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Increasing Visibility on the Amazon Marketplace

CPC Strategy discusses how to increase search ranking on Amazon through paid and organic traffic generation methods on the Marketplace.

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Increasing Visibility on the Amazon Marketplace

  1. 1. Increasing Visibility on the Amazon Marketplace Deep Dive Into Amazon SEO Tactics & Driving Detail Page Discoverability Amazon Seller Course
  2. 2. Before We Get Started Session Recordings Will Be Sent Next Week Q&A Following the Presentation Submit Questions In the Chat Box to the Right Logistics Speakers Rick Backus CEO CPC Strategy Pat Petriello Head of Marketplace Strategy CPC Strategy
  3. 3. Respect Your Amazon Brackets  The higher your bracket, the higher your Buy Box share  Jumping from one bracket to another will have a stronger effect than moving within the brackets themselves
  4. 4. Seller Rating Seller Rating is divided in to 6 brackets: • 100-98% • 97-95% • 94-90% • 89-80% • 79-70% • Less than 70%
  5. 5. Shipping Time Like seller rating, these are divided into brackets: • 0-2 days • 3-7 days • 8-13 days • 14 or more days Again, jumping between brackets is more effective than moving between them.
  6. 6. Create a No-Go-Zone Understand the points below which you should never allow your metrics to go. These are: – Seller Rating - Below 70% – On-Time Delivery - Below 97% – Tracked Orders - Below 98% – Late Shipment Rate - Above 4% – Cancellation Rate - Above 2.5% – Shipping Time - More than 14 days – Customer Response Time - More than 10% of messages over 24 hours
  7. 7. Brand Enforcement Email "Hello, This is [Seller Name] and the reason we are writing this message is to let you know that you are linked to several of our listings and we know that you are not authorized to sell our brand [Brand Name]. For your information, we are also the owner of the trademark of [Brand Name]. Our legal department is taking full action to all other sellers violating the rules and you are one of them. We will provide you 24 hours to remove all offers for our [Brand Name] listings from your inventory or we will enforce action, first by reporting you to Amazon. Please see the below URL for those listings to which you are linked. [Seller Name]
  8. 8. In general, are you the sole seller of your ASINs on Amazon? Poll For The Audience
  9. 9. • Founded in 2007 • Over +300 active retail clients • Top 50 fastest growing companies in San Diego • Recognized as an Official Google Shopping Partner • Exclusive focus on retail Solutions  Retail-focused Paid Search (PPC)  Google Shopping Management  Shopping Channel Management  Amazon Sales Acceleration CPC STRATEGY HAS BEEN FEATURED ON DELIVERING LASTING RESULTS FOR OUR CLIENTS VISIT CPCSTRATEGY.COM
  10. 10. Pat Petriello Senior Marketplace Strategist Pat is a former professional seller on,, eBay, and former member of Amazon Seller Service Team. He grew up in New Jersey and later attended University of Maryland to graduate with a B.S. in Marketing / NYU, M.S. in Sports Business. When he’s not getting European inspired haircuts you can find him near the ocean, playing soccer, practicing yoga, cooking and traveling.
  11. 11. Course Overview Overview of Amazon SEO The Brand Registry Program Product Content Optimization Latest Findings with Sponsored Products Driving Off-Amazon Traffic to Detail Pages Seller Resources Q&A
  12. 12. How the Amazon SERP Works
  13. 13. How the Amazon SERP Works
  14. 14. The Brand Registry Program Designed to make it easier for brand manufacturers to own their product content. Benefits  List products without UPCs  Increase authority over listing content Critical early step for having a stronger influence over product titles, descriptions, bullets, and images
  15. 15. The Brand Registry Program Execution  Enroll brand via Seller Central (easy)  Submit key attributes for each product (tedious) • Can identify products missing brands or key attributes is to check your product data feed (or request the ability to pull a feed)
  16. 16. Product Content Optimization Title Optimization  Particularly important for brand manufacturers  Standard concatenation example (for Apparel): • Brand • Style • Product Type • Material • Keyword 1 • Thread Count • Gender • Color • Size General Flow: [Brand] + [Style] + [Product Type] + [Material] + [Keyword] + [Branded Color] + [Color]
  17. 17. Product Content Optimization Title Optimization Rules of Thumb:  Lead the concatenation structure with the Brand  Relevancy is key – use search engine-friendly terms like “long sleeve” instead of “l/s”  The Parent Test: How would one of your parents search for a product?  The customer should be 100% confident in making a purchase based entirely on the title alone  Use commas to separate data elements  Optimal title lengths are usually between 80 and 250 characters but vary by category and upload type  Pulling a reverse feed and updating titles in bulk using flat files templates is easiest for multiple products  All categories EXCEPT Clothing, Accessories & Luggage, Sporting Goods, and Beauty show best selling child variations and attributes in search results
  18. 18. Parent & Child Variations Recommendation: Increase your child SKU visibility by grouping product listings together as parent/child variations
  19. 19. Product Content Optimization
  20. 20. Product Content Optimization Search Term Optimization  You have 5 fields of 50 characters to leverage for search terms  Search terms will not display on the detail page but are indexed for search by Amazon  When entering several words as a search term, put them in the most logical order  Abbreviations are ignored by Amazon when indexing search terms  You can separate terms by putting a space between them.  Repeating search-terms?
  21. 21. Product Content Optimization Search Term Optimization – A/B Testing Search terms are not a static field – should constantly be undergoing performance evaluations • What terms do you not rank well for that you want to rank better for? • Need to measure performance for these, how?  Seasonal adjustments  Competitor brands  Use data to drive your search term selection
  22. 22. Latest Findings with Sponsored Products “Sponsored Products 2.0”
  23. 23. Latest Findings with Sponsored Products New Findings Automatic Campaigns Goal: Get a snapshot of each ASIN’s ACoS at different bid levels Recommended Structure:  Start with a Mid-level ad group – ~$0.10 to $0.50 based on COS  High - $0.50 to $1.00  Low - ~$0.02 to $0.10
  24. 24. Latest Findings with Sponsored Products New Findings Manual Campaigns  Ideal if your product content is poor  Start with a large pool of keywords (~50)  Differentiating products by brand or type • OK to build out a manual campaign for just 1 SKU FAQ: Bidding against yourself? FAQ: OK to keep products in both automatic and manual campaigns at the same time? FAQ: OK to bid on the same keyword in more than 1 manual campaign?
  25. 25. Latest Findings with Sponsored Products The Campaign Performance Pivot Table – see Chat Box for download link
  26. 26. Driving Off-Amazon Traffic to Detail Pages [beta]  Google Adwords - Using Text Ads To Drive Traffic • Potentially just for mobile  Email marketing - leveraging your existing customer-base  Facebook – running interest-based ads Goals  Driving qualified traffic with a high intent to buy  Increasing sales performance of an ASIN so that it rises in the SERP Downsides:  Can’t track conversions • Before anything, establish your product-level baselines  Still don’t own customer data  Potential harm to your AdWords account if it goes in review
  27. 27. Which best describes your persona as a seller? | 619.501.6138 | Poll For The Audience
  28. 28. Seller Resources
  29. 29. Seller Resources
  30. 30. Seller Resources
  31. 31. Seller Resources
  32. 32. Seller Resources
  33. 33. Seller Resources
  34. 34. Drive a Long-Term Growth Strategy on the Amazon Marketplace Questions for Pat or Rick? Submit your questions in the chat box on the right | 619.501.6138 |