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Taking Flight to the Cloud:
Compute Cloud for Rendering
Moonbot Studios
A fast-growing,
Oscar-winning, multiplatform
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Compute Cloud for Rendering

Moonbot Studios took flight to the cloud when resources didn't match deadlines. To offset workload peaks and overcome other operational challenges, Moonbot deployed the Avere vFXT to gain flexibility and affordability without making large capital investments.

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Compute Cloud for Rendering

  1. 1. Taking Flight to the Cloud: Compute Cloud for Rendering Moonbot Studios A fast-growing, Oscar-winning, multiplatform storytelling studio in Louisiana Specializes in feature-quality animation, traditional book publishing and game development Challenges that pushed Moonbot onto the cloud “With the complexity of our pictures, a single frame of video can take 2 to 5 hours to render. For the 7,200 frames of our most recent short, we had to plan for as much as 14,400 hours of render capacity – something we didn’t have.” ~ Brennan Chapman, Moonbot’s Pipeline Supervisor Networking Power Time Space Scalability Cost Overnight renders Consistency between setup of on-site render nodes and cloud Continued use of Qube for rendering Simple process to move forecasted compute capacity to the cloud Easy to use for both pipeline and artists  Ability to transfer 12TB with a 100Mbps connection Compute power that scales hourly, if needed Minimal amount of new tools Ability to copy assets to cloud and results back on-site Avere vFXT gives Moonbot big-studio results on a small-studio budget! Avere vFXT Solution Enterprise-grade file system for the cloud Caching node between cloud compute and on-premises storage Burst rendering applications to cloud compute services without moving NAS-based data Compute Engine Virtual FXT Render Farm Artist Workstations On-premises Compute On-premises Storage NAS Virtual Render Rarm Cloud Storage For Animation/Media Studios Extremely low-latency access to active data Easy to deploy, manage and expand Big-studio results on a small-studio budget Cloud Rendering with the Avere vFXT Quick set-up More capacity Lower latency Lower cost Pay as you need © 2016 Avere. All Rights Reserved. Learn more from the webinar