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CMS Platforms Statistics. This is what Professionals Choose in 2019


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Where do successful websites live?
Which platform the biggest number of users decided to leave?
Where did professionals choose to move?What CMS is being used by Top Websites?
This presentation has an answer to all of these questions, and even more!

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CMS Platforms Statistics. This is what Professionals Choose in 2019

  1. 1. Where do successful websites live? CMS PLATORMS STATISTICS
  2. 2. What a crazy statement! "Website's performance depends solely on its owner efforts". If a CMS platform has some limits, no matter how much money and time are invested, nothing will help. Find out what platforms are favored by CMS2CMS users and what are the most migrated from.
  3. 3. Platforms the most migrated FROM Wix 62.2% HTML 22.6% Joomla 3.9% Drupal 2.9% Weebly 1.6% Blogger 0.7%
  4. 4. Platforms the most migrated TO WordPress 92% Joomla 4.2% Drupal 1.4%
  5. 5. Most CMS2CMS users come from the U SA Spain Portugal G erm any France R ussia Italy Poland the N etherlands Turkey C hina G reece 7,500 5,000 2,500 0
  6. 6. WordPress 93.5% Joomla 3.3% phpBB 0.3% WordPress 95.7% Joomla 3.7% WordPress 93.8% Joomla 3.4% Typo3 0.1% the USA users move to Spanish users move to Portugese users move to
  8. 8. Fortunately, CMS platform is not something once and forever. You have always follow the latest trends to keep your business alive. SUMMING UP As you see there' s no one perfect CMS solution; users always seek for fresh ideas and functionality. Having performed more than 100 000 website migrations, we at CMS2CMS may conclude that WordPress is a leader on the CMS market.
  9. 9. FEEL THAT YOUR WEBSITE IS ON THE WRONG PLACE? CMS2CMS is ready to move your web project to new "home" with no losess and SEO damages. Contact us for A to Z assistance