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Avoid the Disconnect - 10 Ways to Engage Your Conference Event Attendees – Before, During, & After your Event!


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Engagement from event attendees is absolutely essential for event professionals wanting a successful event. However, most event professionals don't realize that attendee engagement isn't just something that happens on -site.

Attendee engagement begins before your event, and should continue even after your event - and in this free eBook, MeetingPlay shares 10 important and valuable techniques to do exactly such!

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Avoid the Disconnect - 10 Ways to Engage Your Conference Event Attendees – Before, During, & After your Event!

  1. 1. MeetingPlay 10 WAYS TO ENGAGE YOUR CONFERENCE EVENT ATTENDEES: Before, During, & After your Event! AVOID THE DISCONNECT! For questions or to learn more, please contact:
  2. 2. Avoid the Disconnect2 About Us MeetingPlay is the result of an entrepreneurship passion colliding with a love for technology – far before technology was “technology” as we know it. From years of experience, knowledge and expertise of both the digital tech world, and the hospitality industry – MeetingPlay was born. *** Today, MeetingPlay consists of over 25 minds coming together, to bring the ultimate goal and focus of everything MeetingPlay does – an amazing customer experience. Together we commit to being industry leaders – always on the forefront of technology and customer delight – and a promise to never leave our customers behind as we surge forward in everything we do. Whether MeetingPlay is working with one our many Fortune500 clients or we’re helping a small business down the road – the drive, imitative and promise is always the same – yesterday, today, and tomorrow. MeetingPlay provides mobile apps for events and conferences that are focused around attendee engagement, and analytics. Through various industry unique features – MeetingPlay continuously is helping event professionals surpass their goals and needs for events through our completely custom and personalized mobile app platform. *** From gamification, social interaction, one on one communication, networking opportunities, sponsor and vendor pages, real time notifications, photo galleries, live polling (audience response system), rich media profiles, analytics and reporting, registration, and breaking edge technology with iBeacon and RFID, and so much more. MeetingPlay provides a custom branded mobile event app that event professionals love, and a personalized and unique experience that keeps attendees engaged and active.
  3. 3. 3Avoid the Disconnect The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics1 projects that conventions and events are supposed to increase by up to 44 percent from 2010 and 2020. Yet, every event professional knows the struggle – how to keep their event’s audience engaged. The search for the magic potion that attracts your attendees to engage – not just during your event, but: before, during, and after. “Even as everyone predicted the rise of digital would do away with face to face, precisely the opposite is happening, as the value of in-person meetings and conventions rises. And the need’s only getting bigger….” — Rafat Ali
  4. 4. 4Avoid the Disconnect Just as important as keeping your attendees engaged during your event, is getting your attendees engaged prior to your event. By allowing and encouraging attendees to engage prior to your event, they can start to networking and build a sense of community – that will then continue with them at the event, and even after the event. 1.) Create an Event Hashtag Inbound, Hubspot’s 2 annual marketing conference, does a great job with this. #Inbound15, the official hashtag from their 2015 conference, generated close to half a million impressions, across social channels. Encourage your attendee’s to engage with your hashtag before, during, and after your event. How to Engage Your Conference Attendees Before Your Event.
  5. 5. 5Avoid the Disconnect 2.) Create a Community Create a LinkedIn group just for your event – invite those who you know are coming to your event to join in the group through your LinkedIn page, newsletter, email blast, etc. Optimize your Facebook and twitter accounts to show your next event (And don’t forget to use your event hashtag!) – Spread the news and share the event. Create a Facebook event on your business or company Facebook page – invite those you know who may be attended or interested in attending your event. Bonus tip – once you’ve created your event page, don’t just leave it be – continue to post updates, new information, speaker bios, agenda changes, and more to your event to keep the conversation and group active!
  6. 6. 6Avoid the Disconnect6 3.) Get them Talking! Encourage your attendees to interact with each other - talking and networking (group excitement!) Ask questions with & include your event hashtag on twitter. Create polls and surveys and post them on your Twitter & Facebook pages. Allow opportunity for feedback and conversation as a group, don’t just give statements. Generate chatter – get them talking and involved!
