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Claro Tide


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Claro Tide was a promotional action that took pla

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Claro Tide

  2. 2. HIGHLIGHTS 1. Through a co-branding effort led by the agency, Claro was able to hit the streets with a project that exceeded in 60% its proposed budget. To make it happen, I was the one in charge of identifying potential partners and tailoring unique opportunities for each of them. Due to that, we successfully brought on board brands like Siemens, Ford, Reebok Sports, Nike, Sirena Club and many others. 2. The whole project was only made possible due to my personal connection within harbour authorities. Through my direct intervention we were able to find a cargo ship with the exact size and cost that was needed.
  3. 3. BONUS! The cargo ship was intentionally anchored in a “dead zone” but, as it was equipped with its own antenna, it allowed Claro to provide a flawlessly service! A clear benefit for its customers and a potential trial opportunity (almost an obligation) for non-clients!
  4. 4. BACKGROUND Every summer, millions of people leave their cities towards Brazilian coastal cities for their vacations. To keep in touch with these costumers, and also generate extra-awareness, many brands follow their steps and temporary move their communication efforts to these places. From trial tasting to experiential campaigns, during these months everything happen by the sea!
  5. 5. CHALLENGE The Brazilian Carrier Claro conducted a pitch to find the best way to introduce its new package of multimedia services, known as “Claro Ideas”, during the summer. It was a known fact that its two competitors were going to re-edit their “mansion-like” hospitality centres, and Claro was afraid to be left behind.
  6. 6. DEVELOPMENT The idea was clear: the only way to succeed was by taking the “hospitality centre” concept to a new level. The way to make Claro stand out among its competitors lied into taking its services to a yet-to-be-imagined place. Isn’t that the idea behind “being mobile”? A FLOATING hospitality center was the answer for that!
  7. 7. EXECUTION The final project exceeded the proposed budget in more than 60%. By knowing that we had an outstanding idea in our hands, our challenge was to convince the client of its potential and, most important, of its do-ability. The solution was to co-brand the project with complimentary brands that shared the same purpose as the carrier and that were able to provide its customer unique experiences.
  8. 8. This idea was totally aligned with the launching of the “Claro Ideas” – carrier’s package of multimedia services – as it allowed the carrier to offer a broad range of attractions on board, like: -night club -sushi bar -lan house and arcade -indoor soccer -kids area -gym -bungee jumping -pool deck and bar -radio station -among others...
  9. 9. RESULTS ✓ More than 30,000 people visited the Floating Hospitality Centre, giving their contact info in exchange of the boarding pass. ✓ The project received extensive coverage by the Brazilian media, from many different local and national channels, even before its launching.
  10. 10. AWARDS ✓ The ClaroTide was accoladed 2 Grand Prix as the “Promotional Campaign of theYear” and “Promotional Case of theYear”, in 2007, and received 10 other golden and silver awards on different competitions. ✓ Due to this extraordinary performance, the agency was nominated as the “Agency of the Year”, being Claro also nominated as “Promotional Client of theYear”.
  11. 11. creative planner ROBERTO FARIA