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Comparing Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services


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Which cloud-based infrastructure service is right for you? CDW compares Microsoft Azure, HP Helion, VMware vCloud Air, IBM SoftLayer and Amazon Web Services.

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Comparing Cloud-Based Infrastructure Services

  2. 2. The benefits of are clear. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  3. 3. Cloud-deployed computing power and storage services can help you: • Rapidly expand compute and storage capacity as needed • Provision development and test environments for new internally built apps • Deliver greater return on IT investment
  4. 4. what kind of IaaS solution is best for you. What’s less obvious is determining
  5. 5. Cloud infrastructure can be delivered in three ways PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID
  6. 6. • Provides greater computing-power flexibility • Scales as needed • Reduces maintenance of on-premise solutions • Controls unexpected increases in workload HYBRID
  7. 7. PUBLIC • Multitenant environment • Increase capacity at peak times • Augment or decrease resources quickly • Quick startup time • Pay only for what you use
  8. 8. • Single-tenant environment • Dedicated hardware, storage, networks • Meets stringent performance and compliance requirements • Provides higher Service Level Agreements (SLAs) • Increased privacy for sensitive data PRIVATE
  9. 9. Vendors shape their cloud infrastructure to meet customer needs.
  10. 10. Let’s take a closer look at five major cloud infrastructure providers.
  11. 11. Microsoft Azure’s robust, hybrid-ready cloud infrastructure offering makes transitioning from on-premise platforms simple and secure.
  12. 12. What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure? PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID New VMs can be provisioned using familiar Microsoft management tools.
  13. 13. What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure? PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID It provides simplified identity management and access control.
  14. 14. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID It integrates easily with existing infrastructures and supports your current OS. What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure?
  15. 15. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID Microsoft offers comprehensive, IT-level support that’s available 24/7. What are the benefits of Microsoft Azure?
  16. 16. Is Microsoft Azure right for me?
  17. 17. Microsoft Azure is ideal for people who are looking for a flexible and secure cloud infrastructure environment with familiar management tools.
  18. 18. PUBLIC CLOUD
  19. 19. HP Helion enterprise-grade Public Cloud is built on OpenStack technology. PUBLIC CLOUD
  20. 20. What are the benefits of HP Helion? Computing and storage infrastructure are offered on an on-demand, pay-as-you-go basis. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID PUBLIC CLOUD
  21. 21. It provides greater workload availability and manageability. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of HP Helion? PUBLIC CLOUD
  22. 22. Support is available 24/7/365. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of HP Helion? PUBLIC CLOUD
  23. 23. Its open, interoperable platform allows for efficient creation of dev-test environments. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of HP Helion? PUBLIC CLOUD
  24. 24. Is HP Helion right for me?
  25. 25. HP Helion is ideal for enterprises looking for infrastructure that supports in-house app development.
  26. 26. vCloud Air
  27. 27. vCloud Air VMware vCloud Air enables you to seamlessly extend your data center into the public cloud, creating a true hybrid environment.
  28. 28. What are the benefits of VMware vCloud Air? Any workload currently built on VMware can be migrated to the cloud seamlessly without any conversions or rewrites. vCloud Air PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID
  29. 29. It allows you to add additional resources on demand, and it scales to fit your current needs. vCloud Air PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of VMware vCloud Air?
  30. 30. Your current system’s networking and security policies can be extended into the vCloud Air environment. vCloud Air PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of VMware vCloud Air?
  31. 31. vCloud Air resources can be managed from your existing on-premise VMware management system under a single pane of glass. vCloud Air PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of VMware vCloud Air?
  32. 32. Is VMware vCloud Air right for me?
  33. 33. VMware vCloud Air is ideal for users whose data centers are already virtualized by VMware and who are looking for a seamless cloud experience.
  34. 34. IBM SoftLayer integrates enterprise-grade services and powers innovation for developers and IT pros.
  35. 35. What are the benefits of IBM SoftLayer? Public and private clouds are both available for system and application infrastructure. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID
  36. 36. SoftLayer’s IaaS services can be supplemented by hardware, IT operations management software, middleware and database software. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of IBM SoftLayer?
  37. 37. It includes comprehensive consulting and outsourcing capabilities. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of IBM SoftLayer?