  7. 7. 7Avoid the Disconnect Engaging your attendees prior to your event is just the beginning of event engagement. The moment your attendees set foot on your event’s doorstep, you need to continue to leverage and build upon that pre-event engagement. By successfully continuing to build and drive the engagement during your event, you will better prepare your audience for post-event engagement as well. 1.) Schedule Networking! Encourage people to network. Instead of making it a before or after a long day of meetings, give them 10-15 minute breaks to grab a drink and network. How to Engage Your Conference Attendees at Your Event.
  8. 8. 8Avoid the Disconnect 2.) Be Aware Even the best of meetings, conferences or events can leave attendees tired, overwhelmed with information, and even bored after a long day (or days). Be aware and alert of this! And then! SHOCK THEM! Prepare your speakers for potential 60-90 second interjections to get your attendees back on track – whether it’s merely having them do 10 jumping jacks, perform a basic yoga stretch, or even to have a marching band shockingly enter the room performing when attendees least expect it. Suzanne Evan’s ‘Be the Change Event’ absolutely rocks at this, every year, and she offers up great suggestions here for your next event here 3 .
  9. 9. 9Avoid the Disconnect 3.) “OH MY GOSH” Factors Odds are this isn’t the only event your attendees will attend this year – and even so, it’s probably not the first event they’ve attended. Plan to “WOW” your attendees! Create an ‘Oh My Gosh’ factor. Show why your event or conference is unique and amazing! Incorporate interactive floor projections, social walls, have a killer opening moment! There’s many ways to make sure your event stands apart – and also drives engagement. (Bonus tip: MeetingPlay can help you do all this and more!)
  10. 10. 10Avoid the Disconnect 4.) Refuse to Be Boring! Continuing to WOW your attendees – don’t stop (or start) with mid- talk breaks – create engagement and excitement they moment they walk into your next event! For example, what does every conference attendee expect to come sit down to at an event? The same old boring table – shift it up! Don’t be afraid to stand out from the rest by promoting engagement and interaction during the event. SocialTables helps you optimize your event seating to help maximize engagement, check them out, here 4 !
  11. 11. 11Avoid the Disconnect You’ve engaged your attendees prior to your event. Leveraging that pre-event engagement, you then built upon it during your amazing event! But the most important (and perhaps arguably the hardest part of event engagement), is keeping that attendee engagement going after your event. 1.) Get Feedback What did your attendees love? Hate? Wish they saw more of? Will they be back next time? It’s important that you gather feedback for your own review, but as well as to let attendees continue the engagement. How to Continue Attendee Engagement After Your Event
  12. 12. 12Avoid the Disconnect 2.) Don’t Let it Die! You invested a lot of hard time, money, and work into your event’s attendee engagement – don’t let that go to waste! Share photos, videos, content, talks from the event, after the event. Get your attendees excited about the next event, and give those who didn’t get a chance to get attend this one, reason and drive to attend your next conference or event! TopRankBlog share’s a great example of post-event content sharing from their Authority Rainmaker 2015 takeaways page here 5 .
  13. 13. 13Avoid the Disconnect 3.) Shock them Again! All those attendees you had attend your conference or event? Delightfully remind them with a surprise – six months from now! Give them a reason to remember the event. Create a contest in your next newsletter blast, or on one of your community channels. Offer a discount, a free ticket, do something that reminds of the past event, and creates excitement for the next one! Whatever you do – make sure it’s a reminder that they are being thought of, and offer something to them. Event professionals think this is a time to request and ask – but that comes later; instead focus on reminding your attendees of why your event was delightful.
  14. 14. 14Avoid the Disconnect The Most Engaging Mobile Event App And Conference App The goal of event engagement is to appeal to your attendees early on, during the event, and after the event. It creates excitement, nurtures opportunity for success during the event, and reminds attendees why your event truly kicked ass, even after the event! MeetingPlay’s all in one mobile event app can help you drive engagement – before, during, and after your event. With opportunities for one on one messaging, social walls, live polling (audience response system) that can integrate into your speakers live PowerPoint presentations, surveys and reporting after your event, rich media profiles, sponsor and vendor pages, agenda and downloads, and so much more. Learn more by visiting our website: or by contacting us today! 301.563.9703