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AMS Skill derby


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Atlas Systems case study

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AMS Skill derby

  1. 1. HTML5 MOBILE GAMING Case study of SkillDerby project
  2. 2. OVERVIEW • SkillDerby is one of the leading HTML5 Mobile gaming site where players compete to beat the current high scores and win the prizes • APP in the US Google Play market • We have a set of HTML5 mobile games and users are able to play the games • They can purchase more coins and play more times to win the exiting prizes in every tournament • We have both APP and Web version of Skillderby • It is developed by HTML5 & LAMP technologies
  3. 3. CHALLENGES • HTML5 Canvas Games Integration • APP & WEB development • Acquiring the Users • HTML5 Canvas Games Integration • APP & WEB Interaction • Mobile Payment Integration • Promotions & Offers Management • Migration of Users • Social Plug-in Integration • Performance of the APP
  4. 4. SOLUTION • We used Local Storage to store all information in the client side. On every API call we track the last updated time and base don that we send an overlay to the output • On the client side, we get all overlays on a specific parameter and based on that we show overlay.We have tournament tool to manage overlays text for each country • We created database script before migration and we used cookie to local storage checking before creating any new user • We managed this by creating a dummy MSISND and the same will be managed fromVAS side, later once the payment get confirmed, we swap the MSISDN • The framework is developed in such a way that any no of countries can be added into the system • The Android app uses HTTP API calls to get data and also we implemented DoT template engine in the same structure to use those same API’s for web version too • We stuck here to show the notification again after sending those to Google API.Then we thought of a unique ID for each notification and while opening the APP, it will send us the notification id and based on that id we fetch the text and shown it again for the user on home screen • After integrating all the functionalities in Skillderby, we found that it takes few mins to load the home page and then we introduced caching with Local Storage and only the static and home page we cached and the cached will expire after 1 hour
  5. 5. SOLUTION • TOURNAMENT MANAGEMENT & WINNER SELECTION • We have to manage tournaments, i.e. create / start scheduled tournament, close the completed tournaments, generating the winners • We provided scripts which will take care of all these • PUSH NOTIFICATIONS • Based on the user activity and status, we have to push notifications. • Couple of notifications are system generated and couple of notifications are manual • We have provided tool to store the content for these notifications and supporting multi-language • This reduces the manual interaction and operational cost
  6. 6. SOLUTION • GAME INTEGRATION • We have come up with tool to integrate the Games to Skill Derby • This tool will take care of the packaging Assets, SWF, HTMLs etc. and update the same into the database and content servers