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What 1 Million Tweets Taught Us About Tweeting Successfully

All the details on a research study of 1 million tweets, revealing insights into the power of images, hashtags, and length on driving more clicks and retweets.

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What 1 Million Tweets Taught Us About Tweeting Successfully

  1. 1. What Tweets Taught Us About How People Tweet Successfully _l Now we're happy to share the quantitative numbers—based on more than 1 million tweets from Buffer users — about what factors affect the amount of engagement tweets receive. 3 IN THIS STUDY. WE DEFINE ENGAGEMENT AS: + + E N G A G E M E N ‘I’ retweets favorites mentions Divided by number of followers of the account _j Key Takeaways for How to Tweet Successfully 1 Images = Significantly more engagement Pictures are worth a thousand words. Tweets with pictures? Priceless. Tweets that include images receive significantly more engagement, approximately 22.8% more retweets, favorites, replies combined than tweets without images. Tweets without Tweets with images images 2 The ideal length of image tweets: 20 to 40 characters Shorter tweets with images tend to receive more engagement than longer tweets. For tweets that include images, shorter tweets of 20-40 characters tend to get 58% more engagement than image tweets with 60 or more characters. 60-80 characters 20-40 characters 3 The ideal length of tweets w/ out images: 120 to 140 characters E] If you don't have an image, longer tweets seem to get more engagement on average. For tweets without images, longer tweets of120-140 characters tend to get 77% more engagement than shorter tweets without images. 60-80 characters 120-140 characters 4 Tweets without links get more engagement E] Links are great for driving people to content, but if you’re looking for RTs, faves, and replies, experiment with tweeting without links. Tweets that do not include links received approximately 25.1% more engagement in our sample. on average. than tweets that do include links. Tweets with links Tweets without links 5 Use hashtags for more #engagement and a #longer| ifecycle I: I Tweets with more hashtags tend to receive more engagement and have a longer Iifecycle. O l 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 ‘IO The science of Twitter is always evolving, but after studying tweets we continue to learn the best way to spend 140 characters (or fewer). CREATED BY 0 § buffer