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Thailand Tech Startup Scene - FCCT - Bangkok - 24/08/2017


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The Tech Startup Scene in Thailand: Overview.
Presentation at the Foreign Correspondent Club of Thailand in Bangkok on 24 August, 2017

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Thailand Tech Startup Scene - FCCT - Bangkok - 24/08/2017

  1. 1. Thailand’s Startup Scene FCCT 24 August, 2017 Bart Medici, Founder and Managing Director, Bangkok Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. About Me •In Thailand since late 2006 •Entrepreneur • Digital Advertising Agency • Venue-Booking Startup • Tech Event Business (Bangkok Entrepreneurs) •Consultant • Digital Advertising • Business Setup • Startups (Fundraising) •Networking Event Organizer since 2012
  3. 3. Bangkok Entrepreneurs: Our Ambition 1. Connect Business People (Networking) 2. Exchange Experience and Ideas 3. Create Quality Content (talks, panels, workshops) 4. Help to Establish a vibrant Tech Community 5. Link with Regional Contacts (Entrepreneurs, Investors, Organizations, Job Seekers, etc.)
  4. 4. Bangkok Entrepreneurs: Our Events 1. Monthly Networking Events with Speakers 2. Conferences • Thailand Startup Summit • Thailand Mobile Summit • Thailand e-Commerce Summit • Digital 16 Conference 3. Workshops • Entrepreneurship • Fundraising • Digital Training
  5. 5. Best Startup Ecosystems Source: Global Startup Ecosystem Report and Ranking 2017.
  6. 6. Who are the Unicorns? 197 Unicorns = Startups with a valuation > $1 Billion
  7. 7. Where are the Unicorns? >100 in USA >50 in China 10 in India 2 in SG 1 in Indonesia
  8. 8. Thailand in Southeast Asia •2nd Largest Economy (after Indonesia), •Strategic Location, •1st Tourism Destination (32.6M Tourists in 2016), •Best ‘Cost of Life / Development’ Ratio. Source: -
  9. 9. Thailand Key Digital Statistical Indicators Thailand Rank in SEA • Population: 68 Million 4th after ID, PH and VN • GDP (Nominal): $406 Billion 2nd after ID • Internet Users: 46 Million 4th after ID, PH and VN • Internet Penetration: 67% 5th after SG, MY, PH and VN • Mobile Subscriptions: 90 Million 4th after ID, VN and PH • Mobile Penetration: 133% 4th MY, SG and VN • Social Media Users: 46 Million 3rd after ID and PH Source: -
  10. 10. Emergence of the Thai Startup Scene •Before 2012 The Era of Local Players •2012-2013 The Rise of the Telcos The Rocket Internet Invasion •2013-2015 The Rocket Internet Effect •2016-Now Market Concentration
  11. 11. Thailand Tech Scene before 2012 Domination by Local Players = Yahoo! = Amazon = Groupon = Expedia
  12. 12. 2012-2013: The Rise of the Telcos disrupt the TOT Internet provider monopoly and boost the Internet speed (2013: 4G) invest $2 Million in Ookbee (e-Book Startup) launch the first Startup Accelerator Program: Dtac Accelerate
  13. 13. ??? •Venture Builders or Startup Studio: They build Startups •Headquarters: Berlin, Germany •Business Model: Copycats of Successful Startups •1999: Alando = eBay (acquired for $43M by eBay) •2008: Zalando = (shoes & fashion online) •2010: CityDeal = Groupon (acquired for > $100M by Groupon) •2012… Southeast Asia!
  14. 14. 2012-2013: Rocket Internet Enters Southeast Asia = Amazon = Zalando (Europe) = Zappos (US) = Shoes & Fashion Online = Food Delivery (Similar models in Europe and US) = Uber or Grab
  15. 15. 2012-2013: The Rocket Internet Invasion!
  16. 16. Rocket Internet Changes the Rules •New Business Model Spend first, make money later •New Ethics No rules for business, everything goes •New HR Methods Poaching, High Salaries, Cool Startup Offices, Free Lunch •New Talents Hundreds of Consultants and Investment Bankers are recruited in London, New-York, Paris or Berlin and sent to Bangkok, Jakarta, Singapore or Kuala-Lumpur
  17. 17. The Rocket Internet Effect •Thailand gets New Talents •Thailand attracts Investors •Bangkok becomes a place for Startup Founders •Ex-Rocket Internet Execs start their own Startups (Hotel Quickly, Pomelo, Rabbit Internet, GoWabi, etc.) •The World starts to look at SEA and Thailand for Startups => Emergence of a vibrant Tech Startup Scene
