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Strub "Assessment and COVID-19"


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This presentation was provided by Maurini Strub of The University of Rochester, during Session Five of the NISO training series "Assessment Practices and Metrics in a 21st Century Pandemic," held on October 16, 2020.

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Strub "Assessment and COVID-19"

  1. 1. Assessment and COVID-19 Maurini Strub Director of Assessment Director of Organizational Performance & User Engagement
  2. 2. First Some Context... Academic Engagement Outreach, Learning, & Research Services Patron Services Digital Scholarship Art & Music Science & Engineering Research Initiatives iZone Assessment the portfolio formerly known as Academic Engagement
  3. 3. Assessment Assessment Design & Data Analysis Activities  Design assessment tools & approaches to space, programming, activities instruction, and collections  Guides RCL in analysis and evaluation  Explore new technologies to capture, analyze, and visualize data
  4. 4. Assessment Data Analysis & Communication Activities  Analyze, summarize, advise and consult  Partner with RCL Communications on impact and value  Frame, construct & communicate Outreach Librarians impact externally
  5. 5. Assessment Project Management & Leadership Activities  Design & manage collaborative, innovative, and experimental assessment projects  Stakeholder/partner awareness and communication  Risk & opportunity analysis and communication
  6. 6. Assessment Integration into Campus Initiatives Activities  Campus data governance  Educational Effectiveness  Campus data dashboard frameworks  Campus data & assessment groups
  7. 7. Assessment Staff Training & Development Activities  Design & deliver training to staff  New ways to integrate assessment thinking & approaches  Consult with staff as they learn to apply data in decision- making
  8. 8. Previously… the edition  Analyze, summarize, and advise  Assessment & Resource Planning Team  Interact with various user communities  Informal  Formal  Coordinate the Undergraduate Student Advisory Board  Manage gathering, archiving, and analyzing local statistics
  9. 9. Assessment in the time of COVID-19 Changes to
  10. 10. New(ish) Foci for Assessment  Pause on strategic level work  Shift to new COVID-19 Priorities  IT and web-based systems  Online teaching and learning  Management of our physical spaces  Support for digital humanistic research  Student-related programming, services, and support
  11. 11. Things have changed Remember the portfolio formerly known as Academic Engagement…?
  12. 12. A New Home Organizational Development & Inclusivity Project Management & Physical Spaces Human Resources Performance & User Engagement Finance iZone & Organizational Innovation
  13. 13. Organizational Performance What is it? Responsible for the development and implementation of an organization performance strategy  Effectiveness  Efficiency  User Satisfaction  Development  What change?  What good? Outputs  Financial Performance  Customer Service  Social Responsibility  Institutional Citizenship  Community Outreach  Employee Stewardship  Organizational Engineering Outcomes
  14. 14. User Engagement an expansion of User Satisfaction Aligning brand, product, services, and resources with user profiles, attitudes, and behaviors to create deep, rich, and intimate connections. Vision Where users’ decisions, interactions, participation, and perception of value in co-creating personalized experiences are driven by immersion, passion, and activation.
  15. 15. How do we do this?  Objectives  Community building  Nurturing collaborative relationships  Co-creating value  Designing interactive experiences  Delivering brand experience  Strategies  Contextually dependent events & activities  Evoking psychological affiliation  Brand engagement
  16. 16. Future of Assessment @ Rochester Implications for the
  17. 17. Performance Measurement a model
  18. 18. Performance Measurement in-roads
  19. 19. Implementation Timeline
  20. 20. Thank you!