  38. 38. Options are available for single-tenant virtual machines residing in SoftLayer’s multitenant public cloud. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of IBM SoftLayer?
  39. 39. Bare-metal servers can be engaged by the hour. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of IBM SoftLayer?
  40. 40. Is IBM SoftLayer right for me?
  41. 41. IBM SoftLayer is ideal for users looking for a highly customized cloud infrastructure because it can combine public, private and hybrid clouds into a single solution.
  42. 42. Amazon Web Services (AWS) offers a low-cost range of flexible infrastructure resources.
  43. 43. What are the benefits of AWS? It gives you the option to select programming language, web app platform, database, OS and other services. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID
  44. 44. Loading your software and services in the AWS virtual environment eases the migration process. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of AWS?
  45. 45. The application hosting platform can be accessed through the AWS Management Console and other popular web services APIs. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of AWS?
  46. 46. AWS takes physical, operational and software measures to secure and harden infrastructure. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of AWS?
  47. 47. Amazon’s infrastructure gives you access to compute and storage resources when you need them. PUBLIC PRIVATE HYBRID What are the benefits of AWS?
  48. 48. Is AWS right for me?
  49. 49. AWS is ideal for users who need a low-cost, scalable solution that can help their organizations respond to rapidly changing technology needs.
  50. 50. Now that you know what’s out there,
  51. 51. ... let’s take a closer look.
  52. 52. OVERVIEW • Enterprise-grade public cloud based on OpenStack technology • Offers on-demand, pay-as-you-go cloud services for computing and storage infrastructure • Integrates public cloud with on-premise products that many IT departments already use • Hybrid cloud solution built on the foundation of VMware vCloud Air • One platform with myriad solutions to serve a broad range of performance, security and isolation requirements • A public cloud solution that allows customers to easily augment or scale back their infrastructure according to their needs • Available through aggregation service Datapipe Ideal for… • Organizations looking to incorporate onsite IT with private/public elements using a highly collaborative computing platform • Businesses that wish to augment or move their traditional IT resources to a mature cloud provider • Those who already use Microsoft and would like a familiar way to manage new cloud infrastructure • Organizations that are currently virtualized using VMware • Small and medium businesses looking for a tailored cloud infrastructure solution • Businesses looking for a low-cost and easily scalable cloud infrastructure solution vCloud AirPUBLIC CLOUD
  53. 53. Strengths • Since the HP Public Cloud is built with OpenStack’s open- source software, it’s incredibly scalable and easy to implement • Greater workload availability and manageability, along with support for businesses • Wide portfolio of cloud service offerings: not just IaaS, but PaaS and SaaS offerings as well • Largest geographic footprint of physical cloud data centers • Current VMware users can extend their data centers to the cloud using the same tools and processes they currently use • Unified architecture with common management and programming interfaces. • Can combine bare-metal servers, public cloud instances and private cloud deployments into distributed hybrid architectures and manage from a single control pane and API. • Well-rounded portfolio of cloud storage solutions that are particularly cost effective and agile Delivery Method Public Public Private Hybrid Hybrid Public Private Hybrid Public vCloud AirPUBLIC CLOUD
  54. 54. To learn more about these offerings, click below. vCloud AirPUBLIC CLOUD
  55. 55. What else should I know?
  56. 56. Before you move forward, there are a few questions you should consider to help you determine which IaaS solution is best for you.
  57. 57. ORGANIZATIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: What are the organizational problems we hope to solve with IaaS? Why do we think IaaS will help us solve them? What sort of payment structure works best for us? Is our business more focused on CAPEX or OPEX spending? What do our data security standards look like?
  58. 58. ORGANIZATIONAL CONSIDERATIONS: Which compliance standards do we need to meet? What kind of uptime and SLA do we require? How close are our offices and our coworkers to our cloud provider’s facilities?
  59. 59. TECHNOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONS: What are our biggest pain points in our current environment? Which deployment model makes the most sense for us? Why? What kinds of workloads are we hoping to support with IaaS? Will we need to add bandwidth?
  60. 60. TECHNOLOGICAL CONSIDERATIONS: Do we need to increase or decrease computing power on the fly? What kind of expertise do we need in a cloud provider, and how much management do we want to be responsible for? Which existing systems need to be integrated?
  61. 61. CDW can help.Ready to make the move?
  62. 62. To learn more about cloud infrastructure or to see how we can help you tailor a solution, visit We can help you navigate our offering of 40+ carefully selected cloud solution providers. And because we can also deliver managed services for most IaaS providers, finding and managing a cloud solution is easier than ever.