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Norm and I - Dr. Thomas A. Lumpkin


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Presentation delivered by Dr. Thomas A. Lumpkin (CIMMYT Director General) at Borlaug Summit on Wheat for Food Security. March 25 - 28, 2014, Ciudad Obregon, Mexico

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Norm and I - Dr. Thomas A. Lumpkin

  1. 1. Norm and I
  2. 2. President Manuel Ávila Camacho Vice President Henry A. Wallace
  3. 3. Borlaug began his work in Mexico in 1944, advised by two great plant pathologists, Prof. Stakman and George Harrar 1. Strengths of Borlaug’s Mexican wheat program: Rust resistance
  4. 4. Elvin Charles Stakman
  5. 5. 1. Strengths of Borlaug’s Mexican wheat program: Rust resistance
  6. 6. YELLOW RUST-6 March 1-15, 1968 In 1946-47 and 1956-57 India suffered severe stem rust epidemics 1. Strengths of Borlaug’s Mexican wheat program: Rust resistance
  7. 7. “the grain rust and bad weather, the 1954 harvest has shrunk to an estimated 370 million bushels— 36% below 1953 and 44% below 1952.” Time Sept 13, 1954
  8. 8. The dwarf wheat “Norin-10” developed by Gonjiro Inazuka in 1935, and “Gaines” developed by Orville Vogel in 1953 provided the traits for high yield response to fertilizers 2. Strengths of Borlaug’s Mexican wheat program: Dwarfing genes
  9. 9. 2. Strengths of Borlaug’s Mexican wheat program: Dwarfing genes
  10. 10. Crossing Shuttle breeding in Mexico, two crops per year Evaluation in Mexico and hot spot sites worldwide 3. Strengths of Borlaug’s Mexican wheat program: Shuttle breeding
  11. 11. Swaminathan had been looking for dwarf wheat breeding lines in early 1960s and received lines from USDA. He arranged for Borlaug to visit in 1963. Borlaug learned about the concern of less straw from dwarf wheats.
  12. 12. Borlaug said of Dr. Swaminathan: "The green revolution has been a team effort and much of the credit for its spectacular development must go to Indian officials, organizations, scientists and farmers. However, to you, Dr. Swaminathan, a great deal of the credit must go for first recognizing the potential value of the Mexican dwarfs. Had this not occurred, it is quite possible that there would not have been a green revolution in Asia".
  13. 13. Dear Tom, My thoughts are with you and with everyone in CIMMYT on the occasion of the Birth Centenary of Norman Borlaug. The “we shall overcome spirit” of Borlaug will guide us in ensuring that wheat production continues to grow and that no child, woman or man goes to bed hungry. I am glad that you are commemorating the birth centenary in an appropriate manner. I am only sorry I am not able to be there on this occasion when we are celebrating the life and work of one of the greatest humanbeings ever born on this Earth. With warm personal regards, Yours sincerely, M S Swaminathan
  14. 14. Borlaug set to work promoting the Mexican wheats and agronomic practices, winning many to the cause.
  15. 15. Subramaniam, Min. of Ag., and Narisiman, Sec. of Ag., made the bold decision during time of famine in 1965 to import 300 tons of Mexican dwarf wheat seed and in 1966, 18,000 tons. Glenn Anderson, India Program Officer and S.P. Kohli, All India Wheat Program Coordinator in 1965 discovered and corrected for poor germination rate.
  16. 16. Always wanting to go to the countryside and meet farmers
  17. 17. “If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue… (Kipling)
  18. 18. …Or walk with Kings—nor lose the common touch”
  19. 19. Or receive the highest honors of every sort.
  20. 20. Honorary degrees and convocations, Punjab Agricultural University 1987
  21. 21. Highest awards Ambassador of India to Mexico, Presented the Padma Vibhushan Award from the Government of India in the presence of CIMMYT DG Masa Iwanaga 23 August 2006
  22. 22. US Congressional Gold Medal
  23. 23. Borlaug established the World Food Prize, 1986
  24. 24. ICARDA Site identification team, 1975: Dr Norman Borlaug, Official from Syrian Ministry of Agriculture, Dr Bob Havener, Dr Jit Srivastiva and Mr Faek Bahady He helped to launch other institutes
  25. 25. Institutes have been named after him
  26. 26. Primary schools, research labs and buildings have been named after him.
  27. 27. Family – source of strength and pride
  28. 28. Students like Ronnie Coffman 2008, in Obregon
  29. 29. Scientists who apprenticed like Sanjaya Rajaram
  30. 30. Colleagues who complemented like Evangelina Villegas
  31. 31. He inspired Christopher Dowswell
  32. 32. He inspired Osman Abdalla, Bob Havener and others in 2008 at the CWANA regional planning meeting
  33. 33. As always, he impressed and made friends everywhere
  34. 34. He encouraged Ethiopian wheat researchers, 2005 at the National Wheat Research Center
  35. 35. He launched the Global Rust Initiative
  36. 36. Encouraged biotechnology with Swapan Datta at IRRI
  37. 37. Borlaug has been the subject of many artists
  38. 38. The famous 1963 image of Norman Borlaug recording data in wheat breeding plots at Ciudad Obregón, Mexico is used as a model
  39. 39. Patronado/CIMMYT and then Iowa used the 1963 image
  40. 40. The rich, famous and powerful invest in his legacy
  41. 41. Green Revolution countries hold him in the highest esteem
  42. 42. And I made a promise to him
  43. 43. American Farm Families Henry Borlaug Family - Iowa Adam Preszler Family – South Dakota
  44. 44. He was featured in LIFE Magazine
  45. 45. My maternal grandfather was shown in Life Magazine in1937
  46. 46. Norman E. Borlaug Family, 1914 -2009 Alma (Preszler) Lumpkin, 1914- 20?? He and my mother were born 5 months apart
  47. 47. Today we celebrate his 100 Year Birthday Anniversary