structure is not a LIMITER• A good Governance structure is not an ENFORCER• A well -designed Governance structure is an ENABLER well-
  16. 16. Any final points or questions?