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Strategizing Your Fund Raising Event


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Raising funds and keeping the business moving is indeed the biggest challenge off late.Log on

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Strategizing Your Fund Raising Event

  1. 1. Strategizing Your Fund Raising Event
  2. 2. Raising funds and keeping the business moving is indeed the biggest challenge off late. And if your motive is directly connected to the betterment of communities and societies it is definitely the biggest thing on the minds at all times. To get this started and keep it going fine it is also important to find reliable sources. Here are some important steps to take in the whole exercise of fundraising
  3. 3. • Research, know your audience, and ask appropriate questions. What will make it influential for people to attend your events? It could be an art exhibition, an evening at a gallery or just a simple theatre show that would catch the attention.
  4. 4. • A good Performing Art Management System / tool would be your best choice to ensure your event is well carried out. Make the appropriate choice
  5. 5. • Searching the internet could give you better ideas to start off. Tools like Show Management System will help in collecting such data interactively and from various sources worldwide.
  6. 6. • Build your network by attending seminars, conferences and public events to make your presence obvious by exchanging giving business cards to others. Also make sure you write or call them after the event is over.
  7. 7. • With the help of social media profiles connect with influential people and make your presence online. Also it is a good idea to connect back with those who attended the events. Send them invites to join interest cubs and groups and build the rapport.
  8. 8. • Showcase the best things about the organization and cause. Be it an art gallery or a theatre, make sure to highlight even the smallest milestones you might have achieved and don’t forget to share news letter and testimonials.
  9. 9. • Be thankful to all those who might have helped you in any smallest possible way. Send them letters of appreciation, gift coupons, lunch sponsorship or even a thank you card. It sure makes a difference.
  10. 10. “Thank you“