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Overcoming Obstacles in Adopting a Cloud Computing Environment

Booz Allen Hamilton commenced internal technology and pilot implementation studies and prototype client projects to investigate Cloud Computing's implications and determine best paths to success for customers. This article discusses Booz Allen's approach to help customers plan, manage resources, and overcome obstacles.

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Overcoming Obstacles in Adopting a Cloud Computing Environment

  1. 1. Ready for what’s next. Adopting new IT requires planning. Virtually every type of IT—from simple applications to network devices and high-performance storage devices— brings a planning requirement to maximize effective IT implementation and utilization and to minimize disruption. Cloud Computing not only requires the level of attention and planning of any major IT invest- ment but also brings a new level of potential sophis- tication to planning. Booz Allen can help you be ready for what’s next Booz Allen Hamilton, a leading strategy and technology consulting firm, can help lead the way in “cloud” migration. Booz Allen recognized early the significant impact that Cloud Computing would have on how the government procures, implements, and manages its IT investments. With this early recognition, Booz Allen commenced internal technology and pilot implementation studies and prototype client projects to investigate Cloud Computing’s implications and determine best paths to success for customers. Booz Allen also addressed major issues customers would face in organizational education and change management, technology transition and organization transformation, technology maturity, security and trust, service levels, and performance percep- tions. These obstacles historically recur in virtually any major new technology shift. In Cloud Computing, their impact could be more profound and far-reaching. Booz Allen’s expertise rests on a broad and deep pool of technical staff and extensive experi- ence across the federal government and private industry. Booz Allen has proven tools and approaches for requirements analysis, system design, system development, testing, implemen- tation, and management of the entire system development life cycle. The firm has dramatically enhanced these tools to reflect the complexities of a cloud-based computing environment trans- formation. Tailored implementation and functionally rich tools and innovative processes allow Booz Allen to help customers plan, manage resources, and ensure the timely and cost-effective achievement of client priorities and deliverables—thus overcoming obstacles and eliminating impediments. Booz Allen’s approach In government, traditional IT environments—from the simplest to the most complex—operate according to a set of standards, rules, and regulations relative to their planning, implementation, and operation. For example, the Clinger-Cohen Act and the E-Gov Act have pushed major process and operation change and innovation for a decade. Cloud Computing will be no less a force and agent of change, and with it will come new challenges in adoption and implementation. Cloud Computing acts as a broader functional platform for innovation. In one common instance of technology, cloud adopters can seek and achieve innovation in technology business models, processes, products, and services—at lower overall costs in the system development and tech- S T R A T E G Y I O P E R A T I O N S I O R G A N I Z A T I O N & C H A N G E I I N F O R M A T I O N T E C H N O L O G Y About Booz Allen Booz Allen Hamilton has been at the forefront of strategy and technology consulting for 95 years. Providing a broad range of services in strategy, operations, organization and change, information technology, systems engineering, and program management, Booz Allen is committed to delivering results that endure. For more information contact Michael Farber Senior Vice President 703/377-7780 Mike Cameron Principal 301/543-4432 David Linthicum Principal 240/314-5675 cloudcomputing To request an invitation to become a member of the Government Cloud Computing Community website sponsored by Booz Allen Hamilton, please send an email to Overcoming Obstacles in Adopting a Cloud Computing Environment IT Infrastructure Elastic, Rapid Surge Information Sharing Massive, Ad-Hoc Analytics Cloud Computing Functional Areas Cloud Computing Functional Areas Innovation
  2. 2. nology life cycles. To achieve the potential benefits of Cloud Computing in five key areas—IT infrastructure, information sharing, innovation, elastic rapid surge support, and massive ad-hoc analytics— organizations must address five major challenges early in a coherent, organized framework: ●● Security and Trust: Requires intelligent, well-planned security policy and processes that reflect the nature of the Cloud Computing environment, integrate customer requirements, and achieve fundamental operational security requirements ●● Maturity: Requires ongoing dialogue with the cloud provider relative to the maturation of new technologies and tools and their use, value, and adoption mechanisms to obtain desired benefits ●● Transition: Requires an effective transformation and transition management plan to enable timely transition and adoption and to mitigate performance and expectations risks; must also address the functional changes of chief information officers (CIO) and staff ●● Education and Change Management: Requires a coherent change management plan and the associated education of staff, contractors, and other stakeholders to obtain support and understanding of Cloud Computing adoption, benefits derived, and sequence of events ●● Service Levels and Performance Perceptions: Requires service-level agreements that reflect the full range of an organization’s technology, security, and performance requirements—as well as backup approaches Our experience and expertise The momentum behind the government’s adoption of Cloud Computing is significant. Multiple inter-related factors drive this momentum, such as mission; need for speed, flexibility, and agility in meeting stakeholder requirements; and cost. Booz Allen has achieved a position of thought and action leadership in the government’s adoption of Cloud Computing. From the firm’s earliest testing of Cloud Computing constructs and vendors, transition planning, and technological methodologies to the highly regarded Cloud Computing Summit that Booz Allen hosted in October 2008, the firm has been at the forefront in understanding and developing effective tools, methodologies, and processes so government agencies can rapidly migrate to, and effectively use, this new technology. Whether you’re managing today’s issues or looking beyond the horizon, count on us to help you be ready for what’s next. 10.007.09-G