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A date with destiny


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A date with destiny

  1. 1. A Date with Destiny This happened a long time ago, maybe when I was 4 or 5 years old. I was walking around clutching onto my fathers pinkie. It was a bright sunny day and as usual I was talking to my father about the things around us. After one round of the park my father took me on a new route saying “ you are going to learn something today”. As we came to the end of the new road I noticed a beautiful lake. I was watching the ducks swim around when my dad told me to turn around and look at the other side. The sight I saw was a depressing one. It was all gloomy and there was absolutely no sun light. I was confused that how could there be two so different sides to a place but then my dad told me to look at a board on the dark side of the place. At that time I could not really understand what those words meant because they all just looked like a big bunch of alphabets squished together but today when I
  2. 2. see kids my age start doing drugs and alcohol I think of that board and my father. The words that helped me lead a good life was actually a quote from an anonymous person. And that quote was “ Your destiny is in your hands, No human nor God has the power to control your Destiny. So choose wisely!”