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2009 2010 nigerian library experience office power point presentation

Librray consultancyr

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2009 2010 nigerian library experience office power point presentation

  1. 1. Library consultant: Greensprings School,Lagos, Nigeria , 2009 – 2010Brief: in a 12 week contract developexisting libraries at Anthony and Lekkicampuses. Establish an InternationalBaccalaureate library at Lekki campus
  2. 2. DriverIsiah
  3. 3.  Population in dispute, 15.5 million or ? See wikipedia People: 12 main tribes and languages (240 officially), predominantly Yoruba Religions: most common- Christian/Catholic, Muslim, tribal variations and juju Politics: anything goes coups, militarism, wars and an attempt at belated democracy…. Weather: November-February, hamatton season- cool dry winds average temps 30’s upwards, humidity high Famous musician Fela Kuti, songs of justice and and freedom
  4. 4. Greeting the day at 5am to A cackling cacophony: turkeys belonging to chef neighbour Muslim prayer call floating across the jungle Christian singing and prayer behind the wall, female minister and her husband
  5. 5.  Original site, school role 1200 pupils, pre- school Montessori to Year 12 Librarians: 1 manager, 1 teacher, 3 library assistants
  6. 6.  New site 2006: school role 1200 pupils pre- school Montessori to Year 12, senior boarding facilities Library: 1 teacher, 1 librarian, 2 library assistants – Joseph, Phillip, Elijah, Esiwo
  7. 7.  Then: Library = class visits to borrow a book Now: Staff training, job descriptions Inquiry learning, link curriculum, class topics Web 2 tools Library handbook Mission statement, library plan and policies Search star catalogue Library webpage, campus link between Lekki & Anthony
  8. 8. Planning December 2009Established January 2010
  9. 9.  Language: understanding pidgin, Yoruba Communication: clarity/comprehension in instructions- yes ma, no ma, you the boss ma- translates, I really don’t understand, but mustn’t lose face Juju at school and in the community Sourcing resources with limited web connection Conversions: US dollars, British pounds, Nigerian niara for library resources Humidity in IB library
  10. 10.  Student/staff appreciation of developments and a new IB library linked to the outside world Outstanding IT department Great English departments Xmas show at Anthony
  11. 11.  People – hard to leave new friends Markets Tailors – dressmakers Hairdressers who love to add ‘expression’ Badagry slave post /48405/Badagry
  12. 12. Well of madness Point of no return
  13. 13.  Road blocks where police check your credentials and search your vehicle for human heads Travelling: providing a bribe picnic basket of beer, food and small change (hiding cash and valuables) Driving to distant cities and encountering stickmen intent on kidnapping, ransom or theft and murder Avoiding village Oru (pacifying the spirits after villagers deaths) – anyone seen out after dark will disappear
  14. 14. Village childrenplaying Oru
  15. 15. Carpe diem Go today!