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Science of the Theology of the Body


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Slides used during presentation to Turnbull Ethics Group

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Science of the Theology of the Body

  1. 1. SCIENCE OF THE THEOLOGYOF THE BODYIan MaxfieldThe Catholic
  2. 2. SCIENCE OF THEOLOGY OFTHE BODYWhy Science?Let there be orderAttraction, fertility, sexual intercourse, pregnancy and childdevelopmentChaos theory and practicePre-marital sex, same sex relationships & parenting,contraception, IVF, abortion, pornography, and moreDistill, Crystalize, Gel ... Conclude
  3. 3. WHY SCIENCE?‘The Heavens declare the glory of God / The vault ofheaven proclaim His handiwork’ (Ps 19:1-2)‘The body in fact, and only the body, is capable ofmaking visble what is invisible: the spiritual and thedivine. It has been created to transfer into the visiblereality of the world the mystery hidden from eternityin God, and thus to be a sign of it’ (TOB19:4)Adequate anthropology
  4. 4. LET THERE BE ORDERRules of attraction and fertilitySexual intercoursePregnancyBirth and child development
  5. 5. LET THERE BE ORDERRULES OF ATTRACTION AND FERTILITYHormones and the Fertility CycleBrain size changes in womenDress and style changes in womenSexual motivation is higherMajor HistoCompatible (MHC) complexEven Lap Dancers earn more!
  6. 6. SEXUAL INTERCOURSEBody Chemistry ...Oxytocin - woman is drawn to manVasopressin - woman has sexual preference andprotectionBonding increasesLET THERE BE ORDER
  7. 7. SEXUAL INTERCOURSE“Sexologists state that the curve in arousal in women isdifferent from that in man - it rises more slowly and falls moreslowly.The man must take this difference between male andfemale reactions into account, not for hedonistic, but foralturistic reasons.There exists a rhythm dictated by natureitself which both spouses must discover so that climax may bereached both by the man and by the woman, and as far aspossible occur in both simultaneously.”Climax in both spouses maximises the chances of procreation.LET THERE BE ORDER
  8. 8. PREGNANCYMothersObvious and not-so obvious changesCell exchange - fetal and maternal microchimerismReduced risk of breast cancer if pregnant before age of 20Fathers‘Couvade Syndrome’Experience hormonal changes tooLET THERE BE ORDER
  9. 9. BIRTH & CHILD DEVELOPMENTMothersOxytocin again - three fold role: labour, milk let-down, assist uterinecontractions following birthMotherly affection benefits child developmentMHC and microchimerism again - medical benefits to mother and childFathersMore hormonal changes leading to increased bonding and protection, andsometimes post-natal depressionPresence of Father in daughter’s development delays onset of menstruationLET THERE BE ORDER
  10. 10. Hook ups, casual sex and co-habitationContraceptionInVitro Fertility treatmentsSame sex relationships and parentingAbortionPornographyCHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  11. 11. HOOK UPS, CASUAL SEX, PRE-MARITAL SEXOxytocin &Vasopressin againImpact on relationshipsPerformance anxiety amongst young menFriends with benefitsIncreased risk of STDsHuman Papillomavirus (HPV), Cervical cancer and vaccinesCHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  12. 12. CONTRACEPTIONHistory of Contraception - The Bible, Fathers of the Church,Lambeth Council and Margaret SangerInterferes with attraction - impact on MHCLowers immune systemImpact on demographicsDoes contraception add up?Environmental impacts - strain on ecosystemsCHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  13. 13. INVITRO FERTILITY TREATMENTS - IVFIncreased risk of diseases passed on to childImprinting disorders - modifying DNALow birth weight, cerebral palsey, birth defects, certain typesof cancerIncreased risk of infertility passed on to child‘Vanishing Twin’ Syndrome‘Survivor’ SyndromeCHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  14. 14. FERTILITY TREATMENTS - IVFAt any cost, as long as child has positive NPV (Netprofit value)ALTERNATIVESEgg and Sperm donation - unknown siblingsSurrogate mothers - microchimerism againCHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  15. 15. SAME SEX RELATIONSHIPSHard to generalise affects of same sex relationshipsMale to male, female to female, and bi-sexualHealth implicationsMen - anal cancer, hemorrhoids, lesions, hepatitus, variety of STDsWomen - risks practically same as casual heterosexual intercourseNo ‘Gay gene’‘Respect, compassion and sensitvity’ (CCC 2358)CHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  16. 16. SAME SEX PARENTINGStudies conclude children of same sex parent fair just as well aschildren of opposity sex parents, but ...There are problems - small sample size, few random samples,control groups from different populations, few objectivequestions, etcControlling for factors suggest children of same sex parents fairworse, but more research is needed.Many routes to become a child of a same sex couple that need tobe controlled for.CHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  17. 17. ABORTIONHuman life begins at conception - scientific fact!Medical and psychological consequencesMicrochimerism again and againNo guarantee of future childrenFathers suffer tooCHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  18. 18. PORNOGRAPHY2.8% of time average UK internet user views a news website. 2.7% oftime average UK internet user views adult websites (source: UKOM)Addictive qualities - a triple hookDopamine pleasure and reward systemFeedback effect on frontal lobe developmentOxytocin andVasopressin (bonding chemical) misuseTurning women into objectsImpact on demographicsCHAOS THEORY ANDPRACTICE
  19. 19. CONCLUSIONAn adequate anthropologyAnthropoligist JD Unwin’s secular study of 86cultures spanning 5,000 yearsCultures that practiced strict monogamy inmarital bonds exhibited social energy, andreached the zenith of productionSCIENCE OF THEOLOGY OFTHE BODY
  20. 20. CONCLUSIONAdopt a Sacramental, Catholic, Human andLiturgical world-view‘Grace does not cancel out nature’We need scientistsScience supports The Theology of the Body buttest it for yourselves (cf 1 Thess 5:21)SCIENCE OF THEOLOGY OFTHE BODY
  21. 21. ThankYouWeb site - www.catholiclab.netEMail - ian@catholiclab.netDownload the podcast from website or iTunesFollow us on Facebook and TwitterPhotos, Flyers and Presentations available from Flickrand Slideshare.netSCIENCE OF THEOLOGY OFTHE BODY