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Response summary form initial questionnaire


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Response summary form initial questionnaire

  1. 1. Response summary form initial questionnaire Becca James
  2. 2. Here it is shown that the majority of respondents voted soul as their favourite genre.
  3. 3. Here we can see that the average age of the majority of the respondents were between 17-22- the target market.
  4. 4. Here we can see that the results show that most peoplethat completed my questionnaire who are in my target audience range hugely agree that songs that have anon- linear narrative but do have relationship between the lyrics are their preferred music videos.
  5. 5. Here we can see that a variety of people tookmy questionnaire which shows that the results should be fair and equal.
  6. 6. Here we can see some of the respondents’comments about what they look for in a musicvideo, this should be extremely helpful for me.
  7. 7. Overall I feel that the questionnaire results have been positive and reflect my target audience and themes therefore my video ideas do not have to be changed dramatically.There was one problem with the questionnairesthat I noticed that the last question I had madea required answer for which was only meant to be if the respondent had answered soul or popto the first question, therefore that is a criticism I will pick up on for my next survey monkey questionnaire.