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Best Practices For Quality Call Center Monitoring


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Some of the best services of CallShaper are real-time agent monitoring, predictive dialing interface, supervisor support platform, lead management system, call listening, performance reports, and flexible API integration. By utilizing CallShaper, your contact center can properly implement the best practices for efficient call monitoring.

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Best Practices For Quality Call Center Monitoring

  1. 1. Best Practices for Quality Call Center Monitoring Keeping a contact center in good shape can be an overwhelming task. There are hundreds of parameters that you have to maintain, such as office infrastructure, agent metrics, technical issues, company expenditures, and other related processes. Focusing on the improvement of your call center call monitoring process is one of the big, attainable steps that you can take – whether you’re a CEO or the General Manager. Here are some of the best ways on how you can attain a high quality call center monitoring process: Focus on Agents’ Growth Agents are the lifeblood of any call center firm. Without the agents, there will be no business. Many contact centers are busy implementing productivity strategies, thus forgetting the overall situation of agents. If you want to monitor the effectiveness of your agents, you need to shift your focus to their growth. Find out their strong metric factors and the negative things that are pulling them down. Team leaders and supervisors must be keen enough to figure out who are growing beyond their capabilities, and who are lagging behind. Agent growth can be measured through a wide range of automated office tools. Create a Solution-Oriented Paradigm Call centers are built to provide solutions to all customers. All agents in your contact center must be determined enough to deliver the best solution in every call they’re handling. Proper call monitoring can be implemented if you have a solution-oriented paradigm. This is possible through the creation of advanced training programs and “productivity huddles.” Of course, a solution-oriented paradigm is only possible if you have reliable data at hand. Understand Every Team’s Strong and Weak Points Every contact center team has its own unique culture and atmosphere. It’s a small system within a larger system that makes the contact center successful. Therefore, it’s important to understand the nature of each team. Once you can monitor all teams’ strong and weak points, you can apply the right strategies for boosting effectiveness. Aside from that, you’ll also know who can become the future leaders in every team.
  2. 2. Observe Contact Center KPIs Properly KPIs or Key Performance Indicators are very important because they can give measurable data points that’ll help you gather insights about your agents. Aside from agents, proper monitoring of KPIs will let you gauge the performance level of the contact center. Some of the KPIs that must be monitored closely are AHT, first call resolution, call quality monitoring systems, transfer rates, phone etiquette, and professionalism. In order to track down site-wide KPIs properly, you can use advanced call center monitoring tools. Monitor Customer Feedbacks Usually, after every call, the customer will get the chance to answer a performance survey or share their own feedbacks. If they’re not satisfied with the service given, the feedbacks will show up in the KPI-monitoring platform. For greater accuracy, you should only use a reliable call monitoring tool. By doing so, you can eliminate unnecessary data errors and other inconsistencies. Focusing on customer feedbacks is a productive strategy because you can gather firsthand and authentic data. Create Team Empowerment Programs Team empowerment programs are important because they can raise the engagement level of everyone. Through these programs, you can pinpoint the stellar agents and assign them to guide the low-performing ones. Moreover, the programs can be used to gauge the efficiency levels of different teams within the contact center. Team empowerment programs can be different from training programs since they’re a bit informal and relaxed. In some cases, empowerment programs can be team lunches or basic meetings. Constantly Guide Star Performers Star performers in every contact center can take care of their own metrics and working standards. However, this doesn’t mean that call center achievers will be allowed to formulate their own rules. By guiding the star performers in your company, you can monitor them closely and determine their substantial metrics. Design a Proactive Meritocratic System What’s the best way to motivate agents aside from an increased pay scale? You can start with numerous incentives and rewards. A proactive meritocratic system will reward hardworking agents, bolstering their morale. Through the use of a flexible rewards system, agents will become more transparent and responsive with your call center call monitoring process. As a bonus, happy agents will, in turn, bring positive change for the call center. Maintain Communication Lines Open
  3. 3. To attain high-quality call center monitoring standard, you need to maintain your communication lines open. Is an agent having difficulties with all of his calls? In that case, you should check the metrics from your KPI-tracking platform and figure out your next move. Remember, data precedes communication. Once you’ve communicated with the agent, you now have fresh data that can be used for further evaluation. Also, you’ve helped the agent realize that his superiors are always open for suggestions and work-related discussions. Invest in Quality Assurance Overhaul The QA process of every contact center measures the performance levels of all agents. Every now and then, the QA department encounters many problems related to monitoring, productivity levels, and insight accuracy. These problems can lead to greater issues which can hinder the overall growth of the company. You can stay ahead of these problems by overhauling the processes of your QA department. Before doing so, you need to meet up with the QA team so everything is properly coordinated. Establish a Fun Yet Productive Workplace While not a direct contributor to better call center monitoring standards, keeping the workplace fun and productive has its long-term benefits. A fun environment will increase transparency among agents, keeping the monitoring process easier. Satisfied agents will also work at a better pace, making KPI metrics highly consistent. The CallShaper Solution Whether your goal is to improve your call center call monitoring system or generate more leads, CallShaper can be the right solution. CallShaper is not just limited to one or two approaches. Rather, CallShaper is a general framework that can offer long-term solutions and not mere quick-fixes. Some of the best services of CallShaper are real-time agent monitoring, predictive dialing interface, supervisor support platform, lead management system, call listening, performance reports, and flexible API integration. By utilizing CallShaper, your contact center can properly implement the best practices for efficient call monitoring.