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Micro business owner#003

A plan for the micro business

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Micro business owner#003

  1. 1. The NINJA Small Business &The Next Generation of Entrepreneurs
  2. 2. Budget Savings ConsultantFinancial Efficiency Manager Money Organizer
  3. 3. 120 Days worth Bank statements 2 months billsLast Quarterly investment statements Last 2 Pay Periods Create an Excel Budget Assistance with ONLINE Enrollment Review Spreadsheet Online Money Management Servicing
  4. 4.  Synchronize Online Financial Accounts Design Personalized Budget Create Review Spreadsheet Organize Monthly Cash Flow Fixed Monthly Expenses Variable Monthly Expenses Unexpected Monthly Expenses
  5. 5. i. Cash Flow  Insurance i. Credit Accounts  Review Property & Auto Coverage ii. Payroll   Health Insurance Plan Review Life Insurance Strategy iii. Business Expenses  Unexpected Insuranceii. Written Budget a) Fixed expenses  Savings  Short Term Wants b) Variable spending  Decade Needs c) Unexpected expenses  Long Term planningiii. Debt Management a) Real Estate Holdings  Investments b) Mortgage Management  Retirement plan c) Business Loans  Building wealth d) Next Project Funding  Creating Assetsiv. Annual Tax Planning
  6. 6.  Cash  Retirement Savings Savings  Employer Retirement plan  Cash Value Life Insurance  Simplified Employee Pension  Simple IRA Emergency Funds Short Term  401(k) Investment  ROTH 401(k)  UNI (k) 3 year Fund  Tax Sheltered Annuity 5 Year Fund 10 year Fund  Profit Sharing Plan  Company Stock  Corporate Stock Options  Vacation Fund  Next Opportunity Fund
  7. 7.  Annual Tax Review Debt Negotiations Address Corrections  Debt Management Business Legacy Planning  Power of Attorney Simplified Online Money  Power of HealthCare Management  Simple Will  Buy/Sell Agreement Annual Review Spreadsheet  BUSINESS PLANNING
  8. 8.  Maintain Cash flow Flexibility Immediate access Cash assets include:  10% of Present Value Net Worth savings accounts CD’s Limit Tax consequences Life Insurance Cash Values money market accounts Shield market risk NQ Investment brokerage cash Other Cash Assets Silver and Gold Coins Separate Cash Assets: Alternative Assets; Collectables etc… Invested Cash Assets Spending Cash Cash Accounts Emergency Cash Business Income Balance Assets Real Estate Investments