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Altmetrics - Measuring the Buzz


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An introduction and overview of Almetrics--using big data techniques to analyze academic, technical and medical information's usage, impact and buzz.

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Altmetrics - Measuring the Buzz

  1. 1. AltMetrics Bruce Antelman ThinkLoud Capturing the Buzz
  2. 2. For years scientists have been trying to measure the quality of scholarly work
  3. 3. Qualitative Measures Peer Recognition - Word of mouth, invited talks Classes - lectures and assigned reading Review articles & textbooks
  4. 4. Quantitative Measures Journal Citation Counts - Number of times an article is cited in other articles Journal Impact Factor - number of times all articles in a journal are cited in other journals
  5. 5. Altmetrics attempts to use online activity to measure impact, buzz, word of mouth for scientific information and it includes new ways to measure usage. (*) * Dance, A. Nature, 502, 397-398 (2013) doi:10.1038/nj7471-397a
  6. 6. Counter vs ALM Counter statistics measure how subscriptions are used inside your institution. Altmetrics measures how scholarly information is used by the outside world and what they think of it.
  7. 7. Two Types of Measures Buzz - New ways to measure mentions of scholarly information on Social Media Usage - New ways to measure usage at the citation and object level
  8. 8. AltMetrics – What Measured ! Viewed - HTML views & downloads, many types of media Discussed - journal comments, science blogs, Wikipedia, Twitter, Facebook and other social media Saved - Mendeley, CiteULike and other social bookmarks Cited - citations in the scholarly literature, tracked by Web of Science, Scopus, CrossRef and others Recommended - for example Computing Reviews & Faculty of 1000
  9. 9. AltMetrics – More than Articles Traditional articles & books Objects in papers - figures, graphs, pictures Software Tools - GitHub Datasets - Dryad or figshare Molecular structures Algorithms Slideshows - SlideShare Grants Patents Mentions in popular Media, blogs and Social media Still more valuable sources to cover - classes, seminars, lectures, posters, journal clubs and more
  10. 10. AltMetrics – How Measured Aggregation is difficult - data in many formats, stored in different ways, in many places, some not accessible (NISO standard being developed). Author names are not standard and multiple copies of media under different names - ORCID, Data One, BioShare Many covered sources have open APIs or special arrangements made to access their data
  11. 11. AltMetrics - Who Does It Plum Analytics - Service provider with API. Profile page and analytics. Say the cover more Metric sources than anyone else Impact Story - Displays data in a CV like format. Could become the Linked-In for Scientists. Has API. PLOS - One of the first publishers to use article level metrics. One of the current leaders. Has API. - Service provider with API for publishers, bibliographic websites and more. also offer bookmarklet.
  12. 12. AltMetrics - Benefits Reader - discovery, way to identify new, interesting current works and people Authors - way to get recognition for work besides articles Publishers - way to measure “success” of publications and to identify new authors and topics Grantors & Universities - may become an additional metric for grants, hiring and promotion and a way to measure impact of funding initiatives Bibliographic Databases - Another information element to display with the citation
  13. 13. AltMetrics - Problems Buzz Can Be Manipulated - Promoting your work is frowned up by some, will it soon promoting your work will be part of the PhD Curriculum. Academics, especially scientists, don’t use Social Media like the Public, though they do use some tools. There is not enough data to give a balanced picture, though this might be changing. Jerry Letvin: “the best ideas in science aren’t recognized at first. this type of work (referring to reviews) just reinforces the prevailing view’. How would Einstein’s Theory of Special Relativity score altmetricaly if it was published today? (7)Grantor - “While I think that there are some good tools and interesting strategies out there, to evaluate productivity and impact, they are basically making value judgments but real life is more complex. ‘Success‘ is a difficult quantify and there is a significant amount of luck and unpredictability.” When discussing altmetrics Impact assessment, discovery and conversation are frequently mixed up Over reliance on metrics is natural and inevitable.
  14. 14. AltMetrics - Future More sources, better algorithms, sentiment analysis Might influence scientists to use more social media Over reliance on almetrics is inevitable
  15. 15. AltMetrics - Library’s role Become the expert at your institution Help readers learn how to use altmetrics to identify what/ who is new and interesting Identify media to add to your library’s collection Work more closely with other groups in your institution who use social metrics Measure what the buzz is inside your institution Measure what is being said about your institution on the web As it develops, if you find value in altmetrics tell publishers to add them
  16. 16. Bruce Antelman ThinkLoud Capturing the Buzz Thank You