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Joan mulvihill, ceo, irish internet association asia business week dublin


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"Dublin: Europe’s Capital of Digital Innovation and Talent" Joan Mulvihill, CEO, Irish Internet Association, speaking on 4 June at Dublin Beijing Business Summit during Asia Business Week Dublin 2014

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Joan mulvihill, ceo, irish internet association asia business week dublin

  1. 1. ASIA BUSINESS WEEK DUBLIN Dublin Beijing Business Summit 4 June 2014 Dublin: Europe’s Capital of Digital Innovation and Talent Joan Mulvihill, CEO, Irish Internet Association
  2. 2. TWIN INNOVATION HUBS DUBLIN – Europe’s capital of digital innovation and talent Perspectives from the Irish Internet Association
  3. 3. EUROPE’S DIGITAL CAPITAL  10 of the top 10 Global ICT Companies  9 of the top 10 Global Software Companies  3 of the top 3 global Security Software Companies  TheTop 10 “born in the internet’ companies  Ranked first for availability of skilled labour  Ranked first in Eurozone for ease of doing business  93% of MNCs rate their investment in Ireland as a success
  4. 4. PILLARS OF SUCCESS DIGITAL LANDSCAPE Collaboration “Digitise the Nation” for a digital society PEOPLE 50% of pop under 34yrs of age 105,000 employed in Technology Commitment to Education ECONOMY Strength of Exports Investment Support
  6. 6. PRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS  IP Management  Data Protection  Marketplace  Skills  Property and Facilities  Professional Services
  7. 7. IMPRACTICAL CONSIDERATIONS  GENERALLY  We like people - we like talking to people, we like listening to peoples stories,we like helping people, we are fun to work with, we like winning but we like to support the underdog, we like to be liked and we really like it when people chose us.  SPECIFICALLY  The IIA exists to support ALL aspects of the digital economy; the digital companies and the ones using digital to adapt and grow, the highly skilled and those starting out.  The IIA loves being able to connect people with the right people, equip people with the right skills, give people time and support, tell everyone about them when they do well, help them when they need help.
  8. 8. FIND US HERE @IIA WWW.IIA.IE OR HERE….. The Irish Internet Association The Digital Hub 157Thomas Street Dublin 8 @joanmulvihill On 01 5424154 Or or