  18. 18. 2016-17: Market Concentration •Lazada is bought by Alibaba (China) •Zalora is bought by Central Group (Thailand) •FoodPanda is bought by Delivery Hero (Germany) •Easy Taxi is gone •No more high profile Rocket Internet Ventures… => Fewer new talents, fewer new Startups => Invasion by giant tech companies from China (Alibaba, Tencent, Ant Financial), USA (Amazon, Uber Eats, Expedia, Netflix), Singapore (Property Guru) or Indonesia (Traveloka)
  19. 19. Thailand Tech Startups Today •5,000 to 10,000 active Startups •<300 significant Startups (= real traction) •<200 that raised funding •<30 that raised more than $1 Million •<10 that raised more than $10 Million •0 that raised more than $100 Million •0 Unicorn (Valuation > $1 Billion) Source: Estimations by Bangkok Entrepreneurs
  20. 20. 15 Thai Startups You Should Know (The Million Dollar Club – Raised $1 to $30 Million) Blue (11) = One co-founder or more is/are foreigner(s) - Underline (5) = Headquarter is out of Thailand (Logistics – 28,8M) (ebooks – AIS – 28M) (FinTech – 20.4M) (Restaurant Booking – 15,5M) (e-Commerce – 12,6M) (FinTech – 10M) (e-Commerce – 9,88M) (Internet – 9,1M) (SaaS – 6,7M) (Hotel Booking – 5,66M) (Gamification – 2,943M) (HealthTech – 2,5M) (InsureTech – 2M) (Restaurant Reviews – 1,5M) (e-Commerce – 1M)
  21. 21. Key Verticals & Key Players (Global & Local) E-Commerce Travel FinTech Logistics Transportation Food Delivery Restaurant Booking Ticketing Lazada WeLoveShopping Tarad Cdiscount 11Street Central Agoda Expedia Traveloka Hotel Quickly Airlines Omise 2C2P Paypal Local Banks Thai Post Kerry aCommerce Grab Lalamove Grab Uber AllThaiTaxi Line Taxi FoodPanda UberEats Healthy Food Startups DYO Food Startups Pizza, McDonald’s, etc. Eatigo Chope Hungry Hub EZtable Eventbrite TicketMajor Event Pop Zip Event TicketBox Grocery Delivery Happy Fresh Honest Bee Central CP Group Big C Tesco
  22. 22. Accelerators, VCs and Investors •Telcos (AIS, DTAC, TRUE) •Banks (SCB, Kasikorn Bank, Bangkok Bank, Krungsri) •Corporate (SGC, PTT, Sansiri, Ananda, K2) •Foreign VCs (Golden Gate Ventures, Cyber Agent Ventures, Monk’s Hill Ventures, Gobi Partners, DMP, East Ventures, etc.) •Local Individuals (Angel Investors) Lack of Private Accelerators and Local VCs
  23. 23. Offices and Spaces A new way of working •Co-Working Spaces (Hubba, LaunchPad, The Hive) •Serviced Offices •Low-cost Offices •Accelerator and Startup Studio Offices •Open Working Spaces (TCDC, Central Embassy Open House, etc.) Central Embassy Open House Opportunity: Remote Workers, Temporary Offices
  24. 24. Tech Events and Organizations •Regional Event: Echelon (e27) •Networking Events: • BKK Web Meetup • Bangkok Entrepreneurs / WebMob •Tech Conferences: • Thailand Startup Summit • TechSauce Summit • Government Events (Startup Thailand, Digital Thailand) •Organizations: Bangkok Entrepreneurs, Hubba, etc. No Central Organization
  25. 25. Government •Program: Thailand 4.0 •Funds (promises) •Events: Startup Thailand, Digital Thailand, etc No real investment, no active support. The Singapore example: Investment in Grab VC Fund State-owned National Fund Grab moved their headquarters from MY to SG
  26. 26. Thailand Challenges in Southeast Asia Never Number 1 •Singapore is still the ‘Silicon Valley’ of SEA: Entrepreneurs, Investors, Banks, Government Support, Corporate Headquarters, Media… •Malaysia has a strong and efficient Government support •Indonesia has the population: 260M – 40% of SEA •Vietnam is more Foreigner-friendly •The Philippines speak better English •Myanmar…
  27. 27. Conclusion: Challenges and Opportunities of the Thai Startup Scene •Opportunities • Asia is the leading market for Startups and Tech in the future • Thailand has a role to play as a regional hub •Challenges • Asia needs more innovation and less copies • Southeast Asia needs to compete with China and India • Thailand needs to become a key country in Southeast Asia: 1. Social: Attract More Foreign Talents 2. Legal: Make Business Easy for Startups (Visa, Work Permit, Ownership, Company Setup, etc.) 3. Financial: Improve Regulations and Banking System
  28. 28. Thank You!