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Magazine Year 1

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Magazine Year 1

  1. 1. a london student magazine ss‘15
  2. 2. LFW 16 Escapefromthecity GET YOUR GRUB ON CONTENTS Follow Us: @route196 @route196london escape from the city 18
  3. 3. hereandthere20 8hoursinldn 8 10 Park Life 5 Editor | Casey Austin
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  5. 5. PARK LIFEYour guide to London’s best parks 6
  6. 6. Whether visiting London for the weekend or permantly taking up residence here, everyone knows Hyde Park; it’s kind of hard to miss when it’s the largest of the Royal parks.Whether you’re after a serene wander by the lake, a cycle round the park or to indulge in the London wild life, Hyde Park is the perfect example of parkland in a vast city. During the summer you can expect to see people sunning themselves on the rentable deck chairs or playing a game of a good old English cricket or football.The annual Barclaycard British Summer Time concert series is coming back to Hyde Park this year with two weeks of world=class acts with headliners including The Who, Kylie, and Taylor Swift All year round Hyde Park is brimming with people running, taking a stroll, feeding the admiring the swans (and run- ning away scared)or having a drink at one of the kiosk. Although a common destination, Hyde Park is not to be overlooked. Ashort walk from Camden Town, the picturesque Regents Park (also one of the Royal Parks) is perfect for a summer time picnic or a winter wander. As well as the perfume filled flower gardens that Regents Park has to offer, within the park is The Hub; which is home to the largest outdoor sports facility in London, excellent for a kick about any time of the year. Situated within Regents Park is also the world famous London Zoo, home to all sorts of interesting animals from lions, to penguins to camels you can see from a path on the outside of the zoo, without actually entering the zoo. So whether you want to chill out on the royal green pastures or visiting exotic animals from around the globe, Regents Park is definite- ly one to visit. Hyde Park Regents Park 7
  7. 7. Alittle further out of central London than the other Parks, Clapham Common is a picturesque little get away from the busy city centre.Whether you’re after a work out on the outdoor gym equipment, a relaxing moment feeding the ducks at the pond, or even a gentle amble around the 220 acre park, Clapham Common is the place to be. If you’re around the area during the July Bank Holiday weekend you can catch the lively SW4 festival, based on the common.With big names such as Skrillex, Eric Prydz & Fat Boy Slim, it’s sure to be an exciting experience.Tickets starting at £65. ( Finally, something a little bit different, but still a unique outdoor (sort of) get away; the new Cross Rail Place, Roof Garden - Known as London’s Urban Jungle.The opening of the Roof Gardens is the first step of the new Canary Wharf Crossrail Station, which is expected to be open in 2018.The development includes four floors of shopping, restaurants, a cinema, a gym and even a stage. Make your way their via the DLR or the Jubilee line, tour the gardens blissfully or take a picnic and relish in the nature the gardens have to offer. At the moment the Roof Gardens are still under development but certainly some- where not to miss over the coming months and years, as it blossoms further. Clapham Common Crossrail Place - Roof Garden 8
  8. 8. LONDON 8 H Picture this: it’s a beautiful Saturday and you’ve just finished exams...what should you do with your new found time? 1 5 4 8
  9. 9. 1. The Table Cafe: First things first, brunch! Located in South East London the Table Café is a hidden gem known for its award wining brunch. They use all British ingredients in their food and eating here won’t break the bank. Try their buttermilk pancakes or hot iron waffles; it’s a perfect start to the day! 2. Natural History Museum: Located in South West London, the Natural History Museum is one of my favorite places to go in London. It is free to visit and you could easily spend hours here marveling at what they have on show. 3. Camden Lock Market: One of the quirkiest places in London is Camden mar- ket. It’s a go-to place for reasonably priced hidden finds. The market is full of original and unique stuff from independent bookshops and handcrafted paintings and fabric to old school record players. 4. Camden Food Market: You’ll know when you’re near the food market as you will start to smell the amazing food that’s on offer.With so many different cuisines to choose from, you will be stuck for choice. Try the chili from the Lou- isiana Chili Shack: as well as being delicious it is gluten and dairy free. 5. Cookies & Scream Bakery: Home of the best cookies I have ever eaten in London, Cookies & Scream Bakery, is where you can give in to your sweet tooth guilt free. All of their goods, including cook- ies, brownies, pies, shakes and donuts are all gluten, dairy, egg and wheat free. Try the Peanut Butter Crème Pie! 6. Kyoto Gardens: To get away from that rush hour cha- os that hits London around this time, you can take a 30-minute breather in the Kyoto Gardens located in Holland Park. It’s designed to look like a Japanese garden with tiered waterfalls, stone lanterns, and Koi fish pond. 7. DF Mexico: A modern take on Mexican food, DF is lo- cated in East London in the Old Truman Brewery. It’s fast food minus, the bad stuff ,and with amazing flavor. Try the NYC Tortas, a Mexican sand- wich served New York style! N IN HOURS 7 6 2 9
