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Marvelous Mobile Marketing

This deck explains in human terms why Mobile Marketing is good for you. It also contains lots of useful bits that we hope will help you share and define that mysterious "big picture" for your boss. - Enjoy.

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Marvelous Mobile Marketing

  1. Marvelous Mobile A Primer for Marketers Brady Gilchrist © 2010.
  2. Hi, I’m Brady. The moment I realized (10 Years ago) I could be connected to my businesses anywhere I got off my butt and out into the world. The Most exciting era in computing is headed our way. Bring on the mobile revolution and let’s invent the future.
  3. Marketers are fighting against media channels that people no longer pay attention to. We’re on a quest to connect with our customers... ...and we’re measured by how effective we are. The pressure is on.
  4. Mobile marketing has been fumbling along for over a decade. Until now, most device screens were small, the browsers crappy, the development tools cumbersome and internet access painfully slow. All that has changed dramatically in the past 24 months and will leap forward in the next 12 (Tablet mania is upon us!) (The stuff in the picture was state of the art in 1999)
  5. Powerful mobile computing will change the way we do many things. Successful marketers embrace, invent and ride the wave. (In this picture I’m receiving a restaurant reservation on my iPhone under Niagra Falls. I know, I know...anytime anywhere can get silly.)
  6. These little portable computers empower us to find, know, play, connect, record and participate in ways only limited by imagination. They represent the next computing paradigm. This is a big deal. In this picture I’m reading a GPS powered tourist guide while walking Paris. This changed my experience of the city - especially the talking phrase book and cheese guide.
  7. In many ways, the term “SmartPhone” is like calling your computer a SmartCalculator. Smartphone is a massive understatement for something that represents such a social and technological leap forward. Unfortunately, we’re stuck with it for now.
  8. The Mobile Web is a Blue Ocean for marketers. A Blue Ocean Strategy is a way to make the competition irrelevant by creating a leap in value for both the company and its customers. (This is a great book if you’re looking for some inspiration.)
  9. There are eight important themes that make the adoption of mobile critical to marketers.
  10. 1 Not being discoverable when a customer comes looking is a marketer’s biggest mistake. Truth: customers may look for you when you least suspect it in ways you can’t yet imagine.
  11. 2 Those that carry “smart” devices are generally wealthier, younger, connected and desirable customers. These are the folks traditional media has a brutal time tracking down. The biggest age cohort after boomers are the millennials and this group loves Smartphones. BTW they will be more significant for marketers than baby boomers in a very short order. Be ready.
  12. 3 Those that carry these devices use them to get information and make decisions in real time. There is no other medium that is always going to be in the right place at the right time.
  13. 4 This is the most personal media people will own. If your message is consumed here you have broken through the clutter. This is the Mount Everest of marketing. Mobile devices are among the most personalized entertainment appliances people will ever own.
  14. 5 You can mess with your competitors at point of sale. I can’t count the number of times I bought at Amazon while actually shopping in another store. Mobile delivers the truth about cost, quality and service at the moment it matters most. Mobile allows you fight behind enemy lines.
  15. 6 Those that carry these devices use them to navigate, organize and remember their world. Are you doing all you can to be found, compatible and remembered?
  16. 7 Be a wingman. Your customers are looking for a meaningful information hit or an incentive. Your information design needs to be relevant and conceived for the moment of consumption. Simply turning regular web into mobile web is a wasted opportunity. Think like a salesperson.
  17. 8 It’s a race - and losing sucks. Marketplace momentum for mobile adoption is real. The faster you start inventing, using and measuring mobile marketing techniques the faster this becomes a competitive advantage.
  18. Will 2010 the year of Mobile? No. 2010 is simply the year it can’t be ignored. The year of mobile was 2008. Remember all those people lining up to get their paws on the iPhone 3G? That was the tipping point. All those huge numbers describing the number of apps downloaded or huge demand for wireless data are simply the evidence that the adoption curve is getting steeper. Everywhere you look the experts are pulling out the stats. If you accept this tipping point fact you can ignore the stats and get on with doing business while most of your competitors are still wondering if its viable.
  19. Lead, follow or fry. Leading means doing something TRULY unique. If you copy something already done you will never get the buzz you need. If you follow the customer they will lead you to profits. Knowing what persuades is going to generate a return on your investment but it requires serious thinking to get there.
  20. Only trust those who can count. A little ROI math tends to neutralize the bull. If you find that your agency can’t do the math you may want to move along. Avoid “Experimental” projects. Experimental implies that it’s “OK” to fail and while failing happens it should never be “OK”. “Do or do not. There is no try” - Yoda.
  21. Television is to mass media what mobile is to personal media. Personal media beats everything because it’s individually meaningful. Meaningful is always more persuasive.
  22. To App or not to App. Many standalone marketing Apps are to mobile what CDROMs were before the internet. Apps are Very cool if done brilliantly but not everyone is able to afford the true costs (development and promotion) For many marketers other mobile approaches are affordable investments with excellent ROI.
  23. Ponder the mobile web and remember all the times a mobile search failed to deliver. Understand this dilemma and you can see how fundamentals form the foundation of mobile marketing. Most realtime out of home problem solving usually starts with a mobile search triggered by a real world event. It’s never a bad idea to design excellent mobile websites and mSEO if you want customers to find and read your stuff while out in the world .
  24. As far as marketing is concerned, you really need to cover all the bases from mobile web to search to Apps. Combine all the tools and you are sure to find gold in the hills. Reach should come before pizzazz.
  25. Google, Microsoft, Nokia, Palm and a host of others are paying attention to the Apple’s success and the ecosystem they created. We suggest it’s prudent to look at marketing tactics that float between all platforms. These guys are going to seriously battle it out. Avoid getting caught in the crossfire and your ROI will thank you.
  26. If you can’t measure it don’t do it. At this stage of the game you are buying three things: ROI, an education and a deeper understanding of customer patterns. All of these are important and all need to be measured.
  27. One last thought. Do something now. If you are the last to the party you may find your customers dancing with someone else. Mobile is full of potential. The closer you get to the sales decision the higher your potential to take the prize. Procrastinators and dawdlers rarely finish a race in the top 10.
  28. Stop by and see what we are reading.
  29. mobile We are a mobile agency dedicated motives to helping our clients use mobile in awesome ways. Drop us a line if you want to get excited about mobile and talk tactics.
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This deck explains in human terms why Mobile Marketing is good for you. It also contains lots of useful bits that we hope will help you share and define that mysterious "big picture" for your boss. - Enjoy.


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