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Reklomastik-Dijital Dünyayı Değiştirme Sunumuz


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Usmun organizasyonu-Dijital dünyayı değiştirme sunumuz

Published in: Technology
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Reklomastik-Dijital Dünyayı Değiştirme Sunumuz

  1. 1. You can change dıgıtal world
  2. 2. Hello! I am Barış Korkmaz I am enterprenuer in digital world I am owner Reklomastik digital marketing agency
  3. 3. We create new dıgıtal age ın reklomastik Web Design Seo Social Media Video Content
  4. 4. ınformatıon + Number of people connected to the Internet while on earth 3,419 billion ! + 2,307 billion users are utilizing social media as active . + Billion mobile users in 3,790 + Number of social media via mobile devices using 1,968 billion .
  5. 5. Ask yourself + We read everything + We watch lots of videos + We like lots of moments But, how many of us can be really active in the digital world?
  6. 6. “You can change digital world and digital perception.
  7. 7. BIG IMPACTIf you are used in the right way in the digital world can create big effects.
  8. 8. Impact ways + GOOGLE + SOCIAL MEDIA + YOUTUBE
  9. 9. Google is the easiest way to influence people in digital world
  10. 10. Blog and web sitesi You can create own blog. Note: If you want to create big effects. Long and variable content. Videos, infographics vs. -Little note: The most widely followed blogger in the world are the most radical ones How to use?
  11. 11. Social media is the great power in the digital world.
  12. 12. SAY FAST First you tell. In the social medias, fast is the very ımportant, because ın this media, people have to herd psychology. If you say first, people follow this Place your screenshot here
  13. 13. BECOME RADICAL If you don’t fast, you must be radical for big impact. You can have great implications on the matter radical consensus. Place your screenshot here
  14. 14. USE FAMOUS PEOPLE It is better to take power from famous people. If you show that famous people do the same thing , you can create greater impact. Place your screenshot here
  15. 15. REMEMBER THE PAST People learn lots of thing of history. If you remember the past moments, people believe you. Place your screenshot here
  16. 16. Make jokes Smiling people always happy. Happy people more powerful followers than unhappy people. Place your screenshot here
  17. 17. Video content is the one of the most effective power.
  18. 18. THINK SIMPLE Simple videos watch more than complex videos. Place your screenshot here
  19. 19. make people laugh You have good sense of humour Place your screenshot here
  20. 20. Long tıtle long descrıptıon If you reach lots of people, use long tıtles and big descriptions. Place your screenshot here
  21. 21. 3,419 BILLIONIf you use social media effectively, you can affect people
  22. 22. Thanks! Any questions? You can find me at: + +