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A WISE Segmentation Approach to Google Smart Shopping Ads

Tinuiti has tested, reiterated, and solved the best solution to leverage the full power of Smart Shopping: a WISE approach. Join us to learn our secret sauce and how this addition to your ecommerce strategy will secure your most efficient ROI.

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A WISE Segmentation Approach to Google Smart Shopping Ads

  1. 1. A WISE Approach to Google Smart Shopping Ads How to Master Smart Shopping to Secure Effective ROI
  2. 2. Today’s Logistics Analicia Santaella Partner Marketing Manager Submit questions for live Q&A Download relevant resources Recording & slides will be sent tomorrow 01 02 03 Join our poll questions 04
  3. 3. Some of our clients Our Recognition Tinuiti is the largest independent performance marketing agency across the triopoly.
  4. 4. Our Speakers LEWIS BRANNON Growth Media Strategist / Product Manager MIA BAPTISTA Growth Media Sr. Specialist
  5. 5. Agenda layout ● Google Smart Shopping vs. Standard Shopping ● Pros & Cons of Google Smart Shopping ● Unpacking our WISE Approach & Strategic Product Segmentation ● Client Case Studies of Various Smart Shopping / WISE Applications 5
  6. 6. Are you currently advertising with Google Smart Shopping ads? ● Yes ● We’re lightly testing ● No Poll Question
  7. 7. Google Smart Shopping vs. Standard Shopping Setting the Stage 7
  8. 8. Google Smart Shopping overview ● SERP (traditional Shopping/PLA results) ● and Shopping Tab ● Google Display Network (GDN) ● Gmail ● YouTube ● Combines product listing ads with responsive display formats ● Uses machine learning to show a variety of ad formats across Google surfaces ● Automates placement and bidding for maximum conversion value within your budget and *optional ROAS targets ● Bidding is maximize conversion value only with optional Target ROAS ● Serves across devices, no device-level bid modifier ● Can set geographic targeting ● Automated ad scheduling ● No audience targeting ● No search query targeting / segmentation (ISO™) HOW IT WORKS WHERE IT SERVES CONTROLS & AUDIENCES
  9. 9. SHOPPING DISPLAY YOUTUBE GMAIL Where and How These Ads Appear
  10. 10. Smart Shopping Layouts SHOPPING DISPLAY YOUTUBE GMAIL
  11. 11. Pros & Cons of Google Smart Shopping Setting the Stage 11
  12. 12. Standard Shopping ● Search Query reporting ● Audience Targeting / RLSA ● Supports multiple bid strategies including CPC, eCPC, max clicks, and Target ROAS ● Limited placements ● Higher CPCs ● “Multi-surface” ● Cheaper CPCs ● Responsive ad formats leading to richer experiences ● Reach new audiences at scale ● Untapped revenue streams ● No Search Query reports ● No ability to target audiences / RLSA ● No Brand vs NonBrand segmentation ● No New vs Returning Customer Segmentation (*GA) ● Reporting / Analytics nuances ● Set and forget PROS CONS PROS Smart Shopping CONS
  13. 13. Introducing the WISE Approach Strategy 13
  14. 14. Introducing WISE Shopping ● No more ‘one campaign’ set and forget approach ● WISE allows for campaign budget and bidding segmentation based on real time product performance ● Strategic budget flexibility ● Smarter bidding / more bidding control ● Multi-campaign strategy using product segmentation ● Product performance data informs custom labeling to segment products into different campaigns ● Campaign-level Target ROAS bids align with product performance and objectives ● Expert feed management ● Campaign structure must align ● Must be willing to forfeit search query data / segmentation (ISO) and audience control HOW IT WORKS KEY CONCEPTS CONSIDERATIONS
  15. 15. WISE Shopping Segmentation Criteria / Bidding Overview INCREASE ● Products you want to increase visibility for but not quite at ‘winner / hero’ level ● New or in-season products ● Under-serving / “zombie” products that Google is ignoring WINNERS ● Products you want to bid most aggressively for and dedicate the most budget ● Top converters ● Hero / popular products ● Loss leaders SUPPRESS ● Products you want to curb spend on / reduce visibility to minimal ● Costly, non converting products ● High impressions with low CTR ● Past season / outlet EVERYTHING ELSE ● All other products that don’t meet the other criteria ● Baseline bid (align with overall goal) W I S E 400% TARGET ROAS 1000% TARGET ROAS 300% TARGET ROAS 250% TARGET ROAS
  16. 16. 16 WISE Shopping Campaign / Ad Group Structure Campaigns segmented by WISE criteria using custom labels to filter/bucket products 1 ad group per campaign (required) Budget and bids align with WISE criteria
  17. 17. Innovating for the Future of Google Shopping WISE Adaptive Bidding Tool ● Sync product performance data with custom labels in datafeed in order to strategically segment campaigns and bids ● Automate the heavy lifting of product performance analysis / label changes / restructuring
  18. 18. WISE Case Studies / Applications Examples 18
  19. 19. Separating Products by Brand BACKGROUND ● Footwear / Apparel Retailer ● Goal is to grow revenue with a strict ROAS target ● Products are dependent on seasons ● Brands have different price points, seasons and demand CONCEPT By breaking our top-focus brands into their own campaigns, we’re able to adjust the budgets and ROAS targets according to their season. We can push or pull back on these brands on a more granular level. Additionally, since AOV varies by the brand, we can set lower ROAS targets on higher AOV products to push on these more. 19 RESULTS Revenue
  20. 20. Separating Products by Seasonal Collections BACKGROUND ● OEM (Food & Bev) ● Launches collections based on holidays ● Evergreen products were taking priority over our new collections so visibility was limited on new skus. CONCEPT Because our evergreen products have strong relevance with Google (conversion history, etc), these products were taking priority over our newly launched seasonal skus. By separating out the new skus into their own campaign, we were able to increase traffic and expedite the learning process on these new skus. 20 RESULTS Impressions Clicks +384% +498% Conversions Revenue +1,248% +1,473% ROAS +423%
  21. 21. Separating Products by Seasonal Best Sellers BACKGROUND ● Sells home goods ● Majority of skus are seasonal ● Difficulties with scaling revenue after using manual cpc and tROAS bidding strategies CONCEPT We decided to test putting all of our best sellers into their own Smart Shopping campaign in order to push on these skus. By doing so, we started to see a strong lift visibility, CTR and CVR which led to a lift in revenue while keeping a strong ROAS. 21 RESULTS Impressions Clicks +18% +32% Conversions Revenue +44% +63% ROAS +17%
  22. 22. Segmenting Out Suppressed Skus BACKGROUND ● B2B Retailer ● Goal is to scale revenue ● We wanted to see if we can get volume from non-converting skus. CONCEPT In order to answer the question: “Are these products being suppressed because they’re poor performing? Or are they poor performing because they are suppressed?” We placed all skus with little to no impressions in their own Smart Shopping campaign. After doing so, we started to see volume come through for some of these skus. 22 RESULTS Impressions Clicks +3434% +5960% Conversions Revenue +1981% +378%
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