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Webinars for Content Marketing

A quick start guide for hosting successful webinars for content marketing.

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Webinars for Content Marketing

  2. 2. HAVE A PLAN The first step in producing a successful webinar series is good planning! Ask yourself these key ques/ons: Who is my target audience? What is my my goal? What content does my audience value? Don’t overdo the sales pitch: While sales may be a goal, using webinars as a hard sell will fall flat with audiences. Provide useful content: Content that’s relevant to your audience will build your relationship, establish trust. Choose presenters wisely: If you’re not an expert on the topic at hand, partner with someone who is.
  3. 3. GET TO THE POINT! Boil it down for us quickly and clearly: Why should we attend? Craft an engaging and precise title. Paint a picture of what someone will gain by attending your webinar. Bonus points for optimizing these elements of a solid webinar promotion effort: Catchy, persuasive title Concise description of what attendees will gain Bios of presenters, and why they are authorities on the topic Strong, bold images to maximize conversion on your landing page
  4. 4. TIMING IS EVERYTHING Schedule to maximize aAendance: Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday are usually the best days of the week Avoid holidays Time of day is key: over lunch is usually a good bet Prac/ce with your webinar soCware ahead of /me: Make sure you know how to use it Do a dry run to bring presenters up to speed on the webinar software
  5. 5. GET THE WORD OUT! Those seats aren’t going to fill themselves! It’s critical to promote your webinar. Here are some best prac/ces to get you started in the right direction: Social media: Partner with influencers across your target audience to leverage networks to gain traction Your blog/website: Add an upcoming webinars section/banner and embed a registration form Emails: Add a blurb about your upcoming webinar and presenter headshots in your newsletter
  6. 6. CONTENT IS KING Your webinar may consist of three parts: Introduc8on: Who are you, what does your organization do, who are your presenters, and what questions will the webinar answer? The Meat: Let the presenters cover their areas of expertise. Answer the questions you promised you would! Wrap-up / Q&A: Open it up to the audience, inviting face-to-face participation from around the world! To make it engaging and memorable: Make it visual Keep text to a minimum Stick to the agenda, avoiding repetition
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  • jgcallahan

    Mar. 31, 2021

A quick start guide for hosting successful webinars for content marketing.


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