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Google – marketing management


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An analysis about the marketing strategies of Google

Published in: Marketing
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Google – marketing management

  1. 1. Founded: September 4, 1998 Founders: Larry Page, Sergey Brin Subsidiaries: YouTube, AdMob, ITA Software, Google Japan etc. Competitors: Facebook, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Twitter
  2. 2. How do they even keep track of it!
  3. 3.  To make information universally accessible and useful  To remain a “good guy” in the corporate world and to do the right thing  To make the web a more personalized experience for all the users  To reach out to as many people as possible through various products
  4. 4. Because at the end of the day, being a good guy matters!
  5. 5.  Free for Google advertisers Tool which provides information, information and more information Provides a custom report detailing the behavior of Internet users This tool leads us to “Marketing Asset Management” next!
  6. 6.  With all these data analytics tools, Google supports the “Marketing asset Management” approach  Advertising should be managed like assets in a portfolio depending on the market conditions  Real-time data collection helps companies to optimize a campaign’s effectiveness
  7. 7.  Targets Microsoft consumers who use Microsoft Office or Windows  No need for owning physical infrastructure and software – “Going Google”  Access everything using a Web browser
  8. 8.  A mobile operating system  With the launch of Android OS, Google took on Apple’s iPhone  Free, open sourced and involves a huge investment  Mobile advertising expected to become significant in the future  Google is trying to get ahead of the curve with these initiatives
  9. 9.  The general perception among Android users is that they get higher value at a cheaper cost  Apple’s slogan “If it’s not an iPhone, it is not an iPhone” in its advertising campaign indirectly targets Android stating that Android can’t give as much value and pride as owning an iPhone can  The rivalry among the respective users is also prominent!
  10. 10.  The slogan of Google changed from “Don’t be evil” to “Do the right thing”!  It has started competing in new sectors and is taking on the leaders in those respective sectors  Targets Microsoft customers with Cloud Computing and Apple’s customers with Android OS
  11. 11.  Google is dominant when it comes to search engines with an 89 percent market share globally.  Has a strong R&D team to explore new avenues and come up with ideas for whatever needs the people face  The brand has been established globally and the brand equity is so high that a lot of people are ready to try whatever new products they come up with  So Google is doing the right thing by exploring new avenues and taking on the leaders in those sectors since it has the team to back it up
  13. 13.  Google has been ever expanding and has come up with a huge number of products most of which have been successful.  It is right in exploring new sectors and taking on the leaders in those respective sectors since it has an established fortress and the brand equity to do so.  Google’s cloud computing is the next big thing Google has come up with!
  14. 14. Created by Arun M, IIT Madras, during a marketing internship with Prof. Sameer Mathur, IIM Lucknow.