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TEDx Talk: Being Open To Yes


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Catriona Pollard spoke at TEDx Macquarie University 2014. Watch her talk at:

No matter if you are an introvert, extrovert or something in between, many of us struggle to move from the shadows into the spotlight.

Being open to ‘yes’ enables you to redefine the spotlight, understand you deserve to be there and share your voice with the world.

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TEDx Talk: Being Open To Yes

  1. Being open to yes Catriona Pollard
  2. I was shy as a child. I can still be very introverted. And when you are like that often you are not seen or heard.
  3. I know first-hand what it’s like in the shadows. You are not illuminated, you are not in the spotlight. And so many of us struggle with this. Whether it’s at work, at home or just generally in our lives. Often only the extroverted or the loudest people get to tell their stories and have the opportunity to stand in the spotlight...
  4. I think we should redefine what being in the spotlight means for each of us. For me the spotlight is a privilege and a responsibility. And it’s not just for the loudest or the most controversial – it’s where people who are extroverted, introverted or in between can find their voice and share authentic stories.
  5. It took a long time for me to understand I wanted to move from the shadows into the spotlight, but in my own way, and it all started with one word. And that word was YES.
  6. I wanted to find my voice and connect with my purpose. I wanted to say YES. But I just didn’t think I could do it.
  7. When I finally stepped into the spotlight I realised that I deserved to be there. I wanted my voice to carry across the room into the hearts and minds of the audience. What I had to say could do so many wonderful things for so many people. Who was I not to stand in the spotlight? Who was I not to share expert information? Who was I not to have a voice? I realised my voice had always been there. I just finally gave myself permission to speak.
  8. Saying that first yes was like letting the genie out of the bottle. That first yes was the first of many yeses full of magic and wonder. Since then I have accepted speaking invitations around the world and have just had my first book published - From Unknown To Expert.
  9. Connecting with you whyWhat is your deeper purpose? It takes courage to be truly seen and heard. And while we might want to have a desire to move into the spotlight, I believe it needs to have purpose. It’s about letting our self- limiting beliefs collapse around us and asking the larger question of why? I believe it’s not about literally being in the spotlight, it’s about the synergy and connections that you create when you are there.
  10. Through my work I have come across so many people who struggle with standing in the spotlight. It’s not just for those of us that are introverted, I have come across the most extroverted people who struggle to be heard for who they really are and to step into their own unique spotlight. In my own personal experience, and from working with people making the transition from unknown to recognised expert this is what I’ve learnt. THIS IS WHAT I’VE LEARNT
  11. I believe we all have stories to tell that will help others in some way. As soon as I realised that stepping into the spotlight wasn’t about me, it was about you, and what you take away from hearing my voice, it really helped me because I was being of service.
  12. Moving into the spotlight is not about being someone you’re not. Neither is it about changing your personality. It’s about allowing your true self to emerge from the shadows and being illuminated.
  13. Believe in your stories We live in a world where we are encouraged to compare ourselves to others. As soon as we do this, we start living smaller lives. You need to know your life is beautiful and precious. We need to have the confidence to know our stories are valid, no matter how big or small.
  14. Being open to yes Who are you not to shine your light? Who are you not to have a voice? Who are you not to make the world a better place? It’s not about becoming louder, it’s about becoming bolder. It’s about being open to yes.
  15. Watch Catriona’sTEDxTalk – Being Open toYES.
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