  10. 10. With some help from Route 196 Team member, Khadija Ahmed, we have scouted London to find the best places to eat, without breaking the bank! 1. One of my first five choices would be The Breakfast Club, best known for its soft, thick pancakes and homemade ice cream, made from ‘real cream’, as they say. My pesonal favourite being ‘pan- cakes and berries’ with comes with their famous syrup and ice cream.This would be my go to food, with 8 locations around London, it’s hard to resist. Top plate is the ‘veggie all American’ and the bot- tom two are my personal favourites, ‘pancakes and 2. My Old Dutch’, another famous pancake house, with branches in Holborn, Kensing- ton and Chelsea, you wont need to travel far while in London.They have a whole selection of pancakes, from savoury to sweet to kids and make your own. Not only do they do pancakes but pastries and soups and pastas, also dessert, if pan- cakes don’t hit your sweet tooth. These pancakes aren’t your average pancakes; they’re thin and soft but also HUGE and filling. One of these in the morning and they would definitely keep you way past lunchtime. Classic sugar, lemon & strawberries get your grub on 10
  11. 11. 3. Now my third restaurant would definitely be ‘Ping Pong’ with 8 locations in London and 3 interna- tionally, the brand is growing, 2015 being its 10th birthday.The inside is fun and lively, perfect for a lunchtime trip or on a night out. Dim sum is bite- sized, steamed food, which is perfect for sharing with friends.The food is amazing and if you hold a loyalty card, which I obviously do, you can get free prawn crackers and sauces with every visit, you can also col- lect points from each visit and redeem them at any of the 8 branches across London, towards cocktails, teas or even dim sum. The food is served quickly, the staff are super friendly at all the branches I’ve been to, which is pretty much nearly all of them. Its perfect for a quick lunch or even dinner, and isn’t too expensive, £15 per head would have you leaving the restaurant with a little dim sum belly. 4. Next on the list is a new favourite of mine, ‘Gil- gamesh’. Set in the heart of Camden market, you wouldn’t expect it to be very fancy, but as you go up the escalators, you get transported into another world.The pan- Asian food and décor is simply amazing, with wood carved chairs and masks and more carvings along the walls you’d think you were somewhere far away from Camden Market! It even received a Tatler Magazines ‘most original restau- rant’ award. Although, this is slightly on the pricey side, I would say it’s definitely worth visiting, at least once. Even the bathroom is nice, with gold sinks and turquoise doors and a matching gold table and chair to sit on. Friday evenings and the evenings on the weekend the restaurant is also a club and tickets are available on their website. The food is amazing, with mouth watering dim sum and lamp chops and fish, 5. Last but not least is ‘Flesh and Buns’.You would think the name alone would get anyone’s attention, but once you walk down to the underground level, res- taurant, you’re immediately sat down, probably with a few strangers on a sharing table. But it’s okay, because you’re served efficiently and the food is amazing.Flesh and Buns has a sister restaurant called ‘Bone Daddies’ which also shows off the Japanese ‘cult-like’ subcultures they have, with Flesh and Buns bathroom walls covered in censored Hentai, and Bone Daddies having a collage of Rockabillies.The food or ‘flesh’ is served with buns and lettuce and cucumber so you can build your own burgers and enjoy with a drink, which is what the restaurant is all about. Light food to be enjoyed with drinks. Beef Gyoza S’mores 11
  12. 12. Enjoying galleries as a child was something I always struggled with; maybe it was the attention span or maybe I just didn’t ‘get art’. However, as a young mature stu- dent,scrap that,as a student who from time-to-time likes to enjoy something a lit- tle sophisticated,a good art exhibition isn’t a half bad way to achieve that.Student me enjoys artists I’ve chosen to see rather than being dragged to. “Guy Bourdin The Image-Maker” was an exhibition I went to during the early spring months at Somerset House (27th November 2014 – 15 March 2015). It was one of those gallery visits that I became quite engrossed in. Spending nearly two hours taking my time to admire some of his greatest work,the distinctive style and suspense stood out. Guy Bourdin creates images that are unresolved. resulting in somethingtrulyunique.Don’tevenbealittlebitsurprisedifyouaren’twalkingout of this exhibition bursting with a few ideas. I sure was and isn’t that what galleries are all about? Not this art snobbery where you are left just as confused as when you first entered the building. For only £7 as a student or £9 if you forget your student I.D I felt is was money worth spent. Even would possibly go as far as saying it was worth it over a glass of wine in the local pub but maybe that’s going a little far! 12
  13. 13. Images taken by Madison Read & Saffy Handley-Ran- dle at Guy Bourdin’s The Image Maker exhibition at Somerset House, London. ...I became quite engrossed in the exhibition that... 13
