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Design Thinking Seattle: Prototyping in 3 Acts

Slides from the August '18 edition of the Design Thinking Seattle meetup group.

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Design Thinking Seattle: Prototyping in 3 Acts

  1. 1. Design Thinking Seattle
  2. 2. Members Like You!
  3. 3. 4 1 3 2
  4. 4. Our goals for this meetup Community ImpactSkill building
  5. 5. Design Thinking
  6. 6. Our goals for this evening UNDERSTAND 3 phases of prototyping PRACTICE bringing ideas to life! CREATE meaningful connections with each other
  7. 7. Draw Toast
  8. 8. Think with your hands
  9. 9. Prototyping in 3 Acts Build to Think Build to TestBuild to Learn
  10. 10. Time Fidelity Build to Think Build to Learn Build to Test
  11. 11. Build to Think
  12. 12. Build to Think
  13. 13. Build to Think
  14. 14. Build to Think
  15. 15. Build to Think
  16. 16. Mystery Bag/Build to Think Mystery Bag Prompts (7 minutes) • Design a new dining experience • Design a tool/activity that would make meetings more effective • Design a way for retail shoppers to indicate whether they want assistance • Design a way for adults to meet new friends in Seattle • Design a way to get more people to compost
  17. 17. Build to Learn
  18. 18. Prototypes are a vehicle for learning- then we throw them away!
  19. 19. Service Prototype
  20. 20. Paper Prototype
  21. 21. Marvel app by Pop
  22. 22. Physical/Space Prototype
  23. 23. • Identify 1-2 questions you have about how people might use your product/service (riskiest assumptions) • Update your prototype to make it interactive and able to stand-alone without more than 30 seconds of explaining (6 minutes) • Pair with another team, and take turns “talking out loud” while you test the other team’s prototype. Don’t sell your idea- focus on learning from your users! (8 minutes) Build to Learn
  24. 24. Build to Test (Experiments)
  25. 25. Mailbox App
  26. 26. Mailbox App
  27. 27. Build to test
  28. 28. From Intuit Guide to Field Experimentation • Leap of Faith Assumption • Hypothesis • Experiment • Minimum Success criteria
  29. 29. Build to Test • Leap of Faith Assumption (People are willing to switch from their existing email client/app) • Hypothesis (X people will give us their email in exchange for a place on the wait list for our app) • Experiment (Launch video and wait list signup page) • Minimum Success criteria
  30. 30. Build to Test With your team, brainstorm an experiment, event or test you could run to gain a larger data set and capture metrics around user behavior, engagement and interest (without building the full product) How might you might design an experiment that helps you validate or invalidate whether it makes sense to continue investing in this idea? (Both outcomes are valuable!)
  31. 31. Taking it Home Photo by Jerry Meaden, Flickr
  32. 32. How might you prototype… In your job? In your community?With your family/friends?
  33. 33. Design Thinking Slack!
  34. 34. Step 1 Step 2
  35. 35. Members Like You!