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Rule Engine Evaluation for Complex Event Processing

Comparison of Drools, Esper and Sybase ESP

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Rule Engine Evaluation for Complex Event Processing

  1. 1. EVALUATION CRITERIA Embeddable API vs SOA Event Oriented vs Workflow / Production Oriented Rule Definition (XML, POJO, flat file) Rule Management Open Source vs Commercial Event format Scalability High Availability
  2. 2. CEP PRODUCTS Drools Esper Sybase ESP Oracle Event Processing IBM WebSphere Business Events TIBCO BusinessEvents & Streambase Jess Sqlstream
  3. 3. DROOLS Drools does not have a High Availability solution. Drools 6.0.1.Final version drops several actions to the events (As per the user forum this issue has been fixed in 6.1.0.Beta2). The events are not garbage collected, after running for some time, it throws out of memory exception while processing 4 million events (Refer the picture below, the memory usage never reduced). Processes 1 million small events in 4 seconds with 2000MB memory.
  4. 4. ESPER Esper software is the CEP engine in Oracle Complex Event Processing product. Esper has High Availability solution (Hot-Standby). Esper has very good memory management, cleans up the events and was able to process 10 million events. (Refer the memory usage graph below) Processes 1million small events in 4 seconds with just 300MB memory.
  5. 5. SYBASE ESP Supports High Availability configuration Always runs as a server, not embeddable in the application. Must provide input adapters to feed the data into the engine. Must provide output adapters to get the data from engine and perform actions. Custom adapters can be built in C, Java and .Net Queries are written in CCL (Continuous Computation Language), which is based on SQL. Uses data-flow programming for processing event streams
  6. 6. COMPARISON Rule Engine / Feature Drools Esper Sybase ESP Capable of processing events (Complex Event Processing)? Yes Yes Yes Workflow (production/inference) rule engine? Yes No No Embeddable in a Java application? Yes Yes No Run the engine as a service? Yes Yes, only with enterprise edition. Yes Supports sliding window of interesting events Yes Yes Yes
  7. 7. COMPARISON CONTINUED… Rule Engine / Feature Drools Esper Sybase ESP Rule Definition Text files, GUI editor is available EPL, it is SQL like language, GUI editor is available, with enterprise edition. The schema is created with CCL, it is SQL like language Rule Management components available? Yes Yes, only with enterprise edition. No Rule versioning available? Yes, with an additional component Guvnor. No No
  8. 8. COMPARISON CONTINUED… Rule Engine / Feature Drools Esper Sybase ESP Production and development support available? Yes Yes Yes Action execution sequencing support Available with rule flow group. Available with @Priority annotation to the statement. The custom output Adapter has to manage this. High Availability No Yes Yes Hot deployment of rules Yes Yes, only with enterprise edition. No Open source software? Yes Yes No
  9. 9. COMPARISON CONTINUED… Rule Engine / Feature Drools Esper Sybase ESP Scalability Not so much scalable. Throws out of memory error while processing 4 million events. Yes, highly scalable. It was able to process 10 million events in 1 minute. Yes, capable of processing hundreds of thousands of events per second. Event Format Java object Java object, Map, XML Events are inserted with the input adapter. Sybase provides several adapters. Ex: csv inpt adapter, csv output adapter.
  10. 10. CUSTOMERS Esper  PayPal  Accenture  InMobi  Rackspace  Huawei  Oracle Drools  Information not available Sybase ESP  Information not available
  11. 11. SCALING ESPER Partitioned Stream  An Esper Enterprise Edition server acts as a dispatcher of input stream events  Each server executes identical EPL statements on a subset of input stream events  Partitioned based on hashing or key ranges
  12. 12. SCALING ESPER Partition by Use Case  Each server instance receives all the events.  Each server executes a sub set of EPL statements.
  13. 13. SCALING ESPER Pipeline model  Each server in the pipeline performs a sub task.
  14. 14. SCALING ESPER WITH STORM Strom Bolt lacks event aggregation capability Storm Bolt can perform simple event processing tasks Storm Bolt can leverage Esper to perform complex event processing tasks. This configuration of Storm and Esper, can scale up to handle very large number of events (close to million events per second with 10 server cluster).
  15. 15. REFERENCES processing.html