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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Hashtags


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Facebook's introduction of hashtags now amplifies the reach of content posted on the platform and adds a new element to the search functionality within Graph Search. Brands can now track conversations easier across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram and reach users outside of their direct circle of fans. This POV will examine how Facebook hashtags are used and what they mean for marketers and brands.

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Everything You Need To Know About Facebook Hashtags

  1. 1. Facebook Hashtags POV     ATTENTION  160  Varick  Street,  5th  Floor,  New  York,  NY  10013   Facebook  Hashtags  POV     I.  Executive  Summary/Overview:    Facebook’s  introduction  of  hashtags  now  amplifies  the  reach  of  content   posted  on  the  platform  and  adds  a  new  element  to  the  search  functionality  within  Graph  Search.  Brands   can  now  track  conversations  easier  across  Facebook,  Twitter  and  Instagram  and  reach  users  outside  of   their  direct  circle  of  fans.  This  POV  will  examine  how  Facebook  hashtags  are  used  and  what  they  mean  for   marketers  and  brands.     Marketers  should  be  wary  of  the  difference  between  hashtags  and  their  effectiveness  across  Twitter  and   Facebook.  While  performing  keyword  analysis,  brands  should  incorporate  hashtags  that  are  all   encompassing,  categorical,  and  broad  enough  to  connect  with  those  users  who  may  not  be  aware  of  that   brand’s  presence  and  content.       II.  Breakdown:     When  Were  They  Introduced     Facebook  announced  that  the  social  media  platform  was  adding  support  for  hashtags,  taking  a  page  from   both  Twitter  and  their  photo  platform,  Instagram.     Facebook  users  are  now  able  to  search  for  and  click  on  hashtags,  to  see  a  feed  of  images,  posts,  and  links   tagged  with  the  given  hashtagged  phrase.       How  Do  They  Work?     Users  and  brands  can  implement  hashtags,  like  those  on  Twitter  and  Instagram,  by  inserting  the  “#”   symbol  on  posts.           When  users  click  on  a  hashtag  within  a  post,  a  new  overlay  window  will  appear  with  similar  matching   content  tagged  with  the  same  hashtag.        
  2. 2. Facebook Hashtags POV     ATTENTION  160  Varick  Street,  5th  Floor,  New  York,  NY  10013       Search  functionality  funnels  through  the  Facebook  Graph  Search,  providing  more  functionality  and   categorization  of  posts  within  the  new  search  platform.             III.  How  Does  This  Affect  Brands?     Hashtags  on  Facebook  have  more  functionality  and  use  for  brands  than  for  the  regular  user.  Now  hashtag   centric  campaigns  will  be  able  to  persist  across  both  Twitter  and  Facebook  becoming  more  synergistic.     Why  Marketers  Should  Care?   • Companies  will  be  able  to  connect  with  an  audience  outside  of  their  direct  sphere  of  influence.   • Hashtags  make  content  discovery  easier  across  major  social  platforms.   • Brands  can  better  track  campaign  conversations  across  Facebook’s  massive  user  network.   • Hashtags  automatically  make  hashtags  from  previous  posts  clickable.   • Previously,  hashtags  from  auto-­‐populating  user  Tweets  and  Instagram  photos  on  Facebook  have   appeared  as  text.  These  hashtags  from  both  Twitter  and  Instagram  will  now  have  a  clickable   function  but  only  feature  similar  Facebook  content  with  those  specific  tags  (not  from  Twitter  or   Instagram  directly).     How  Brands  Should  Use  Facebook  Hashtags:   • Marketers  should  seek  out  popular  hashtags  relevant  to  industries  rather  than  creating  new  ones   considering  that  Facebook  is  not  currently  enabling  hashtags  to  be  purchased  (like  Twitter’s   Promoted  Tweets).   • Hashtags  on  Facebook  open  the  door  for  brands  to  reach  new  audiences  to  interact  with  content.   Marketers  must  choose  their  hashtag  wording  more  carefully  on  Facebook  (and  tag  more  general   all-­‐encompassing  categorical  words)  to  attract  users  who  may  be  unaware  of  said  brand’s  place   in  that  category.   • Brands  should  keep  hashtags  consistent  across  social  networks  –  too  many  irrelevant  hashtags   could  alienate  and  annoy  users  and  negatively  impact  brands.       IV.  What  to  Expect  Down  the  Line?     Facebook  hashtags  will  be  introduced  in  stages  as  to  test  out  functionality,  effectiveness  and  user   experience.  In  the  future,  the  following  is  to  be  expected  from  Facebook:   • Paying  for  trend  ability,  such  as  trending  hashtags  and  topics,  will  allow  marketers  to  leverage   popular  conversations  and  “promote”  conversations.   • Developer  access  will  allow  Facebook  hashtags  to  be  pulled  into  external  platforms  such  as  a   social  listening  platforms  (i.e.   • Facebook  Insights  will  have  the  ability  to  pull  in  statistics  and  metrics  around  hashtags  such  as   Click  Through  Rates  and  Posts  views  via  hashtags.   • Mobile  hashtag  support.