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Adidas Originals - Classroom Concept

Assignment developed for a Postgraduate course in Digital Marketing.

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Adidas Originals - Classroom Concept

  1. 1. Fundamentos de Marketing Digital Work Assignment Artur Raimundo Dias - PG Digital Business (2ª Edição) - 13/12/2015
  2. 2. | 2 Index Chosen Brand: Adidas Originals Introducing Adidas Originals •Product Line •Brand Concept •Consumer Relationship The #originalshero Campaign • Concept + Insight • Campaign Objective • Campaign Plan • Name an #originalshero • Pick your kicks • Ads Tone & Feel • Owned, Paid and Earned Media
  3. 3. Introducing Adidas Originals
  4. 4. Product Line Adidas, one of the most valued brands globally, produces a line called Adidas Originals, a sub-label focused on casual sportswear. The Treefoil logo is considered legendary – it was created in the 70s and used as the official logo for the Adidas Group until 1997. It was later revived in 2001 with the concept that it is still used today, linking the past (retro) with the current (urban).
  5. 5. Brand Concept Adidas Originals positions itself with style – it’s all about the identity, looking good and being authentic. This is a distinct approach and clear segmentation, specifically from the sportswear focused on challenges and performance; Sources: The label is often recognized as iconic due to the design and brand association, with its uniquely retro-style which referrers to the company’s design breakthrough achieved in the mid 20th century. It has a loyal fan base, already activated by former tribal marketing initiatives.
  6. 6. Consumer Relationship In completion to the Adidas brand, which focus the competitive sports segment, the Adidas Originals labels targets fashion-sensitive individuals, people that want to make a statement with their appearance. It is most definitely considered an urban brand, reinforced by a plethora of global endorsers associated with the trend (e.g., Rita Ora, Pharrell Williams, Kris Wu). It is expected to continue a double digit growth until 2020, with a strategy focused on trend-capture. Their main target demographic most likely includes the teenagers segment (14-18) and young adult segment (18-30). Sources: football-runn/
  7. 7. Concept + Insight Pro-athletes only have the best, but the everyday athlete also deserves the best. That is the mantra of a new line of clothing to be launched by the Adidas Originals brand. This new brand concept – life pro-athlete – should be associated with the little and personal achievements of everyday life. It’s not easy being a top footballer - but it’s also not easy bartending or being a bike messenger, while making it look cool. Adidas Originals wants to make life a little bit easier. What gives the edge to the top athletes, will also work for the person who has a demanding physical job – never, in any situation, compromising the unmatchable style.
  8. 8. Campaign Objective The main goal is to resonate with the 18-30 demographic target, reinforcing the brand’s positioning. Hard-working individuals who have demanding jobs should identify themselves with the campaign and the brand. It offers a way out – you don’t have to compromise the looks for the substance, you can look good and feel good. This will create not only brand goodwill to the campaign, but will also generate direct sales through the website. Product showcasing through social media to create direct sales and ROBO conversions and to increase general awareness.
  9. 9. Campaign Plan Objective Definition • Brand Analysis • Market Research • Strategy & Planning Resources and KPI Definition • Strategy & Planning Tracking • Budgeting Brand Activation Initiatives • Name an #originalshero • Pick your kicks Evaluation • Feedback Loop • Engagement Corrections • Reiterate Large Scale Ad Productions
  10. 10. Name an #originalshero Fans are invited to name a life pro-athlete and to tell their story. The nominations should focus on the person’s occupation and how they’re making it work – individuals that represent the brand and what it stands for will be rewarded with clothes and related merchandise. An anonymous curated entry will appear on a pinterest-styled campaign website. The brand ambassadors can both participate and nominate other individuals. Fans will have the option to secretly send the nomination to their hero, immediately offering a discount voucher for the online shop. Adidas will later invite the nominees that best represent the spirit of the brand to participate in the related video ad.
  11. 11. Pick your kicks Leo Messi has his sneakers made specifically for his foot. Adidas knows best for him, and might also be able to help you. In addition to the Originals casual line, an online tool will be developed with the purpose of advising the customers on what to purchase based on their daily professions. For instances - walk a lot on hospital hallways? Maybe you should look at the indoor sport shoes; Event planner always on the street? Check out these running shoes. The fans will be able to share their results through social media or to directly visit a curated offer from the shop.
  12. 12. Ads tone & feel The campaign ads should keep the authenticity of the brand. Previous efforts have taken similar stands, focusing on the valuation of the identity, uniqueness and boldness. The message should be clear and direct, spoken in the 2nd person. It’s not about adidas – it’s about your style and you fashion. Endorsers can serve as a catalyst for the message, helping to prove a point – that every achievement matters, even if nobody notices: • Messi runs 8 kms per football match. Waitresses can walk up to 12 km, per shift. • Harden runs 4 kms per basketball match. Nurses walk twice that on average, per day. Sources:
  13. 13. *ConceptMockup
  14. 14. Owned, Paid and Earned media Owned Media Paid Media Earned Media • Adidas Website; • Owned Social Media Channels. • Club and athlete endorsement; • Paid influencers content; • Name an #originalshero web application; • Pick your kicks advisor web application. • Multi-channel promotion effort, with focus on digital platforms; • Large-scale video ad campaign. • Social media shares; • User generated content; • Direct, one-on-one shares and Word of Mouth; • Earned fashion blogosphere promotion. Post-CampaignPre-Campaign
  15. 15. | 20 References • Sources available on footnotes; • Adidas Originals design, logo and font (Adineu); • Adidas Originals Tumblr page; • Slide 4 splash screen, ; • Various unattributable artworks, acquired online.