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Why you should opt for react native development in 2020

With React Native, building powerful cross-platform applications is not a dream anymore. The advantages of React native development services make it a must-have. Check out this article to find out more!

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Why you should opt for react native development in 2020

  1. 1. Why You Should Opt for React Native Development in 2020 With the increase in technology, many frameworks and tools are coming up with every passing day. But, which would remain permanent depends on their benefits and features. Though, in some cases, we can say from the start, “It’s here to stay and grow.” One such framework that captivated the app developers is React Native (a cross-platform mobile framework). The reason: it’s practical and straightforward to employ. Previously, with Native, app development companies had to develop separate apps for Android and iOS. But, now, with React JS development services, they can build an app that supports both the platforms. Around 42% of software developers today use React Native technology to avail fantastic benefits. Here are some advantages of React Native. 1. Amicable Efficiency The advantage of React Native is that it enhances the user interface with the help of native modules and controls that work independently without any interference. Moreover, the provision of Javascript, virtual DOM, detection of bugs, performance parameters in React JS development services has made it possible to optimize the application speed levels and efficiency. Integrations and third party links further enhance the efficiency with additional functionalities. Also Read:​ ​7 Valuable and Applicable Tips to Improve React Performance 2. Cross-Platform Development In comparison to traditional application developers, the React JS development services employ a single code for both - Android and iOS platforms. That means components used while developing an app doesn’t require compiling or rewriting
  2. 2. while using it for another one. This compelling feature of React Native development saves the developers time and the overall efforts necessary for replicating the same app for another platform. 3. Code Reusability and Pre-Developed Components One of the most significant advantages of React Native development is code reusability. Developers can reuse 90% of code while developing apps for Android and iOS. What’s even better is that the open library provides pre-developed components. These components enable developers to freely access codes and deploy them, resulting in faster development. 4. Live and Hot Reloading React Native aids both - Live and Hot Reloading. Live Reloading compiles the changes made by us in the code and provides a new file to the server, which then reloads the app automatically from the start. However, the drawback is the Reloading of the app again and again, and so to overcome it, Facebook introduced Hot Reloading to React Native architecture. Hot Reloading based on Hot Module Replacement (HMR) uses a watcher that keeps a watch on the changes done by us, and once we save it, it compiles the file and forwards it to the HMR intermediator that inserts our new file while the server is running. That means without reloading the entire app, you can instantly see the results on the screen, reducing the waiting time. 5. Cost-Effective React Native is an open-source platform and allows developers to use its libraries and frameworks for free. Though the working and functioning of React JS development services is subject to the facts stated under MIT License and may add up a bit, the reusing of code and other benefits together make up for it, making it a cost-effective solution.
  3. 3. 6. Community Support Developed by Facebook, the React Native framework is completely community-driven. It provides complete documentation, a GitHub repository, along with online support. Along with it, there are tons of events and meetings happening across the world. Developers can also take advantage of the React Native Developer community by asking for feedback and reviews, sharing their learnings and experiences, thereby making it an awe-inspiring benefit. Final Words Many top brands such as Walmart, Facebook, and Bloomberg employ React Native for their projects, owing to their fantastic quality, user experience, and massive popularity. If you need a cross-platform framework to start your new venture, make use of this remarkable technology. Hire a ​React JS Development company​ to get the best for your business. This Article Post is Originally Posted Here: -you-should-opt-react-native-development-2020-1790983.html