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Beyone Games: Using Mobile Payments to Jump-Start Customer Engagement


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Gaming developers have figured how to use in-app purchases to engage users and make money. Can business apps follow the same model to #ConquerAppFatigue?

In Beyond Games: Using Mobile Payments to Jump-Start Customer Engagement, hear Centric Consulting’s Digital and Mobile Practice Leader Jason Miller explain how mobile payments are emerging as a creative way to reach app-fatigued customers across industries.

You’ll learn:

• Five steps to get started with mobile payments, including how to sell it to your CEO
• Examples of how companies are using mobile payments for business apps
• Three things you can do today to decide if mobile payments are right for you

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Beyone Games: Using Mobile Payments to Jump-Start Customer Engagement

  1. 1. BEYOND GAMES Using Mobile Payments to JUMP-START Customer Engagement
  2. 2. YOUR PRESENTERS 2 Jason Miller Digital / Mobile Practice Leader Expert in: Digital and Mobile Strategy, Software Product Development, Innovation Bill Klos Senior Architect Expert in: Cloud and Web Services, Beacon Sensors and Internet of Things, Technology and Systems Architecture
  3. 3. WHO WE ARE We’re a business consulting and technology solutions company that’s been around for more than 15 years and we’re building a company that will be here for 100 more. 3 ‘99: Year Founded 750+ Consultants 13 Locations 32+ Practice Areas Business Consulting, Technology Solutions, Industry Areas, Digital 106 Million USD (2015 revenue) Boston; Charlotte; Chicago; Cincinnati– Dayton; Cleveland; Columbus; Indianapolis; Louisville; Miami; Seattle; St Louis; Tampa; Gurgaon, India BOLD VISION to span 100 years
  4. 4. AGENDA 1. State of Mobile 2. Conquering App Fatigue 3. Get Started with Mobile Payments – 5 Steps 4. Examples 5. Closing Thoughts
  5. 5. MOBILE BACKGROUND 5  Adoption of smart phones & mobile apps has grown faster than any technology in history  Millions of apps in existence
  6. 6. MOBILE USAGE GROWTH 6  Mobile usage trends over the last 10 years  Mobile browser growth rate declining  Apps used 7x more frequently than browser and 20x more time spent
  7. 7. APP FATIGUE 7  App downloads are slowing down  Establishing audiences is harder  Value is creating loyalty
  8. 8. AGENDA 1. State of Mobile 2. Conquering App Fatigue 3. Get Started with Mobile Payments - 5 Steps 4. Examples 5. Closing Thoughts
  9. 9. ENGAGE CUSTOMERS Challenges and implications of low customer engagement 10
  10. 10. MOBILE PAYMENTS: Trends and Statistics 11
  12. 12. GAMING APPS Companies that have embraced mobile payments 13  Social Networking, Music and Games contribute to nearly half of the total time spent on mobile apps  Game developers have monetized mobile apps faster than any other industry ($58 billion in 2016)  They’re cool, fun and addictive
  13. 13. BEYOND GAMING APPS Businesses that are using mobile payments for customer engagement 14  Uber, Lyft , AirBnB and Starbucks recognized as industry leaders at monetizing their mobile users  They provide a useful service for busy customers on-the-go  Creating stickiness and loyalty with customers  Not technology or software companies  Using mobile payments to position their brand as an innovator in the marketplace
  14. 14. BUSINESS APPS Business apps have a history of falling short 15  Failure to engage business customers on a mobile platform  Difficulty in deriving dollars and transactions from mobile users  Not reimagining their mobile customer experience fast enough  Failing to change their approach to meet and exceed customer’s mobile expectations  Not providing the opportunity for bi- directional, real-time, interactive relationships with mobile users
  15. 15. AGENDA 1. State of Mobile 2. Conquering App Fatigue 3. Get Started with Mobile Payments – 5 Steps 4. Examples 5. Closing Thoughts
  16. 16. STEP 1: Recognize there’s a problem 18
  17. 17. STEP 2: Dare to be innovative 19 Explore a few examples of new business models using mobile payments Embrace the solution: mobile payments
  18. 18. DARE TO BE INNOVATIVE A few thoughts on mobile payments for business customers 20 Business process management can really help automate and improve business payment processes MOBILE CHECK DEPOSIT PAYMENT/RECEIVABLES PROCESSING
  19. 19. MOBILE PAYMENTS: Why they matter 21  More secure  Convenient and transactional  Higher customer loyalty  Higher conversion %  Lower abandonment  Cash and plastic are going digital  No heavy investment in e-Commerce tools  Ripe for innovation
  20. 20. STEP 3: Get the executive team on board 22  Scalable solutions with minimal upfront investment  Ability to evolve business model  Innovation without cannibalization of core business  Respond to new market startups  Technology is a requirement for customer interaction
