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Evaluation question 6

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Evaluation question 6

  1. 1. ANSWERI have attained knowledge on different types of software of which I was notpreviously aware. Some of these include:-Powtoon - I have acknowledged this program as another alternative of the likesof PowerPoint. In some ways Powtoon could be considered to be as good oreven better than PowerPoint, enabling me not only to create a PowerPoint,yet use animations and effects on a level that is outstandingly simple andeffective.-Workspaces - Previously I was aware of this website and its capability, however,when I began to use it, I started to realise why it stands out when incomparison with other blog sites. Its easy-to-use and interactive functions issomething that I found really helpful when constructing and sharing myproduct and without it, upload and sharing my work would have been of agreater difficulty.-Slide share - Prior to our coursework process was not aware of what Slide sharewas; however, It was clear to me just what it was through the name of thesoftware. Throughout this process Slide share has enabled me to easily andsufficiently upload my work which I made through PowerPoint, it wassimplistic and easy-to-use.
  2. 2. ANSWER CONTINUED: (OTHER SOFTWARES)I have also learnt to advance my skills on different types of software ofwhich I used throughout my creating process. Such as Photoshop, which Ihave used for a long period of time however using it to design my magazineallowed me to experiment a lot more than which I would have previously. Ialso learnt to use different filters and techniques to enhance my designingskills.Additionally I developed my photography skills through different ways oftaking photographs, I learnt that different modes of the camera producedifferent types of photographs, for example using camera mode ‘portrait’ formy photographs would be suitable for my magazine photographs ratherthan camera mode ‘sport’.