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How to become stronger in weiqi


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How to become stronger in weiqi

  1. 1. How to make yourself Stronger in Weiqi ? By Benson Lam 13 March, 2012
  2. 2. Traditional methods 1. Play a lot of games 2. Study and review professional games 3. Solve life and death problems
  3. 3. Downside of tradition methods 1. I really don’t have so much time to play a lot of games! But I still want to improve! 2. I really don’t understand what the pros are playing! But I still love the game! 3. I really don’t have the patience to solve Life and Death problems! I really hate it!
  4. 4. I have Good news for you! New methods for you to improve your play!
  5. 5. Method # 1 Watch professional games reviews on Youtube
  6. 6. Method # 2 Get a friend as a mentor coaching partner
  7. 7. Method # 3 Practice what you have learnt by joining competitions!
  8. 8. Practical strategies to improve your play
  9. 9. Strategy # 1 Study a particular professional player and adopt his playing style Think and play like the professional
  10. 10. Have a deeper understanding on the importance of eye-shapes (it will enhance your knowledge on understanding the thickness and the strength of groups)
  11. 11. Strategy # 3 Perform situation analysis every 10 moves (Practice this on live games in KGS, IGS)
  12. 12. That's all I have for You! Enjoy a happy learning journey!