  14. 14. by Madison Read After moving to London to further my studies and moving away from home, my parents occassionally ask if they can come visit me in the big city for a day out. The day my parents came to London I thought “why not all go on a lovely family outing to the Brit- ish Museum?” As a child this was somewhere I never had the opportunity to visit but have always want- ed to. aAlthough it is studied world-wide in schools, causing an abunance of chil- dren running around pointing out all the marvellous and fascinating mummies, coffins and artifacts asking question after question. Whether you have been before or went with your school all those years ago, it is definitely a place to pop into on a rainy weekend or even just to take a break between studies. Recently they have put a new atrium into the mu- seum which is worth an entire visit in itself. You honestly can’t go wrong with this. Whether you have family asking you what to do when they come and you’re struggling with ideas of where to go, here is definitely a great start and there is more than enough to see else where around the area too. “The day my parents came to the big city” Images taken from British Museum Website - Whats On 14
  15. 15. Images taken by Madison Read at the British Museum featuring the new atrium ...took me back to school trips the museum that... 15
  16. 16. LONDON FASHION WEEK SS/15 It’s a big decision of what to wear on the cobbles of Somerset house; do you brave heels and hope you don’t stumble, or do you opt for cool flats that you will stay comfy (and safe) in throughout the days escapades.With an abundance of stylish footwear we didn’t know where to look! Trainers, platform trainers, knee length boots, ankle boots, flatform sandals, you name it, they were there! The Route196 team were in shoe heaven, gawping at each and every pair of shoes the fashion go-ers had to offer, there were far too many to snap all of them so we’ve popped a few of our faves down below for you to revel in also. 16
  17. 17. Words and Photos: Saffron Hadley Rendle 17
  18. 18. W elcome to Canterbury: a quaint, picturesque city in South East England. Sometimes the unlimited hustle and bustle around the streets of London can become too much. A nice escape far enough away from the city (but not over the river and through the woods), Canterbury feels like you’ve escaped into a story book. To start your day off in this whimsical village, head over to Canterbury’s cathedral, is one of the oldest Christian structures in England.With it’s English gothic architecture, this is ideal for someone who loves exploring history, as well as architecture. And, they offer a student discount; who doesn’t love extra pocket change? What better way to use your saved money by spending it, right? At vintage shops like Revivals and Funky Monks, you can bag things like Levi jackets for £10! Once you’ve worked up a storm rummaging through vintage baskets, head over to Café Turquoise’s at 10 Butchery Lane. If you’re mad for kitsch interior and a massive fan of movies, as well as fancy some food, this is your dream location.The Parisian interior surrounded with old french movie posters is definitely a place to check out this summer, as you can dine on the terrace! ESCAPINGTHECITY: 18
  19. 19. Besides the Cathedral, “the Crooked House” is the most photographed historical building in Canterbury. It has now been converted in a second hand bookshop, Catching Lives. “Blind Date with a Book”, a term coined by the shop, is a program were you pay £2 for a wrapped book with a few notes on what the book is about.To end your ‘wild’ day vintage hunting and dating books, top it off with the Chocolate Cafe. If you are a fan of chocolate and can’t help yourself to a cheeky visit to Choc- cywoccydoodah now and then, this is Canterbury’s best alternative! My favourite things are the Kinder Bueno crepe and their chocolate brownies. Perfect ending to a great day in Canterbury, and it’ll fill you up for the journey home. CANTERBURY by S. Gallagher Words and Photos: Siobhan Gallagher 19
  20. 20. Portobello Road 20 by Heather-Jade Stanley
  21. 21. London is a city with a tip top public transport system - you can get a bus/tube/train in London at any time, to any place. However, London is most enjoyable (and inexpensive) when you avoid transport altogether and walk. Within the space of five min- utes you can walk through a beautiful park, down a quiet street of suburban houses, alongside a busy road with black cabs and red buses whizzing past you. When you are on foot, London has a little something for everyone.I can’t believe I lived in London for 7 months before visiting Portobello Road. Rather than come when the market was in full swing, I came late on a Tuesday evening. With most of the market closed it was calm and peace- ful, and looked beautiful in the twilight. Although I’ve heard fantastic things about the market, I’m glad I came at this time- I got to see the road completely stripped back, with no hustle and bustle. Even without the market, the road had an unbelievable energy. There are markings on the floor where each stall stands, the street is colourful and beautiful boutiques line the road. Everything has a huge sense of community and London patriotism - think lots of Union Jacks and Portobello Road merchandise. I can see why so many tourists flock here, and I can imagine it is even more magical when the market is in full swing. Even as a Londoner (albeit a new Londoner), I felt a huge rush of excitement and a sudden urge to buy everything with a picture of the Queen on it. I will definitely be coming back in the summertime when the market is on and I can walk around with an ice cream and spend my student loan on key rings and vintage t-shirts. I highly recommend this place for anybody who wants a wander around some eclectic fashion, unique boutiques and some proper London Heritage. 21