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Milestones Reached, More to Come: Challenges to Overcome in Concluding the Japan-EU EPA, Koichi Akaishi


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Koichi Akaishi, Director-General for Trade Policy Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry in Japan speaks at the Fifth EU Asia Top Economist Round Table and examines the EU Japan EPA

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Milestones Reached, More to Come: Challenges to Overcome in Concluding the Japan-EU EPA, Koichi Akaishi

  1. 1. Milestones Reached,More to Come:Challenges to Overcome in Concluding the Japan-EU EPA Koichi Akaishi Director-General for Trade Policy Ministry of Economy, Trade, and Industry Fifth EU Asia Top Economist Round Table EU Japan Economic Forum Tokyo, 14 November 2014
  2. 2. TTIP July 2013- EU・Japan EPA/FTA April 2013- TPP March 2010- (Japan:July 2013-) “Mega-FTAs” 1 Japan-China-Republic of Korea FTA March 2013~- RCEP May 2013- ※RCEP:ASEAN10+Australia, China, India, Japan, Korea and New Zealand China-Republic of Korea FTA Conclusion: November 2014 Japan, 8.2% EU, 23.1% U.S.A, 22.5% China, 11.4% Other, 34.7% GDP(2012) Japan+EU=31.3%
  3. 3. Scoping exercise May 2011 Agreement to start the process at EU-Japan Summit October 2011 1st round November 2011 2nd round March 2012 3rd round May 2012 Conclusion of process 22 Speech by Commissioner De Gucht at the European Parliament, (Strasbourg, 11 June 2012)  “This scoping paper that lays out the scope of our potential discussions is the most ambitious・・・”  “Regulatory barriers are the most important problems・・・”  “The thorniest issue was on public procurement in the railways sector. We have secured a good compromise.”
  4. 4. Progress March 2013 Launch of negotiations at Japan-EU Summit April 2013 1st round of negotiations April 2013 - April 2014 2nd - 5th round of negotiations May - June 2014 EU’s one-year review July 2014 6th round of negotiations October 2014 7th round of negotiations December 2014 8th round of negotiations 33
  5. 5. EU-Japan Summit (May 7 2014 ) “・・・reaffirm the importance of the early conclusion of a highly comprehensive and ambitious FTA/EPA・・・” 44 Timeline  2015 would be "a good year" for conclusion (Chancellor Merkel at Japan- Germany Summit Meeting joint press conference ) <April 29, 2014> Germany  “・・・aiming to reach agreement in principle during 2015.” (UK-JAPAN JOINT STATEMENT)<May 1, 2014> EU  “・・・possible to conclude at the end of 2015 or the beginning of 2016.” (Cecilia Malmström at hearing of Commissioner designate in European Parliament ) <September 29, 2014> UK
  6. 6. One-year review 55 Conclusion of One-year review June 25, 2014  Progress on Non-Tariff Measures  Exchange of Market access offer  Progress on procurement(railways)  Outline of Service and Investment offer
  7. 7. The scope of the main negotiation issues 6 General, Institutional, and Final Provision Procurement Trade in Goods: Market access NTM (Automotive, Medical devices & Pharmaceuticals,etc) TBT(Technical Barriers to Trade) Intellectual property rights(Gis,etc) Rule of origin Competition policy Customs and Trade facilitation Dispute settlement SPS(Sanitary and Trade Facilitation) Trade and Sustainable Development Trade in Service Others(e.g. Regulatory Cooperation,Electronic Commerce) Investment
  8. 8. 24 Areas of interest Japan’s main areas of interest  Eliminate EU’s high tariffs on industrial products (e.g. automobiles:10%, electronic devices :14%)  Regulatory issues facing Japanese companies in Europe EU’s main areas of interest  NTMs(Non-Tariff Measures) (e.g. automobiles (harmonization with UN regulations) ,food safety(designation of food additives), medical devices and pharmaceuticals (simplification of evaluation and authorization), etc.  Government procurement (e.g. railways)  GI (Geographical Indications)  Delisting JR from WTO/GPA  Struggling with difficult issues (railways, utility sector, local government). State of negotiation Trade in goods: MA  Exchange of offers on MA of trade in goods at 5th round  Intensive discussion at 6th and 7th round NTM  Substantial progress on NTM issues by Japan Procurement 7
  9. 9. Current Status  ‘Second Stage’ , after ‘the review’ on EU side  Full-fledged discussion including tough areas (e.g. tariffs, NTM, procurement, IPR(including GI) )  Increasing momentum to realize agreement in principle during 2015  Issues to be solved before conclusion 8
  10. 10. 9 EPA related Others 2014 ・Nov. 15-16 G20(in Australia) ・Week of Dec. 8 EU-JAPAN EPA/FTA 8th round (in Japan) ・December? TTIP 8th round ・Nov. 1 Juncker Commission takes office 2015 ・Spring? EU-Japan Business Round Table(BRT) ・Spring? EU-Japan Summit ・June 6-7 G7(in Germany) ・Autumn? G20(in Turkey) ・During 2015 EU-Japan EPA/FTA Principle Agreement ・Jan. 21-24 World Economic Forum (Davos) ・May 1-Oct. 31 Expo 2015 Milano ・Nov.? APEC(in Philippines) 2016 ・Spring? EU-Japan Summit ・Early summer? G7(in Japan) ・Autumn? G20(TBD) ・Autumn? ASEM Summit(in Mongol) ・Nov. 8 U.S. presidential election ・Nov.? APEC(in Peru) ・・・ 2019 End of Oct.,2019 Juncker Commission leaves office/1st term finish Schedule 9