  21. 21. STEP 3: Get the executive team on board 23  Driving more dollars through mobile, clearer view of ROI  Lack of in-house expertise requires working with reputable partners  Extend the life of back-office IT systems  Better digital apps and tools provide customers a better experience  Customer touchpoint provide engagement
  22. 22. STEP 4: Determine the approach you want to take 24 DO YOU NEED A NEW APP OR DO YOU ENHANCE YOUR EXISTING APP?
  23. 23. DO YOU NEED A NEW APP? 25
  24. 24. DO YOU ENHANCE YOUR APP? 26  Offer in-app payments  Extend your e-commerce system to mobile  Loyalty program rewards and promotional offers
  25. 25. STEP 5: Choose your partners 27 Are Marketing & IT teams aligned? Do we need to work with a partner? Do we have the internal skills for this?
  27. 27. INTERNAL SKILLS? 29
  28. 28. DO WE NEED A PARTNER? 30  Third party payment processor  Mobile development services provider  Know what to look for in a partner
  29. 29. AGENDA 1. State of Mobile 2. Conquering App Fatigue 3. Get Started with Mobile Payments - 5 Steps 4. Examples 5. Closing Thoughts
  30. 30. BUSINESS TO EMPLOYEE Mobile Payments are Disrupting Corporate Social Responsibility 32 Cash, credit cards and wallets are going digital. Innovative mobile payment technologies are bringing new speed and convenience to charitable giving programs. Results: • Centric Connect app enables 700+ employees to make financial donations using Apple Pay and Android Pay to non-profit organizations • Increased # of downloads 237% • Increased # of active users 41%
  31. 31. BUSINESS TO CONSUMER Document, ID Card and Check Data Capture and Processing Emergency Medical Transportation provider wanted to prototype a next generation digital platform for capturing new customer enrollment forms, driver license and forms of payment for checks and credit cards in the field. Results: • Working with A2iA Mobility software, prototype was successful at scanning paper checks. Square implemented for credit card processing • Scanning customer enrollment forms had mixed results 3333
  32. 32. BUSINESS TO CONSUMER In-App Mobile Payments Increased Revenue and Customer Engagement for Grocery Retailer 3434 National grocery retailer was looking for a mobile-first solution for expanding its customer loyalty program and driving more dollars and transactions into lower cost channels. Results: • Increased number of customers using the app and higher frequency of usage • Customer lifetime value and market basket size were higher on mobile app than website
  33. 33. BUSINESS TO BUSINESS MasterCard Launches B2B Mobile Payments App 3535 The MasterCard Commercial Network App connects B2B buyers and suppliers to help them enhance efficiency by providing them with services such as extended payment terms, exclusive discounts, free advertising as well as: • Availability of a merchants and products directory • A “Pay Now” option for businesses to collect payments faster (companies receive payment in about two days) • Security features via MasterCard SecureCode technology
  34. 34. AGENDA 1. State of Mobile 2. Conquering App Fatigue 3. Getting Started with Mobile Payments 4. Examples 5. Closing Thoughts
  35. 35. THREE THINGS TO DO TODAY to find out! 3737 MAP: your customer journey IDENTIFY: where customers are falling out of sales process RETHINK: the customer journey using mobile payments
  36. 36. MAP Your Customer Journey 3838  Helps identify gaps in your understanding of customer’s experience  Provides high impact feedback  Share the importance of customer-focused approach with colleagues
  37. 37. IDENTIFY Where Customers are Falling Out of the Sales Process 3939  Identify customer touchpoints across the end-to-end journey  Emphasize touch points where customers are abandoning the process  Where are customers taking a pause and evaluating their experience or making a crucial decision  Harder – but more important – for B2B scenarios with multiple stakeholders in the purchase decision
  38. 38. RETHINK The Customer Journey Using Mobile Payments 4040  Helps facilitate purchase decision  Delivers seamless, streamlined payment experience  “Cost to serve” at most appropriate time
  39. 39. Here’s what you learned today… ● Mobile app usage is growing, but users are pickier. How to engage them: 1) Think about what your customers like – Try new things to get their attention. 2) Learn from experience – Gaming, and some business apps, have figured it out. ● Business apps benefit from mobile payments, too. Five steps to get started: 1) Recognize there’s a problem – Is your mobile app outdated? 2) Dare to be innovative – Embrace mobile payments as a creative solution. 3) Get the executive team on board – Explain the investment and value. 4) Determine the approach you want to take – Enhance or develop a new app? 5) Choose your partners – Do you have the internal skills or need help? ● Not sure if mobile payments are right for you? Find out by doing this: 1) MAP your customer journey to IDENTIFY where customers are falling out of sales process and RETHINK the customer journey using mobile payments. 41
  40. 40. THANK YOU! 42 CONNECT WITH US! @centric Jason Miller @jasnmiller1