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Design Thinking Seattle: Empathy Extravaganza

Slides from February 2018 meetup hosted by Design Thinking Seattle. The topic for the evening was "Empathy: Driving more human connections at home and at work"

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Design Thinking Seattle: Empathy Extravaganza

  1. 1. Seattle Design Thinking & Innovation Collective
  2. 2. Members Like You!
  3. 3. Fjord Design & Innovation from Accenture Interactive Hello!
  4. 4. Drive businessvalue by pivotingyourservice, product orentire organization, with humansat the heart. Envision and shape servicesthat simplify the complex for consumersand employees,and work across multiple touchpoints. Shape,build and launch digital products and connected physicalproductsthat have impact. Design-led strategy Service design Product creation We put humans at the heart.
  5. 5. Our goals for this meetup Community ImpactSkill building
  6. 6. Our goals for this evening UNDERSTAND empathy and why it matters PRACTICE empathy and build confidence CREATE meaningful connections
  7. 7. Design Thinking
  8. 8. Things in Common warm up activity
  9. 9. What is empathy? reflection
  10. 10. Brene Brown Empathy Animation
  11. 11. Empathy has no script. There is no right way or wrong way to do it. It’s simply listening. Holding space. Withholding judgment. Emotionally connecting, and communicating that incredibly healing message of “you’re not alone.” BRENÉ BROWN
  12. 12. Speaking & Listening practicing empathy
  13. 13. Active Listening • 90% listen, 10%talk • Be curious • Let them lead • Don’t try to problem solve • Acknowledge your assumptions • Defer judgment • Avoid correcting others
  14. 14. Active Listening With your partner, share a recent goal you set and achieved.
  15. 15. Empathic Conversations practicing empathy
  16. 16. Empathic Conversations • Pay attention, physically and mentally, to what's happening. • Listen carefully, and note the key words and phrases that people use. • Respond encouragingly to the centralmessage. • Be flexible– prepare to changedirection as the other person's thoughts and feelings also change. • Look for cues that you're on target. • Ask open-ended questions.
  17. 17. Empathic Conversations What is a barrier that you are dealing with right now?
  18. 18. why does empathy matter?
  19. 19. Empathy isn’t just something that expands your moral universe. Empathy is something that can make you a more creative thinker, improve your relationships, can create the human bonds that make life worth living. But, more than that, empathy is also about social change — radical social change. ROMAN KRZNARIC
  20. 20. Embrace Warmer
  21. 21. Shadow a Student
  22. 22. Radical Candor Radical Candor is the sweet spot between managers who are obnoxiously aggressive on the one side and ruinously empathetic on the other. It is about providing guidance, which involves a mix of praise as well as criticism, deliveredto produce better results and help employeesdevelop their skills and boundaries of success.
  23. 23. Bias Busting
  24. 24. Bias Busting We think we know what other people are thinking We are drawn to details that confirm our own existing beliefs We imagine people or things we’re familiar with as better
  25. 25. Taking it Home Group discussion
  26. 26. Taking it Home 1. Gather: Get into groups of 4-5 2. Discuss: How mightempathy supportinnovation and creativity? 3. Skit: For the audience on your card,create a short skit that is tailored to teach them about empathy. Tips • Come up with a relevant scenario • Skit should be less than 2 minutes • Ensure everyone in your group has a role • Use any props or materials you need
  27. 27. Spending Energy connection
  28. 28. What is empathy? revisiting…
  29. 29. Empathy Challenge Be an active listener. Put aside your viewpoint, letting go of your own judgments or thoughts. Be present. Seek to understand others. Start by noticinghow they spend their energy.
  30. 30. Resources Radical Candor – Develop as a Leader and Empower Your Team Kim Scott The Power of Outrospection Roman Krznaric Why Does Empathy Matter? 68494
  31. 31. Step 1 Step 2
  32. 32. Members Like You!