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6 Tips for Creating a Successsful Business Case


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Every large change project needs a strong business case to secure budget. However, productivity and performance improvements aren’t always tangible. So how do you prove your ROI?
In this webinar, our specialist talks to Chris Rainsforth, CX expert from The Forum. He gives us his tips from award-winning CX projects.

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6 Tips for Creating a Successsful Business Case

  1. 1. 6 tips for creating a successful business case ©2017Netcall
  2. 2. Why? (are you writing your business case) Is the time, money and resource justified? ©2017Netcall
  3. 3. Are you aligned to business strategy? What impact does “the problem” have on the wider business? ©2017Netcall
  4. 4. Is your problem real for stakeholders? What is the cost of doing nothing? ©2017Netcall
  5. 5. Will it meet stakeholder needs? Did you only consider your direct environment? How does it impact your customer journey? ©2017Netcall
  6. 6. Are you able to define benefits to each stakeholder? Play devil’s advocate and question yourself ©2017Netcall
  7. 7. Is your executive summary... Tailored to your audience? ©2017Netcall
  8. 8. Plan to measure success Financial measures, business value delivered ©2017Netcall
  9. 9. Watch the full webinar ©2017Netcall