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Digital marketing in Korea


Marketing Wargames

Wargames are a great way to discover great ideas.

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Marketing Wargames

  1. Marketing Wargames
  2. For many marketers the sky is actually falling. Recessions suck. Now get over it and get on with it. Turn off the news it will help your mood.
  3. When the going get’s tough, get tougher.
  4. If business is war then perhaps finding the road ahead starts with a good wargame or two.
  5. The Pilots who fly your 747 know what they are doing because they have been through the most terrifyingly disastrous scenarios you could ever imagine. Fortunately they were all in a simulator.
  6. Wargames are simulated battles carried out in order to test strategies or concepts.
  7. We play wargames simply so we can play through it before we are forced to live through it. It’s a risk free way to face the dreadful and test different ideas.
  8. If games prepare us for the real-world then why do marketers play so few of them? Good question. Very Good question
  9. Shall we play a game?
  10. Welcome to your first marketing wargame.
  11. Get yourself in the headspace. The blinds are drawn. The tape recorders are running and the boardroom table is covered in giant pieces of paper. The door is closed and your phones are off. Welcome to your War Room.
  12. Game #1 How to survive an attack.
  13. The objective of this game is simple: Understand where you are vulnerable. “You can’t defend against what you can’t see and you can’t attack what you can’t find.”
  14. Congratulations! you now work for the competition! You make way more money, have way more autonomy with absolutely no politics to worry about! - if only :-)
  15. Here is your mission: Obliterate your previous company. Use your inside information and out maneuver them. Be ruthless. BTW Don’t use your inside information if now you really work for the competition. That could be big trouble. In fact it my be illegal.
  16. Rally round the following points and go get em. The following is a small sample of the talking points we like to start with.
  17. What people would you steal?
  18. How would you change the marketing mix?
  19. Could you use their existing agencies against them as a weak-link?
  20. What would you improve that they cannot?
  21. What research are they lacking?
  22. Where do they fall out of favor with customers and how can you turn it against them?
  23. What things could you do that would drive them completely nuts?
  24. Where are they strongest?
  25. Where are they weakest?
  26. How would you know you were beating them.
  27. Now take a breath and think for a second about just how powerful and fun this could be.
  28. Did you figure out what you need to fix before your competitors get smart?
  29. Fun huh? Of course playing the real thing with a group of people is pretty dynamic and inspiring.
  30. In a real scenario you will be shocked at how quickly you figure out ways to bring your company down. Typically this learning comes in around 3 hours.
  31. Doing this does not need to be expensive. You don’t need sophisticated computer models. A good coach will do just fine.
  32. I suppose you would not be surprised to know that these exercises get people to see the world a little differently.
  33. Want to play again? Here are a few of the other games we like to play. 1) Surviving an attack (the full version) 2) Loss of attention 3) Destruction of capacity
  34. One last point....
  35. The logic here is ancient. “The general who wins a battle makes many calculations in his temple ere the battle is fought. The general who loses a battle makes but few calculations beforehand. Thus do many calculations lead to victory, and few calculations to defeat: It is by attention to this point that I can foresee who is likely to win or lose.” -Sun-Tzu (320 BC)
  36. And now for something slightly commercial. One of the services my company offers is setting up wargames for companies. If you are interested please check us out. - Brady © 2009 Admodo Group Inc.
  37. Admodo Disruptfully yours, Brady. BradyGilchrist I love a blue ocean strategy.
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Wargames are a great way to discover great ideas.


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