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“In Pursuit of Excellence: Creating a Global University” Professor Andrew Deeks


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Professor Andrew Deeks of University College Dublin gives the speech at the Asia Ireland Higher Education and Global Talent Forum in Dublin, 9 July as part of Asia Business Week Ireland 2015

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“In Pursuit of Excellence: Creating a Global University” Professor Andrew Deeks

  1. 1. Asia Matters Asia Ireland Higher Education and Global Talent Forum 9 July 2015 Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin @asiamatters_biz #AsiaIrlTalent @asiabizweek ‘How Asia and Ireland Can Partner in Education to Create Global Talent Clusters and Drive FDI’
  2. 2. 9 July 2015 Radisson Blu Royal Hotel, Dublin In Pursuit of Excellence: Creating a Global University Prof. Andrew Deeks President, University College Dublin
  3. 3. + In pursuit of excellence: Creating a Global University Professor Andrew J Deeks President University College Dublin (Ireland’s Global University)
  4. 4. +UCD Colleges Outline  Our global society  Demands on our graduates  The part of a Global University  Global footprint  Partnerships with Asia  Conclusion
  5. 5. +UCD Colleges Our Global Society  Rise of the Multinationals  Specialisation within countries  Demise of domestic industries  Improvements in the ease and cost of communication and transportation
  6. 6. + Connectivity
  7. 7. + International Air Traffic
  8. 8. +UCD Colleges Our Graduates  Must be prepared to take their place in this global society  Must be able to work successfully across cultural, political and geographical borders  Must be able to able to exploit the opportunities that arise from organisations and teams which are culturally diverse
  9. 9. +UCD Colleges Intercultural Competence  Variously defined as ‘the ability to communicate/interact effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures’  More completely ‘the ability to communicate, interact and work effectively and appropriately with people of other cultures, exploiting the opportunities that diverse viewpoints and approaches brings’
  10. 10. +UCD Colleges Developing Intercultural Competence  Mostly based on an individual's experiences while interacting with other cultures.  During interactions, the individual will experience certain obstacles caused by differences in cultural understanding between two people from different cultures.  Such experiences motivate the individual to acquire skills that can help him/her to interact effectively with people coming from a different cultural background.
  11. 11. +UCD Colleges Dimensions of cultural difference (Hofstede)  Collectivism vs individualism  Power distance  Long term vs short term orientation  Uncertainty avoidance  Masculine vs feminine orientation  Indulgence vs restraint
  12. 12. +UCD Colleges The part of Global Universities  Global universities are characterised by  High percentage of international students  High percentage of international faculty  International partnerships which lead to the exchange of students and faculty  Research addressing global issues  Such universities generate significant opportunities for students to have the experiences which develop intercultural competence
  13. 13. + UCD • Ireland’s largest university, ranked 139th globally by QS • ~32,000 Students • Over 6,000 International students in Dublin • Over 5,000 Students taught overseas • 18% of Irish students spend some part of their studies abroad Overview
  14. 14. +UCD - HighlightsUCD Highlights  First choice for Irish undergraduate students  >30% of PhD students in Ireland  >25% of Graduate students in Ireland  #1 Irish university for research funding  #1 Irish university for research publications Overview
  15. 15. + Overview Global Research Connections
  16. 16. +UCD Colleges Global footprint & Asia partnerships  Beijing-Dublin International College  Penang Medical College, Malaysia  Global Centres in China, India, Malaysia and the US, which are the foundations for our UCD Global Network  Degree programmes in co-operation with partners in China, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong and Sri Lanka  UCD Confucius Institute for Ireland (in partnership with Renmin University), one of Hanban’s 10 model Confucius Institutes  Construction starting in September for the first purpose built Confucius Institute building in the world joint funded by the Chinese Government (with the Irish Government) Overview
  17. 17. +UCD Colleges Conclusions  Our society is increasing global and increasingly connected  To fully benefit from and contribute to this global society our graduates should possess intercultural competence  Such competence is generated through intercultural interactions, and our Global Universities are ideally placed to provide these opportunities  Partnerships with Asia are a vital part of a Global University, and these partnerships take a variety of forms
  18. 18. + Thank you for your attention.