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Creating customer experience a new wave of change

The actual question that keeps going in your mind back and forth like a pendulum is how you do that? While there is a plethora of tactics, ideas, strategies in your head, sometimes it becomes hard to decide the starting point? What do you focus on?

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Creating customer experience a new wave of change

  1. 1. Creating Customer Experience: A New Wave of Change  Do you want to grow your Business? Of course, you do.    The actual question that keeps going in your mind back and                      forth like a pendulum is how you do that? While there is a                          plethora of tactics, ideas, strategies in your head, sometimes it                    becomes hard to decide the starting point? What do you focus                      on?  1
  2. 2. Especially in the ever-growing IT industry where new                businesses and entrepreneurs are booming every day, your                business should leave a powerful impact on customers to                  become successful.    When you own a business you might be working with multiple                      companies that handle your business operations from              development to marketing. As they have their own specialties.                  But there will be instances where your web partners will have                      to collaborate on multiple projects and keeping them aligned                  can be a bit trickier for you. Sometimes their methodologies                    might not match with each other creating conflict which can                    delay your projects.    Your development team might not agree with the suggestions                  that your marketing company feels are best suitable. So, what                    you can do?    The best solution to avoid such cringe-worthy and                unproductive situations are to find a solid web partner who                    works on all the aspects simultaneously. The industry experts                  call this methodology “CX”. A firm that will that does it all!                        Might seem like an unrealistic suggestion but we know what                    we are talking about.    Read ahead and by the end of this blog, you will be agreeing                          with us on all fronts.    2
  3. 3. What is CX?    CX aka Customer Experience is how a customer interacts with                    the company throughout the customer lifecycle. Customer              experience focuses on how a particular customer feels during                  the interaction with the brand. And don’t confuse customer                  experience with the interaction customers have with the                customer service team.    Customer service is definitely an integral part of customer                  experience but that’s not the only thing. When we say                    customer’s interaction with the brand that means we are                  talking about all the touch points. How your customer                  navigates on your website, how he makes a purchase, how                    your product team onboard them, how you educate them                  throughout the sales lifecycle, and lastly if anything goes                  wrong, how your customer service team interacts with them.  All these interactions put together makes up for the customer                    experience.    To create a proper customer experience for your customers,                  you will have to think a step ahead.    As rightfully said by Steve Jobs: You can't just ask customers                      what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time                            you get it built, they'll want something new.    3
  4. 4. You have to get in the brains of your customers and figure out                          what it is they need or what they are doing which can be done                            in a more efficient way. And that’s how you create a delightful                        customer experience.    Customers have a fickle nature.    They would easily switch to another brand if they do not feel                        delighted. It will cost you an arm and a leg and ultimately                        impacts negatively on your brand.    Therefore, enterprises are considering working with            companies who can create a customer experience that will                  increase the customers brand loyalty resulting in increased                sales and brand value.    As per the studies from salesforce, 75% of customers expect a                      consistent experience whenever they engage with your              business. Another study states that, 81% of companies                recognize customer experience as a competitive            differeantiator.    Basically, what we are saying is that find a company which can                        develop your website or app in accordance with the expert                    marketing inputs helping you create an experience.    An experience worth coming back to!    4
  5. 5. Understanding CX at a deeper level:    When you strive for the success of your services or any                      product, in particular, all the elements should be in alignment                    and synchronized. And CX is an umbrella which involves all the                      essentials mandatory to make any venture a success. Let’s                  understand how at a deeper level.    CX forms a whole journey of customers and is composed of                      various touchpoints for the entire process. Starting from the                  Development, User experience(UX), Branding, Marketing,          Project proposals, Invoices, Social Media and so on.                Reasonably one can say that it focuses on all the elements for                        a particular span of time.    According to the data, CX improves profitability. In fact, the                    revenue of businesses with great CX is 5.1 times more than a                        normal business. A business with great CX impacts positively                  on higher retention rate, new customers, cross-sell, upsell,                employee acquisition costs etc. Another study state that                customers are 4.5 times more inclined to pay premium pricing                    if their overall experience is excellent.    So, what we are trying to say here is that the more effort you                            put into your customers, the more they will give back to your                        brand.      5
  6. 6. CX: Creating an Impactful Customer Journey    It’s up to you how you want to navigate your customers into                        your sales funnel. But make sure you form it in a circular loop                          where your customer is coming back to your brand for a                      particular product/service. You can decide on an ideal                customer journey from the beginning. It would look something                  like this:  1. Exposure to offerings  2. Click Action  3. Purchase Requirements  4. The Purchase  5. Support  6. Exposure to offerings  Here, the most important last step is depended on the first                      one. It includes the impression of a brand which creates an                      image to make them visit your website again. This can be                      possible only when all the interactions with your brand                  creates a positive experience for your customers.            6
  7. 7. How to Get There?    It all starts with a clear vision. Have a clear idea about how you                            want to elevate your CX to a certain level. Your development                      firm can help you to assess what your current CX is like and                          which areas need improvement. Immediately.    One of the major rewards of working with a firm that can                        create “Customer Experience” is that you can align your                  marketing and development efforts. Because even if you have                  a website which provides a complete superior experience, but                  is falling short from the marketing efforts you won’t be able to                        identify the root cause and you might experience downfalls in                    your business. As ​digital marketing services are a prime part of                      any successful business, you need to make sure that you                    present a well-dressed picture of your business on all fronts                    .i.e website, social media, emails, customer service, etc.    For more information on this topic, you can get in touch with                        us or simply drop a comment to this post. Let’s create a                        foundation for your business that allows your customers to                  experience the spectacular digital experience, which            eventually grows your business.      This Linkedin Article is Originally Posted here: ence-new-wave-change-maulik-shah/ 7