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AngularJS with Node.js and MongoDB

how I went about picking a stack for my prototype web app

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AngularJS with Node.js and MongoDB

  1. 1. AngularJS Angular + Node/Express + MongoDB Brent Goldstein Full JS Stack
  2. 2. Back Story ● Build a prototype web app ○ Why? -- Learn new technologies, act like a startup ● Focused on SMB enterprise use-cases ○ Lots of data to visualize, manage ● What technologies to pick? ○ Client ○ Server ○ Database
  3. 3. Strategy for picking Technologies Go with what works -- for you You’ll need to learn new stuff, it should be fun If it seems like it does not fit, you can try something else If you’re a perfectionist, you’re done for You’ll know when it ‘feels right enough’ and stuff flows Caveat -- This works for me, figure out your strategy
  4. 4. Client? Lots of choices, but only a few - I’m a software guy, needs to be like software - Must have good data-binding - I’m not really into Java (yes, really) Ruby/Rails? - I’ve done Ruby (ok, but review options...) Javascript Client Frameworks? - AngularJS - Ember
  5. 5. Javascript? Really? Hey, I’ve never coded Javascript. Is this a language for ‘real’ software? The answer is……. (let’s diverge for a moment)
  6. 6. Pick a server? I already said I’m not into Java (really) OK, so what now? Well, it needs to be - Lightweight, FAST - OpenSource, Manageable Uhhh yep -- Node.js (more Javascript….)
  7. 7. Node + Express So, you’re saying I should write my own server with Node.js? Yes, definitely. Because Express is frickn’ brilliant var express = require('express'),http = require('http'); var app = express(); app.use(express.static(path.join(__dirname, 'public'))); http.createServer(app).listen(app.get('port'), function(){ console.log('listening on port ' + app.get('port')); }); Static file server in a few lines...
  8. 8. Databases, databases A couple of considerations - Development, iteration effort - SQL schema migration and admin is a pain (to me) Data pipelining - How will the client model data? - ORM kinda sucks Should this be the first slide in the deck?
  9. 9. Crap, another slide on databases NoSQL pro/con - Align structure with application model → less complex code, probably more performant - Can’t use relational schema models → Well, I’m totally OK with this - Must learn ‘collections’ and working w/o joins → I’m OK with this too - Fast read performance with right ‘schema’ → I’m really OK with this
  10. 10. Yet another @#(*! slide on databases NoSQL Choices? - Proven in commercial apps - Good community acceptance/support - I’m no expert, so just pick one to start with good Node.js support Let’s go with MongoDB (at least try it)
  11. 11. Where are we at? Node.JS and MongoDB for the server side. These are both Javascript. Well, Mongo is very Javascript compatible, JSON data Now I’m definitely into a pure JS client framework. Which one? Uhh, try AngularJS. Why? Gut feel after investigating both, it seems more like software.
  12. 12. Stack Data Pipeline MongoDB - JSON data works great → Modeled for the app needs Server talks to Mongo - Aggregate / join data - JSON data works great → NO ORM - Return through a pure REST api AngularJS client - Talks to server only via REST api, never to Mongo - JSON data works great → NO ORM
  13. 13. Back to that Javascript thing Javascript is a good core language Very simple syntax, don’t let this fool you (an aside, complex syntax does not a good language make) Closures are super powerful in an event based asynchronous environment And, it’s not just the language, it’s the ecosystem.
  14. 14. Javascript Client Server Similarities Browsers operates as - single threaded, event driven, asynchronous Node.js runs V8 engine Holy crap, it’s the same - single threaded, event driven, asynchronous Learn asynchronous Javascript programming with Angular + Node.js at the same time Start thinking ‘closure’
  15. 15. Javascript and Node Packages Huge capability from the NPM Registry NPM == Node Package Manager Some favorites: - mongodb (mongoDB driver) - express (web server framework) - xml2js (xml parser) - async (synchronizing constructs, serial, parallel) - aws-sdk (integrate with AWS S3, CloudFront, etc)
  16. 16. Deployment Again, use what works for your situation For me, PaaS to start with low admin overhead - Heroku -- Supports node servers - MongoLab -- Hosted MongoDB Both have free tiers for development, and scale up for true production
  17. 17. thanks contact: